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‘NBC’ Host Joe Scarborough Calls The NRA ‘Liars’

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NBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough called the NRA “liars” during his Friday broadcast. Just like every other news show in America, the co-hosts and guests were discussing the gun control debate all week. Scarborough, a former Republican elected official, claimed the NRA leadership is lying to its members about threats to the Second Amendment.

The Morning Joe host bashed a portion of the American public he referred to as “survivalists.” The NBC commentator appeared to believe that only those who are fearful of circling black helicopters and stockpiling guns and ammo in the basement, truly believe gun rights and the Second Amendment are in danger.

If Joe Scarborough is correct, then a significant number of Americans now fall into the survivalist category. In the past several weeks the National Rifle Association (NRA) has garnered 100,000 new members, the Huffington Post notes. Concealed carry permit requests and guns sales have also hit new highs.

At one point Scarborough looked directly into the camera and told the so-call survivalists that there was no reason to fear the government coming to harm “your chickens and your wives.” Whether or not viewers completely agreed or disagreed with Scarborough’s statements abouts the safety of the Second Amendment and allegedly paranoid survivalists, his comments illustrate the ever deepening divide on gun control vs. gun rights in America.

As the Morning Joe conversation continued to focus on Vice President Joe Biden’s gun violence task force and banning semi-automatic weapons, a “branding” change idea was tossed on the table. Several of Joe Scarborough’s guests felt that merely doing away with the term gun control could positively impact the ongoing debate about semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazine clips.

Do you think Joe Scarborough was right about the secure nature of Second Amendment rights?

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10 Responses to “‘NBC’ Host Joe Scarborough Calls The NRA ‘Liars’”

  1. James Engeman

    Scarborough is right. The debate is being clouded by NRA leader LaPierre, not NRA members. I believe most NRA members are gun safety advocates that enjoy hunting and target shooting as was the original focus of the NRA. LaPierre is just a bullhorn for gun manufacturers. I honestly don't believe the government would ever take away an americans right to own a shotgun, deer rifle, winchester or even a six-shooter. The specific debate is about semi-automatic assault rifles and large capacity clips. This is why you find this rightwing rhetoric about multiple intruders and gang assaults. Unless your involved in organize crime or a drug cartel, how often do you read about average homeowners having their homes invaded by a 1/2 dozen marauding burglars.Its ridiculous. And this insanity about the government turning on the people is just a bunch of fearmongering paranoia thrown at people by wackos like sean hannity&glen beck. Lets say the government was coming for you…with a drone…..what is your AR15 going to do?

  2. Larry Blackler

    I'm sure all of your neighbors feel the same. Bunch of nice guys upstate…

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