The official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge, by Paul Emsley

Kate Middleton First Portrait Unveiled: ‘It’s Just Amazing,’ Says The Duchess

Take a look at the first official painting of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, more usually known as Kate Middleton.

Simply called [Her Royal Higness] HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, the first commissioned public portrait of Kate will be displayed as part of the National Portrait Gallery’s Contemporary Collections in central London.

Painted by Scottish artist Paul Emsley — a previous winner of the BP Portrait Award — the portrait was three and a half months in the making and used a technique of building thin layers of oil and glazes on canvas.

Past celebrity subjects of Emsley include Nelson Mandela, the former President of South Africa, and the author V S Naipaul. The duchess sat for the artist twice, once in May 2012 and again in June at Kensington Palace.

Emsley also worked from photographs that he took of Catherine and says it was easier to work from these after his initial meeting with Kate, BBC News reports.

“I’m always worried about the sitter – are they cold, are they hot, are they comfortable? Photography today is so accurate and so good that it’s really so much easier just to take photographs and work from them,” he said.

Emsley was chosen to paint the portrait jointly by the National Portrait gallery’s director, Sandy Nairne, and by Kate herself.

This may be due to the fact that Kate studied history of art at St. Andrews University, which, incidentally, was where she met her now husband, Prince William. The couple are expecting their first child, which is due in the summer.

The official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge, by Paul Emsley