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Flu Vaccine: 4-Year-Old Suspended From School Until He Gets The Flu Shot

A New Jersey boys is asked to leave school until he gets the flu shot.

A 4-year-old New Jersey boy was asked not to return to school without a flu shot, even though his parents claim that the child is allergic to one of the vaccine’s ingredients.

Jeremy Pereira is allergic to eggs, and raw egg is listed on the ingredients that go in the flu vaccine. Although Jeremy’s parents explained their son’s allergies to the school, the school won’t let Jeremy come back.

The Pereira’s say they had a letter from Jeremy’s pediatrician that explains his egg allergy. Unfortunately, the boy’s doctor recommended giving him the shot, and gauging his reaction. His parents refused to expose him to the allergen, however.

New Jersey is one of the only states in the nation that mandates the flu vaccination for young schoolchildren, from six months through 5 years old. With doctors continuing to recommend the flu vaccine, it is possible that more states will follow.

The state of New Jersey allows for religious and medical exemptions, but according to the state Department of Health, the child’s primary care provider has to determine if the child is likely to have a severe reaction to the vaccine. In Jeremy’s case, he was sitting at home playing on an iPad on Monday, instead of being in school, since his parents and doctor seem to disagree on whether or not Jeremy’s egg allergy exempts him from the vaccination rule.

According to The Huffington Post, Jeremy, who attends the Edward V. Walton School in Springfield Township, will not be allowed to return to school until April if the matter is not resolved.

If your child had an allergy to an ingredient in a vaccination, would you still get him/her vaccinated?

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31 Responses to “Flu Vaccine: 4-Year-Old Suspended From School Until He Gets The Flu Shot”

  1. Megan for The Inquisitr

    I'm generally a vaccination advocate, but it seems a bit (ok, a lot) irresponsible for a doctor to say, "Well, I know he's allergic to this, but we'll just give it to him and hope it works out." I mean, if my son was allergic to something, why would I want to inject it into his body?

  2. Melanie Pruett

    That's ridiculous. I would be switching doctors. And i think that law is overstepping its boundaries. I agree with the need for most vaccinations, but the flu? Ridiculous. Its not like the vaccination is guaranteed to work or even covers all strains of influenza.

  3. Calli Riviello

    This is horrible. Poor kid. No doctor in their right mind will give him the shot. Ugh.

  4. Natural Immunity

    Vaccines=Sickness=DEATH! If vaccines really were the holy grail people would be begging for them and they would not be mandated. These days a runny nose and chickenpox are considered deathwatch illnesses.

  5. Colleen Young Bosco

    My 4yr old child has a severe egg allergy and needs an Epipen injection if exposed. He cannot even touch an egg or his skin is covered in hives. No way would I give him the flu shot. I have asked the teacher to let me know if she starts to see children out with the flu and if that happens I will keep him home myself until the class seems healthy again. I can't imagine injecting him with a flu vaccine causing him to go into shock, be unable to breathe and require another injection to save his life. As a parent in their shoes I would absolutely fight this case and be very angry! These parents should also be consulting their allergist, not their Pediatrician, in this situation.

  6. Sue Hiddink

    The thing I find so mind boggling, is that if everyone else has their vaccine, they'll be ok, right!
    (I'm shaking my head) It's getting to be all Big Brother like here…

  7. Kat Kempers

    Big pharma baby! Line the right pockets and get laws passed mandating the use of their products and everyone wins right? Hello HPV vaccine!

  8. Laura Bombard Roush

    No public institution or government has the right to mandate a medical procedure or medication on anyone. Our preamble states we have the rights to LIFE and LIBERTY (freedom) and if we are forced to let go of those things, this is no longer the USA. By allowing this kind of laws we are opening pandora's box. Will tattoos be outlawed? Mandated? Pretty soon we will all be forced to take mood stabilizers some are obedient and get barcodes tattooed on us all for the " greater good" NO WAY. Homeschool. Who wants their kids brainwashed anyhow.

  9. Tina Coyle

    Time for a new doctor. Even if the doc wanted to "gauge the reaction", if the parents didn't agree he should abided by their wishes and not have include the recommendation in the letter. And the flu shot is pretty worthless and full of dangerous substances anyway. No health person should ever be made to take an injection against their will, what is this country coming to!

  10. Wendy M. Barker

    Around here they at "recommending" you keep your child home for a cough or cold!

  11. Cari Bennett Maloof

    As the parent of a daughter with asthma, everyone in our home gets a flu shot. Asthma attacks are scary, the flu can be dangerous. As an employee that works in an elementary school, please keep your children home if they are running a fever, throwing up, or have a severe cold that they will pass on to everyone else. Germs spread easy, and yes…when we are ill we stay home in the Maloof house.

  12. Jane O'Halloran

    I wonder if they'd still be advocating it if the kid were allergic to peanuts and the vaccine had a peanut oil protein in its base… but I guess some allergens are considered to be "more equal" than others. Disgusting. The doctor should have his license suspended for violating the "do NO harm" part of his hippocratic oath. Children are not lab rats.

  13. Tina Coyle

    That's great that you have that option! I would never want your child to risk anything that could potentially be a threat to her health or her life. But as the parent of kids that have potentially deadly reactions to things such as this I am very against being forced into vaccinations or anything else I have decided are not the best for my child. For them, just as the child described in this article, the threat of the reaction from the vaccine far outweighs the threat of the actual flu itself. And I make this decision after reading all I can and looking over the studies and how they are evaluated. I know not all parents do this before making these decisions, but quite frankly the doctors don't always do before they make their recommendations either and that is a poor argument for taking away our rights to make these decisions for ourselves and our children.

  14. Angi Davis Vining

    NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter got the chicken pox vaccine and she was allergic to eggs. They didn't inform me of the egg content and I was younger and less knowledgable of these things. Now she has been struggling with severe eczema and food allergies. These people pushing these vaccines do not care about our children. The flu shot doesn't even work!!! Very dangerous.

  15. Angi Davis Vining

    She is protecting her child like any mother would do. I do not vaccinate my kids anymore and my last. Three are much healthier than the first two who were.

  16. Jane O'Halloran

    They'll be ok? Heh, not even. The CDC released the vaccine efficacy figures just today (1/11/13). This year's vaccine is only 62% effective (and that's actually considered GOOD!) That means that if you get the vaccine, you still have almost a coin's flip chance of STILL getting the flu. This poor kid is in no way guaranteed that he won't get the flu if he gets the vaccine, but he's almost 100% sure to have some kind of reaction, which makes this even MORE ludicrous.

  17. Crystal Forbes

    I do give my child some vaccine, but I would never give them the flu shot. Thank God you do not have to give your child the flu shot to homeschool.

  18. Jose A Pereira

    FYI I am the parent of Jeremy and we were consulting our allergist and he was just following what the state law was changed to this year. That is until we had it revised back to its original law. I really dont like how they dont mention its a serve allergy. Thanks for your support, btw do you ever think on how our kids became so allergic to such things??? Maybe all the other crap the injected into him in his life so far…..

  19. Jose A Pereira

    Jane your the best! I love your comments, oh btw its my son they are speaking of…. I ripped plenty of them for telling me to roll the dice and lets see what happens…. Im sure if I handed them a waiver to sign to guarantee my child would be ok no Dr in the right mind would ever sign it.

  20. Jose A Pereira

    I said the same thing to a bunch of different news people…. you should see their reactions.

  21. Brittany Thompson

    Then its time to find a new allergist because yours is the biggest damned idiot I've seen in a while! My daughter can't have any vaccines because of thimerasol and that was a battle with our school! They keep pusing the flu shot which is the worst of all with the amount of it in there!

  22. Angi Davis Vining

    I am not judging anyone who vaccinated their child. It is something I choose not to do after doing my research and I do not feel comfortable with any of them. IMO, they do not work. They only cause harm and compromised immunity. I have spent the past 10 yrs trying to undo the harm they have caused my older 2 kids. And they are still suffering consequences.

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