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People’s Choice: Jennifer Aniston A ‘Superhero’ In Leather Dress, Taylor Swift Nabs Best Dressed

Aniston showed up in a black leather dress, looking like a 'superhero.'

Jennifer Aniston showed up at the People’s Choice awards in her signature long layered locks — and leather. The 43-year-old actress allegedly turned every head in the Nokia Theater when she showed up to accept the award from Favorite Comedic Movie Actress at Wednesday night’s award ceremony.

Her dress, designed by Christian Dior, made Aniston “look like a superhero,” according to She Knows. Aniston paired the flirty black leather ensemble with Fred Leighton jewelry and ankle-strap black heals.

And, of course, her sparkly engagement ring.

The Friends star is engaged to fellow actor Justin Theroux.

Aniston magnanimously thanked the fans for the award, saying: “I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be honored with this again, after supporting me for almost 20 years and allowing me to keep doing this.”

While Celebuzz agreed with SheKnows regarding Aniston’s leather look,others were less excited about the layered leather sleeveless dress. Critics called Aniston’s signature hairstyle a “snooze,” and added that the black leather was a “fashion fail,” handing the night’s best dressed title to 23-year-old Taylor Swift.

Swift showed up on the red carpet wearing a white, floor length Ralph Lauren dress with a plunging neckline. With her hair pulled back and sparse accessories, Swift looked stunning and elegant, and simple turquoise earrings raised the ensemble to perfection, a complete opposite of the “bad girl in a pretty dress” aesthetic that Aniston was going for.

The Inquisitr just documented a full list of People’s Choice Award winners, in which The Hunger Games took the majority of the winnings.

What do you think of Aniston’s “bad girl” look, and Swift’s classic take?

Aniston wowed in leather. The singer wore the white gown to the People's Choice Awards on Wednesday.

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7 Responses to “People’s Choice: Jennifer Aniston A ‘Superhero’ In Leather Dress, Taylor Swift Nabs Best Dressed”

  1. Shay Cotter

    I think Aniston ought to think about her choices in wardrobe considering all the animials that are put to sleep so she can strut her stuff. I bet she doesn't have a dog either!

  2. Donald R. Stovicek

    Very disappointed by Jen's dress. This is the first time that I have seen her look less than fantastic, much less in this case. Its a horrible dress that from the waist down makes her look huge. Jen, either make it into a sofa or burn it.

  3. Lilian Kimathi

    Oh my Kuku! Jennifer Aniston looks very very good in her leather dress and strap shoes, she is 42 for god's sake. that woman is hot. Not that am her fun because am ANGELINA'S fun but give credit where its due.

  4. Donald R. Stovicek

    If she were to ask me if this dress makes her ass look too big I would say "Hell Yes!"

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