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Body Of Missing Mom Found In Trunk Of Her Car

East St. Louis

St. Louis, MO – The body of a missing mom has reportedly been found in the trunk of her car. St. Louis Metropolitan Police confirmed the discovery on Tuesday.

In addition to recovering the body of Ebony Jackson, police said they also found her baby safe and sound inside an apartment. According to KTVI, authorities are unsure how the child found his or her way into the complex.

Jackson reportedly lived in Oklahoma, though she had recently paid a visit to some friends who live in East St. Louis. Although the woman told a relative that she was off to visit a friend in the area, Jackson never arrived at her destination. She had been missing since Thursday.

Authorities are currently looking into how the body of the missing woman found its way into the trunk of her car. Police are reportedly searching through Jackson’s phone records in an effort to locate who she may have contacted prior to her death.

News 9 reports that Jackson’s family is understandably heartbroken at the news. Relatives said they suspect foul play in the death of their loved one.

One family member said:

“Now we know that there is no doubt that Ebony was in the St. Louis area. That removed the doubt that was planted there.”

Another relative remarked:

“It’s just totally out of character for her to be in a neighborhood like this, or just the car being in a neighborhood like this.”

Relatives explained to police that Ebony Jackson had suffered a previous brain injury that left her unable to remember things clearly. However, the family members didn’t elaborate on what may have caused the injuries.

The missing mom’s boyfriend is currently in St. Louis trying to get the baby back to his or her family in Oklahoma.

As of this writing, authorities are still investigating who may have killed the missing mom and placed her body inside the trunk of her car.

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16 Responses to “Body Of Missing Mom Found In Trunk Of Her Car”

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  2. Candace Pink

    She has been missing for almost a week! Did no one ''think'' to look for her body in her own trunk? That to me would be one of the first places to look!

  3. Joe Zino

    How could she possibly think she was going to drive from back there?

  4. Linda Barrett Bazil

    Since the family didn't know what she or her car was doing in that neighborhood, my guess is that they just now found her car and hence her body.

  5. دومينيك وانيا

    "It's just totally out of character for her to be in a neighborhood like this, or just the car being in a neighborhood like this," another family member said on the body of the mother found in the trunk.

    Seriously family member? I don't think she drove herself there!

  6. Lisa Tunison

    Im sorry but this comment made me lmfao so hard pop came out my nose… R.i.p to this woman and praying for that baby!

  7. Anonymous

    its so sad they took so long to search for this mother, they treated her like a crack head who had randomly dropped her child off in the hallway of an apartment complex, they are now searching phone records and GPS records to see where her and her car has been…..damn shame….RIP MS Jackson we are going to make sure your child is always taken care of…… word of life to people reading these comments…if you have a loved missing or in trouble its okay to act crazy or foolish if it forces the police to speed up the work to find or help them….time is of the essence…….STOP killing our women and just kill yourselves you damn losers.

  8. Paula Travers

    wow…talk about a racist remark. If you were half the man you should be, you would remove this comment.

  9. Anonymous

    Paula Travers Yeah look at where he is from. The deep racist south. Looks like he takes pleasure in just insulting others….look at above comment. probably bored at home with nothing to do!

  10. Anonymous

    Daniel Adams Dear person don't you think to look at his name? (hmmm seems non American hmmm) oh and look at where he is from (hmmm also non American…unless you know where Abuja is in America)! Hmmm so looking at his broken English…I suspect that MAYBEEE just maybeeee, English is not his native language. HMmm? ya think? wow revalation! Maybe insult those that deserve it in your life and not anonymous behind a computer like a wimp?

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