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Police Look Into Justin Bieber Smoking Weed And Drinking Alcohol

Police Look Into Justin Bieber Smoking Weed And Drinking Alcohol

Justin Bieber smoking weed and drinking alcohol is being looked into by police. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, all the internet gossip sites are spreading photos that show Justin Bieber partying in Newport Beach. These photos purportedly show Justin Bieber holding a “suspicious” cigarette that many claim contains marijuana. Another photo shows Justin Bieber drinking something that likely contains alcohol, and Bieber is still only 18 years old. But until January 8 the Newport Beach Police Department was unaware of these photos showing that Justin Bieber might have broken the law.

Justin Bieber smoking weed is causing a controversy all over the internet. In a photo, said to be taken January 2 at a Newport Beach hotel room party, Bieber is holding what appears to be a marijuana cigarette while sitting close to a couple of empty beer bottles. Another photo shows Justin Bieber consuming alcohol by sharing a bubbly drink with his pal Lil Twist. Justin Bieber is still only 18 so technically he’s breaking the law.

Newport Beach Police Department officials said that until Tuesday night they were unaware of the photos and had not been aware of the controversy until The Los Angeles Times contacted them about the issue. Sgt. Mike James of the NBPD didn’t say whether the police department was planning to investigate, although one might assume if they are going to do so they wouldn’t announce it to the world, warning Justin Bieber in advance.

Some people have defended Justin Bieber smoking weed. In fact, Tommy Chong says smoking a blunt would improve the Bieb’s art:

“I knew [Bieber] was smoking before he knew it. Because of his music. Because of his dancing. The guy is a phenom … It’s not just his looks. It’s his talent. And you don’t get talent like that by drinking alcohol. The herb, man! The herb!”

Justin Bieber smoking weed has upset many of the pop star’s fans. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Twitter campaign using the hash tag #CutForBieber features dozens of photos from young girls who claim to have cut their wrists and forearms over Bieber’s drug use.

What do you think about Justin Bieber smoking weed? Should the police investigate and press charges if it’s found the pop star broke the law?

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46 Responses to “Police Look Into Justin Bieber Smoking Weed And Drinking Alcohol”

  1. Alexis Miller

    Justin should be treated like a normal human being he is just a teen ager i love him a lot but he diserves it

  2. Shannon Peacock

    Hey man, my names Shannon Peacock I'd like to congratulate you on meeting your first 18 year old who hasn't smoked weed and doesn't plan on it. As for Justin, I don't give a shit. And his fans… well cutting themselves is only proving my point that they are a bunch of dip shits.

  3. Maria G. Ramirez

    Wow this is fucking retarted- inflicting pain on your own body over someone , you'll probably never meet. -_- if only they cared that much about their damn grades.

  4. Roy Brushett

    Maybe it's different in Canada, or at least where I live, but not that many people smoke weed up here, actually, the majority of people who do are senior citizens, for medical purposes. That said, I do know of people who do, but I could easily name twenty or thirty people who are between the ages of eighteen and twenty off hand who have never so much as tried marijuana. I mean, hell, I'm eighteen, and I've never touched the stuff, I'm too afraid it'll have some sort of negative impact on my health, and I'm kind of a hypochondriac.

  5. Jordan Kennedy

    if anything get him for the alcohol, it causes so many problems..i mean God made weed, Man made alcohol, Who do you trust? just acccept the research, nothing is bad about marijuana( HUNGRY HAPPY SLEEPY) what's so bad about that? just saying the boy is 18 and I'd rather see him smoke than drink. alcohol is a one way road to hell, nothing good comes from it.

  6. Vincent Quitoriano

    Damn! those are die hard fans.I mean cutting yourself just to show your disappointments, what did that guy do to you all to have that kind of worship.breaking up with BF doesn't even cause that kind of reaction.If you really want to show your disappointment, you should just have slap him in the face.

  7. Toni Shelton

    That was pretty dumb. Not ALL 18 year olds smoke weed just because all of your friends do. Expand your circle of friends.

  8. Brent Arnason

    I think the cops should do there job instead of worry about this shit…. I mean really who gives a shit?

  9. Brent Anderson

    some plants are poisoness and can kill you that "God created". The more people on drugs or alcohol, the more people we have on welfare. I know of a pot club where you drive by and all you see is a bunch of unmotivated bums standing around waiting for their "medicine".

  10. Abigail Rush

    cutting for bieber was started by a gag site much like bald for bieber was lol XD his fans are too damn gullible I'm glad they aren't Wiz fans.

  11. Ariana Cannon

    Just bieber can smoke ah blunt and id be hittin it with him(; wo der if selena gomez smoke with him… never know. I wanna blow down with the kid though

  12. Kevin Hunt

    "some plants are poisoness and can kill you that "God created"

    So why isn't poison ivy illegal if the primary job of the gub'ment is to protect us from ourselves and anything that could cause us harm?

    10 Americans die from exposure to peanuts each year. No one dies from marijuana. Ban peanuts?

    "The more people on drugs or alcohol, the more people we have on welfare."

    Let's hear all about your plan to ban booze again. It was such a dismal failure last time it was tried.

    "a bunch of unmotivated bums standing around waiting for their "medicine"."

    So what, I see unmotivated bums standing around outside churches. Does that mean that churches cause a lack of motivation?

    For the record, I have never seen what you describe; care to try and prove it?

  13. Kevin Hunt

    "What do you think about Justin Bieber smoking weed? Should the police investigate and press charges if it’s found the pop star broke the law?"

    It's a moot point because the smoking weed and underage drinking cannot be prosecuted unless they get him for possession. The alcohol and weed are long gone. No prosecutor would ever get him for possession on video evidence alone, especially if they have to fight an army of Bieber lawyers. How would they test the THC content of a video?

  14. Kevin Hunt

    Brent Anderson So no one had any 'morals' back in the 1700's when our founding fathers Washington and Jefferson were growing what the DEA now considers 'marijuana'?

  15. Mike Parent

    "some plants are poisoness and can kill you that "God created". Marijuana isn't one of them, but you already knew that. You also seem to have confused use with abuse. As an aside, did you see where a Bottle of the President's home brew beer, alcohol, sold for $1200.

  16. Ivan Olson

    Brent Anderson You sir are incredibly narrow minded (and incredibly wrong) in your view of consumers of cannabis and the relationship to welfare.

    Drugs and alcohol do not create the welfare state. The welfare state exists due to the existence of welfare programs.

    Remove the welfare programs and those bunch of unmotivated bums you see will suddenly that bum line at the pot club shrinks and the line at recruiting companies grows. That pot doesn't pay for itself, and they certainly weren't all standing in line for some government welfare pot.

  17. Zeke Hayter

    I cant believe people are actually ok with this? I don't give a fuck that he smokes weed but what I do care about is the police busting stoners left and right on the steet but when its this clown its ok? why? why is it ok for him to do it but no one else on the planet? arrest him do your fucking job!

  18. Broc Glover

    The girls who cut themselves because he smoked pot should be shot. Either that or they should be encouraged to commit suicide. What a fucking sick and depraved world we live in where girls are punishing THEMSELVES because their idol SMOKES POT. The girls' parents should be fucking ashamed. Or killed as well. Less idiots polluting this planet.

  19. Joseph Quao

    Omg if anybody is upset of his drug use forget about him I'm sorry to admit but that's just stupid for cutting and killing your self for just a human being just like you

  20. Broc Glover

    What? How does LSD come into play with opiate withdrawal at all? Do you understand LSD is not addictive in any way, shape, or form? Hence why people can ingest thousands of milligrams in their lifetime with no real side effects, aside from thinking and talking differently.

  21. Brad Dillon

    Lol are we talking TRY it or do it on a regular basis?

    Totally different. Yes, alot of 18 year olds try it. Regular basis? No. Unless they're idiots.

  22. Brad Dillon

    Lol it's funny because if you believe in God he clearly created them for beneficial purposes and to test us if we would abuse them or not.

    Tobacco leaves are supposed to be used as medicine and a stress reliever (NOT SMOKED) where they are totally harmless. When you put them in a cigarette though and light it, it is 10000 times worse.

    Weed is virtually the same thing except it has even more uses. You can even make clothes and recycled products out of it.

  23. Brad Dillon

    Just listen to any hippie talk about the beneficials of the marijuana and tobacco plants other than smoking them.

    They have a good purpose and a bad purpose. Like, get this, ANYTHING ELSE IN LIFE. Food is required to live, to much food you die. It's all a test you stupid people.

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