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Prof. Says Newtown Didn’t Happen, Officials Near Sandy Hook Call For His Dismissal

Newtown Connecticut

A Florida prof. who says the Newtown shootings didn’t happen and makes the outlandish claim the school massacre was an orchestrated ruse by the Obama administration to implement gun control has fueled web conspiracists further in their skepticism of the event, but officials in the sleepy Connecticut town are understandably upset — and want the professor, James Tracy, terminated for his upsetting remarks.

The Florida prof. who says the Newtown murders “didn’t happen” — or at least didn’t happen the way the media portrayed them — is not alone in his strange belief about the killings that shook Americans and sparked an intense debate about gun control in the United States.

(Previously, we have reported on Sandy Hook conspiracy theories involving Batman, as well as claims the grieving parents are “actors,” and that a confused media narrative about the shootings in the harried first hours reflects an incomplete “story” about the event.)

The Florida prof. is one of many who essentially believe Newtown’s school shooting didn’t happen — and theories abound about a false flag operation in the town. But while conspiracy types and some who oppose gun laws are piqued, officials in Newtown have been horrified by the statements made by the Florida prof. and call for Tracy’s firing.

Newtown first selectwoman E. Patricia Lladro responded to a Fox News inquiry about the claim, and said of Tracy’s blog rant calling the Sandy Hook shooting a hoax:

“”Shame on you, too, [Florida Atlantic University], to even have someone like this on your payroll … Professor Tracy is an embarrassment to me as an educator and should be to you as well. I can assure you, sadly, that the events here in Newtown unfolded exactly as are being reported, with the horrible outcome of the violent death of 26 innocent people, including 20 children.”

Armed Guards At Sandy Hook Elementary School After Reopening

Lladro continued:

“It is outrageous and an insult to all caring people to think that this man would chose this event as a stage for his outlandish conspiracy theories.”

While the Florida prof.’s comments that Newtown didn’t happen have angered or offended a great many people, especially in Newtown, comments about Tracy’s remarks on the web have indicated that more than a few web users are of the belief that the Sandy Hook shooting was staged to “disarm America.”

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88 Responses to “Prof. Says Newtown Didn’t Happen, Officials Near Sandy Hook Call For His Dismissal”

  1. Anonymous

    so if someone has a different view from yours, they should be put out on the streets. Stupid. what difference does it make. I always thought that's what makes America great was freedom of speech. It does feel like America will be disarmed allowing our country to turn like Mexico where by the way guns are illegal. Stupid Americans!

  2. Molly Atkins

    Freedom of sppech doesn't mean that you get to say anything you want without any consequences whatsoever. It simply means the government can't arrest you for saying stupid things. Poly Sci 101.

  3. Dennis Lopez

    watch the news clips of the newtown shooting.Google it, youtube it. mulitple times it was reported that the assault rifle was found in the trunk of the car when the authorities say that all the kids were killed by the.223 rifle. This is a ploy to disarm Americans from assault rifles, not just all guns. Also, there was an alleged 2nd shooter who was found int he woods outside of the school saying he didn't do it. He just so happened to be wearing camo pants and a black shirt. Did the media elaborate more on this alleged 2nd shooter? I never heard anything after they arrested him. Where did he go? Who was he? search youtube and the web on the assault rifle found in the car. Then search for the 2nd shooter and see what you find. This happened no doubt, but the media is hyping it up saying the.223 rifle was used so there could be more Americans, who believe everything they see on TV, to get on board to ban assault rifles! That is the point the professor is claiming, in my opinion.

  4. Nicholas R. Stover

    He's a professional contrarian and the only reason he makes any money is because people read and listen and repeat what he says. I say we just deny that HE ever existed.

  5. Dylan Moses

    Good call. I am glad somebody with a high profile has the guts to come out and say it. What a joke this whole thing is. I have personally verified 3 victim fund sites that were set up and chached by google BEFORE the event.

  6. Dennis Lopez

    BC of the professor, i came across a lot of evidence supporting his statement. Same old blind people who believe whatever they watch will come out and criticize. Definitely opened my eyes.

  7. Jimmy Dixon

    I think the guy may be right to a certain degree….what are the odds of sandy hook being pointed to in a m, ap on the new batman movie(same movie batman killings happened in theater) someone knew ahead of time..and put sandy hook in the new batman movie as a warning…..robbie parker looked like an actor in my opinion also…youtube his performance….i know I wouldn't be smiling or laughing the day after my 6 year old was murdered…then its like he goes into acting mode…i could be wrong…but my gut feeling says this was some kind of a setup..and we aren't being told the truth about the events that occured!

  8. Jimmy Dixon

    im not a conspiracy theorist at all………but am baffled by some of the stuff ive seen on this tragic event….what are the odds on the words sandy hook being on a map and pointed to …in the new batman movie at an hour 58 minutes into the movie…commissioner gordon points to a map it says sandy hook..he puts his fingers on it and says we need to get gps on this and see how we can bring it down……what are the odds???1 in 76,000 that the words SANDY HOOK would be in batman….someone producing that movie knew something ahead of time—i dont know the answers but i have a 156 iq….and there are definitely some things that dont add up to me about all this, on top of the whole sandy hook reference in batman dark knight rises….Be open minded people

  9. Anonymous

    This is irresponsible journalism…The prof says he doesn't think it happened THE WAY THE MEDIA TOLD IT…he never said it didn't happen at all.

  10. Dennis Lopez

    we aren't being told the truth. The assault rifle was found in the trunk of the car. I went on a crazy investigation spree this morning and found all this shit out bc of this professor. They are trying to make a ban on assault rifles only, that is the whole ploy to these schemes.

  11. Stu P. Knitger

    Rather than jump all over this professor let us look at the facts. In fact there are so many weird questions not being covered by the state run media need to be answered. This professor at least has a brain by asking the questions which so many Americans are asking yet nothing is being covered. What about the shooter who was brought out of the woods and then placed in the front seat of a patrol car (not the back seat) and no one has heard from that guy again. What about the alleged real father who was laughing before an interview (didn't know he was begin tapped) and then starting crying fake tears during the interview, 30 second later? What about these things?

  12. Anonymous

    There is a reason that PM teach their assistants about truth vs. fiction. It takes time, maturity, intelligence and patience to know when someone is BS ing you. Your opinion counts but does not "make it so" Remember all the coders who told you it would be in on time?

  13. Derek Scheib

    So some professor claims that the Connecticut school shooting didn't happen in the way the media portrayed the details- and half of the articles reporting on his story are titled "Professor Claims Newtown Shooting Didn't Happen". Clearly the media has no influence our interpretation of news stories.

  14. Jimmy Dixon

    also…i dont believe that little guy could pull all that off….its possible…but highly unlikely….google robbie parker actor….he deserves an oscar

  15. Anonymous

    sorry people, you're idiots if you don't think there aren't 20 dead kids in the morgue or in the ground now. you're right up there with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claiming the holocaust didn't happen. come on people, can't you step out of your delusions for a brief second and maybe travel to sandy hook and see for yourself first before making your crazy claims? oh right, conspiracy theorists don't do that because they are too paranoid to… that makes you as bad as the shooter.

  16. Anonymous

    sorry people, you're idiots if you don't think there aren't 20 dead kids in the morgue or in the ground now. you're right up there with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claiming the holocaust didn't happen. come on people, can't you step out of your delusions for a brief second and maybe travel to sandy hook and see for yourself first before making your crazy claims? oh right, conspiracy theorists don't do that because they are too paranoid to… that makes you as bad as the shooter.

  17. Robert Christensen

    Funny thing is you people call other people blind for reading media reports and taking them as fact, but you people read reports by whackjobs and mentally unstable blowhards and you take it as fact, hmmm which is the worst of two evils.

  18. Sanders Kaufman Jr.

    Those 26 dead children didn't attack the Republcans.
    They were attacked BY the Republicans.
    Maybe we SHOULD start shooting Republicans in the head – so they can finally be the victims they always say they are.

  19. Anonymous

    It's unfortunate that we live in such a dangerous time. Dangerous in the sense that "staged" events such as 9/11 and Sandy Hook are being carefully thought out and executed by the most supreme corruption the world has probably ever known. It makes Hitlers trumped up legacy seem like a Disney film but they definitely take heed from the Nazi's method of going for the children. Do I think the Sandy Hook shooting took place? Yeah. Do I think it happened the way popular media is portraying it? Absolutely NOT! The public as a whole is denied access to the details that really matter, only the fearless that dare dig (and at great peril) really get the cold hard facts. Everything else is just sensationalized by "Hollywood tabloid style reporting" that passes for journalism today. I think that Professor James Tracy has a RIGHT TO HIS OPINION REGARDLESS OF HOW HURTFUL SOME MAY TAKE IT (when did hurting someone's feelings become a crime?) Right now the only reason we still have the FEW freedoms we enjoy are because of people who question the "powers that be". Mourn the loss of your child, the children, whatever you need to do and then seek out answers (official crime scene documents, eye witness reports, first draft police reports) or just accept that Fox News is providing you with the truth and go on living your perfect life.

  20. Linda Clark Kohrt Brooks

    This "professor" & you people who are running behind him baah-ing like sheep are pathetic! This is another example of Faux News famous ploy "some people are saying…" to get their non-facts swallowed up by idiots like you. OF COURSE these children & teachers are dead & OF COURSE they were killed by a gun (or guns, for that matter – I don't think the number of shooters has anything to do with the fact that they killed by GUNS). Stop this bizarre poring over tapes of the parents & town officials looking for something that "doesn't look right" – GET A LIFE!

  21. Nathan Waldron

    Shame on E. Patricia Lladro! (if she even exists!) NOTHING about this story fits. Believing the official reported story is like swallowing 100 'magic bullet' theories in one. From the three men arrested at the scene who disappeared to the changing story on the guns used it stinks to high heaven.

  22. Anonymous

    OH GOD! This professor gives all Professors a bad name! Let him speak for himself as he stands on his own.

  23. Joanne Rosé April Champin

    We dont have much of that round here cows dont really do alot!!! Lol

  24. Cody Dalton

    For all u ppl who say the batman movie says sandy hook, u ever think this mentally unstable murderer saw it in the movie and made his choice based on that? Doesn't that make more sense than the other way around?

  25. Nathan Waldron

    People pointing out major discrepancies with the official story are 'crazies' and 'morons'? Mind backing that up with actual fact?

  26. Kim LaCapria

    Karin Walpole Kasper Do you know how many people would have to be bought off or killed for this sort of thing to work? It could never happen. I have also posited that with Citizens United it would be far easier for someone with an interest in disarming Americans to funnel money to a senator that way.

  27. Kim LaCapria

    What exactly is he trying to say, then? That the media reported it incorrectly? The scene was locked up because 20 children died and police didn't want them to hear details of the murders in the news. That is why the reporting was initially vague. 40 parents had to hear in person that their baby wasn't coming home.

  28. Kim LaCapria

    Nathan Waldron The scene of the event was 26 murder scenes. It was locked down for hours. The media reported from the very little leaked by law enforcement. Is it that implausible the scene of 26 separate and individual killings was a mite chaotic?

  29. Jaedon Granger

    I hope you're joking Dylan. If not, then you need serious mental help. Where in the new Batman movie is Sandy Hook mentioned?

  30. Jaedon Granger

    At no point does anyone in TDKR point to a map that shows Newtown. You people really need mental help. Gordon points to a map of various Gotham streets to show where the truck is that is carrying the nuke. It's not Newtown. It's Gotham.

  31. Jaedon Granger

    At no point does anyone in TDKR point to a map that shows Newtown. You people really need mental help. Gordon points to a map of various Gotham streets to show where the truck is that is carrying the nuke. It's not Newtown. It's Gotham.

  32. Jaedon Granger

    You need serious mental help. No one is out to get you. These horrible events were not staged. Cut down your intake of weed. It's making you paranoid.

  33. Ty Severance

    The Whole Thing was a hoax the moment it broke on the news as time marches on a lot of people are going to wake up. has everything you need to know.

  34. Stephen Otter Holmes

    The Sandy Hook in the movie was a city near Gotham, aka NYC is near NJ. The town the school is in is Newton. Now go find me a reference to Newton in the movie you putz.

  35. Stephen Otter Holmes

    Nathan Waldron Uh dude, it is you who needs the facts. The Sandy Hook in the Batman movie was a reference to a town in New Jersey, aka near Gotham. The Sandy Hook shooting was at a school, not a town. You are a disgrace to humanity, the kids were victims of a nutcase who had ties to the school. You fit his profile more than you know. Your posts back up my statement. The only conspiracy theory I believe in is that Ronald Reagan is the Anti-Christ, ya know, 666 the letters in each of his names. No wonder the US is 25th in the world in math and science, with folks like you being taught by arseholes like the professor who spouted this shit. Thanks for letting us know you are a nutcase. Here's your sign. You morons take a coincidence and expand it to the point of foolishness. Bet you love playing fantasy games. Hey, they really are out to get you, hide in your bunker, and please don't come out.

  36. Stephen Otter Holmes

    Jimmy Dixon Wow, your IQ is so hot. 11 more points and you would have the same IQ as the unabomber, 167. I got you both beat, I must be the brains behind this conspiracy theory. I am just pretending to refute it. Wicked crafty ain't I?

  37. Stephen Otter Holmes

    Here is the quote from his blog. James Tracy, a tenured history professor at Florida Atlantic University, wrote a lengthy post on his personal blog saying that the shooting that left 20 children and six teachers dead may not have happened the way that it is widely believed, if it happened at all.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  38. Nathan Waldron

    That's it?? A little blurb on a online news site?? These guys were ON THE SCHOOL GROUNDS at the time of the shooting! There's video footage of it which corresponds with the police radio feed at the time. Yet that isn't mentioned in your link at all.

  39. Stephen Otter Holmes

    January 10, 2013 at 5:22 am

    To burst your bubble, I went to Connecticut with my girlfriend on Christmas for her family’s holiday party. Close to her aunt’s house was a road sign. Written on it was “newtown: 9 miles.” I knew that her family lived close to Newtown, needless to say I was shocked when I saw it. I spoke with multiple people at the party, all from Conn., who confirmed what we’ve all been told. They had first-hand knowledge and were acquainted with people that live in Newtown. It’s just obvious, and doesn’t need to be addressed that photos of the crime scene aren’t being released. Privacy of the dead and their families, along with strong morals bar the release of pictures of that gruesome scene. Calling for the release of those photos is morbid, and has no weight in an argument that this disgusting act didn’t occur. We don’t need to see 20 bodies of bullet riddled 6 year olds. Death certificates are public records and if you choose to do so, may visit Newtown to view them for yourself, or you may be able to order them etc. This tragedy DID occur, and I’m sorry you’re baffled by how it could have happened. Also, to liken public figure assassinations (MLK, JFK) where an alleged patsie was used, to this incident to draw a correlation between the two is a moot point. Mass murders are well documented. That Adam Lanza may seem to be incapable of having committed this act is a far fetched misconception. Any number of the population would be capable of physically doing what he did. That is, firing a semi-automatic weapon numerous times. What separates the physical act of shooting a gun, and the choice of where to shoot it and who to shoot it at, is psychologically based in sheer madness and mental defects. Some wise people choose to fight battles worth fighting. You may want to consider that.

  40. Lori Levi

    As a parent, do you really believe that a single parent would have put up with not seeing and holding their childs body specifically?

  41. Stephen Otter Holmes

    Dylan Moses please identify the three victim sites you supposedly found. You are lying through yer butt crack dude, I hope your Mom keeps her guns locked up from you.

  42. Stephen Otter Holmes

    Bust me up Dylame (sic). You think books are boring, and you drink wine, and snort Koch. Time for you to go to rehab. No wonder you are so paranoid, too much Koch and Friends.

  43. Kim LaCapria

    Anyone with a modicum of how Google works knows that caching is not an exact science. I have examined every Newtown conspiracy I have seen, and not a single one holds any water under the slightest bit of scrutiny.

    How hard is it to say, "this was tragic, but I don't think it should affect gun laws?" Is it that hard? Just say THAT, but don't invalidate the pain of these families with some cockamamie fantasy this is all a fairy story cooked up to take guns. It makes you look INSANE.

  44. Amanda Branum

    He has the right to say what he wants he's giving another view as to what might have happened. I mean whose going to argue gun control after children are "murdered?" One of the supposed dead girls took a picture with Obama after the shootings.if the shooting happened how was that possible

  45. Corissa Vantassel

    So many sketchy things about that whole "shooting". I don't believe it anymore

  46. Stephen Otter Holmes

    Please post picture of supposed dead girl with Obama, and identify her. Everyone has a right to a view, but in your cases it only points out your ignorance and paranoia. I have torn this article apart with facts below. It took me little time at all. You two should be ashamed saying this is a hoax, and backing it up with misinformation every conspiracy nutcase has put up on their blogs or YouTube. Go to Newton if you are so sure this is a hoax or cover up of some kind. Go find the parents, even the one who is supposedly an actor. Knock on his door, let him take you to the grave, then you can dig it up in front of him to prove there is no body in there. Oh, but then you would have to run DNA tests to make sure it isnt Jimmy Hoffa. Thanks for helping the rest of us identify who the nutcases are by posting such lame arse crap. Bet you kiss Alex Jones YouTube everynight before you check under your bed for three headed aliens who are gonna impregnate you. YEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  47. Stephen Otter Holmes

    Here's another view for ya. I think Dick Cheney was on a bird hunting trip in Newtown, and he shot all 26 people, cause he thought they were his hunting buddies. No no, that's not it. It was James Bradey, getting even for protecting Reagan. Most likely it was the school principal, who shot the kids and Adam, and then turned the gun on herself, cause she works for the CIAFBIDHS cabal, and she wanted to restart the War Of Northern Agression.

  48. Stephen Otter Holmes

    Here is the answer to the picture conspiracy. Took me a few seconds to get it. “The story that she was killed at Sandy Hook is not possible, because here she is sitting on the president’s lap after the shooting,” intones the narrator of a YouTube video, one of dozens of its kind, this one the recipient of more than 260,000 web hits.

    In fact, it’s the dead girl’s little sister.

  49. Stephen Otter Holmes

    Get a life. This YouTube vid has been deemed inappropriate etc. by the powers that be. I find your ignorance regarding the Sandy Hook shooting to be appalling. Do some research, I have shot down every bit of hoax BS in your beloved video with facts and sites from various sources already. You are a bit late showing up with this painfully stupid post. No wonder the US is 25th in Math and Science, and apparently critical thought. There is no conspiracy here, just bunch of con artists making money and shame from taking in dimwits like you and the others who swallow this merde whole. You apparently don't know Jacques Merde dahlin.

  50. Dylan Moses

    how did you "trolls" get here? Google indexing is not an exact science?? What? They have been prosecuting and convicting people based on internet time stamps for a long time now, and it's not exact…wow! what are the implications of that? So it's just random inaccuracies…. riddle me this then… how come the offending pages were instantly removed or replaced when discovered… not one defending themselves except for the United Way of Western Connecticut, which instead had a google "tech" say there must be a glitch, but the others…. gone or replaced. Now I know if i did nothing wrong, and it was for the right cause, i would be pissed and get to the bottom of it, not cover my tracks. I do have the screencast proof of these sites and the follow up when they were changed.. Kameron, you must live under a rock…. the batman movie connection was the first piece of evidence… and duh, because the batman movie theater shooting is a lie too. You people need to go back to sleep. We will wake you up if something important happens.

  51. Rolan Wissel

    Why? Because he is questioning information the media feeds us? True or not, people need to question what they see or hear. It is unfortunate that the situation he is questioning is a tragedy; but that should not make it immune for debate. You cannot fire someone for exercising free speech. The moment we say this man cannot, in his own free time, on his own blog, give an opinion you might as well say goodbye to your first amendment rights. Hope you don't get fired for your opinion in the case that someone disagrees. You can't draw the line and say what he says is unlawful but because your opinion isore widely accepted, that it is okay. Wake up and appreciate people who are able to speak up and say what they feel whether you agree or not.

  52. Andrew Wolf

    How does anyone know it happened id your going by unbiased news that throws you credentials out the Window

  53. Kurt Pickering

    Lord.This is an insult to their memories and our intelligence.

  54. Cheryl Selover

    Why would someone be so heartless? Haven't those families suffered enough? Lives have changed forever. Does the prof. want attention focused on him? So very sad….

  55. Sandi Lilly

    Wonder where he stands on the Holocost…I have to think this is where the concept of "running him outta town on a rail" comes from…tar & feathers optional…(^^^)

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