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Couple Fined For Having Garden: Growing Vegetables Will Cost $500 A Day

Orlando City Code

Orlando, FL – A couple could be fined for having a garden if they don’t remove the offending space by Thursday.

If the couple decides keep the garden, then they will have to pay $500 per day. The Christian Post is reporting that an Orlando city code prohibits residents from growing fruits and vegetables in their front yards.

Jason and Jennifer Helvenston feel the code violates their right to grow food on their property. In response to the garden fine, the couple have launched “Plant a Seed, Change the Law.” The initiative aims to bring attention to the city code they feel is unfair.

Jennifer Helvenston explained:

“The greatest freedom you can give someone is the freedom to know they will not go hungry. Our Patriot Garden pays for all of its costs in healthy food and lifestyle while having the lowest possible carbon footprint. It supplies valuable food while being attractive. I really do not understand why there is even a discussion. They will take our house before they take our Patriot Garden.”

According to The New York Times, the Helvenstons’ front yard lacks a “finished” look as dictated by the code. As a result, the couple will have to pay $500 a day if they decide to keep the garden.

Although the couple could end up spending a sizable chunk of change before all is said and done, Jason seems to be keeping a positive outlook on the situation.

He explained:

“We didn’t want this to happen, but it’s a blessing. It’s gotten more people planting gardens.”

As for putting up a fence, the Helvenstons don’t feel that’s a reasonable alternative to removing the garden. Jason said putting up a fence essentially ruins his “return on investment.”

What do you think about the couple and their garden? Do you think the city is in the wrong for enforcing the code?

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One Response to “Couple Fined For Having Garden: Growing Vegetables Will Cost $500 A Day”

  1. Judy Lehmann

    no one complained when the First Lady planted vegetables at the White House to teach children how to care for and eat the right foods, what is wrong with a vegatable garden and flowers, instead of a yard with grass, you can't eat, and some sommers it is all yellow, because of the heat and lack of rain.If they keep it neat and taken care of, it is their home they should be able to landscape their lot, the way they like.There are roof gardens in the city, I think they are very nice and useful, also it is a very relaxing hobby.Take a look at the yards in Europe, they all have flowers and vegetables mixed togerther useful and pretty.They even have contests on who's yard looks the best.

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