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Atheist Group Demands Jesus Photo Be Removed From Ohio School

freedom from religion foundation lawsuit

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist group, is demanding that a southern Ohio middle school remove a framed photo of Jesus Christ. The photo has hung in the school building for several decades. The Madison Wisconsin-based group is citing an “unidentified complainant” in its crusade to have the removed from the public school.

The Jackson Middle School is a part of the only school district which serves the Ohio town. The demand from the atheist group to remove the framed image of Jesus Christ began as a local story in our rural region, but has since garnered national headlines.

Jackson Superintendent of Schools Phil Howard had this to say during an interview with Pete Wilson of The Telegram, the local paper which serves the region:

“I will follow a directive from a court, a judge, or a vote by our board of education to do so. But I will certainly not take the picture down because a group that knows nothing about the culture of our community wants it to be taken down. I personally support it being there and so does every member of our board of education.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation reportedly consists of approximately 18,000 members. An excerpt from the letter the atheist group sent to the Ohio school reads:

“We received a disturbing report that a portrait of Jesus is hanging in Jackson Middle School. If this report is true, it is an egregious violation of the First Amendment. As you are certainly aware, the display of religious messages in the school setting violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Courts have continually held that public schools may not display religious messages or iconography. Jackson City Schools may not display Christian or other religious messages on school grounds.”

The Hi-Y Club presented the framed photo of Jesus Christ to the Jackson Middle School as a gift in 1974, according to The Daily Caller. The image is reportedly displayed in the school’s Hall of Honor, according to The Blaze.

As an individual who has coached a rival team at the school many times, I never noticed the photo nor heard of any complaints raised about the image at school board meetings or in the local newspaper. An outpouring of support for keeping the photo has appeared on local online forums and Facebook pages. Multiple students have taped photos of Jesus Christ on their locker in a show of support for keeping the framed image.

Do you think the school should be forced to remove the photo of Jesus?

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28 Responses to “Atheist Group Demands Jesus Photo Be Removed From Ohio School”

  1. Erica Marie Kenmir

    I'm so tried of the atheist group demanding this and demanding that. Maybe the people like me who are believers should start demanding a law suite for every single demanding thing they don't like to see. They are going just a little over board with things. Just shut up and deal with it I'm done hearing you cry like a child that does not get their freaking way. I have losted count of the Atheist acts and ways to long. If you don't like something just turn you face away and don't look at something that you don't like.

  2. Chelsea Hoffman

    Yes, this is a violation of the First Amendment among other federal laws. The 'Christian privilege' rears its ugly head once more.

  3. Jacqui Lane

    My local news stations are covering this heavily. Their FB discussions are blowing up with it. When someone pointed out that this school district has terrible test scores and that maybe they should focus the same amount of effort on actually TEACHING the children as they are on keeping the picture of Jesus, the replies were that it's more important for the kids to learn a love for Christ than anything else. 😐

  4. Jacqui Lane

    If the school displayed a painting of a pentagram, Muhammad, Buddha or anything else, the people defending the Jesus picture would be outraged and demand that those be removed immediately. The hypocrisy kills me.

  5. Chelsea Hoffman

    Jacqui Lane these rabid religious types somehow can't take that into consideration though. I don't understand why. It's really bewildering.

  6. Jeff Kane

    It's ironic because this big Christian group is currently fighting to get a yoga program removed from an elementary school because they claim that it's related to Hinduism and that it has no place in a school.

  7. Lynn Roland

    Atheists are hilarious. They get their panties in a wad over something they do not believe in… that is an oxymoron.

    Get a grip – the residents have told the group to kiss their collective buttocks.

  8. Frank Rossi

    This has nothing to do with test scores —– a public school, supermarket, mall, post office —- these are no place for any religion. I don't give a shit what your faith says. God might be everywhere for YOU, but YOU don't have a right to make others experience your god.

  9. David Cole

    I notice that it's never Christians wanting something added, it's always an atheist wanting something removed that has been hanging there bothering no one for years. And it can't be bothering them, because typically it a thousand miles from where this group is located.

  10. Frank Dorka

    A "photo" of Jesus? That's definately a miracle since he supposedly was risen before cameras were even invented. I think this is actually a photo of a depiction of a white man considered to be the son of god. Living at the Sea of Galilee a "cracker" like Jesus would have stuck out like a sore thumb. Apparently the "real" jesus looked more like a rastafarian with dark complexion.

  11. Frank Dorka

    Prepare the way of the law for FFRF usually WINS every lawsuit that they go after. Wanna know why? Because FFRF is backed up by the CONSTITUTION and the BILL OF RIGHTS. Hopefully this school has the extra funds that being defeated is going to cost. Hopefully all the taxpayers there are 100% Christian. I'd hate to be a taxpaying atheist and have my money go towards fighting such a ridiculous battle.

  12. Frank Dorka

    David Cole FFRF doesn't go after anyone without a local complaint. Are you under the assumption that everyone there is a Christian?

  13. Lynn Roland

    Frank Dorka

    FFRF is backed up by the Constitution? Their name alone goes against the Constitution: Freedom From Religion… not in the Constitution, numbnuts.

  14. Frank Dorka

    Neither is Freedom OF religion, numbnuts. The Constituion protects the rights of the individual over the tyrannical forces on majority religion.

  15. Melissa Montoya

    Yes, I do. The religious image should certainly be removed. The courts have already made clear that this is illegal and discriminatory. The school board would be silly to fight this in court as they will surly lose and have to pay for their stupidity. What a waste of money! How dare they take those funds from the children's education, if they are so foolish to fight the constitution!

  16. Chelsea Hoffman

    I wouldn't take anything a "grandmother of four" says seriously when using terms like 'numbnuts' — she's obviously mentally lower in stature than the people she is talking to.

  17. Karen Luvsnlp

    Freedom of religion is in the constitution and states that no ones religious beliefs shall be taken from them. However, there is no such thing as freedom from religion. No one forces anyone to have a religion, but you will not force those that do to stop what they believe in. Why are you athiests people so up in religious people's business-if you are so against God, then turn around and walk away-no one tells you to look at it. Freedom of religion needs to start fighting back against the handfull of athiests in this country. what business is it of out-of-state org. to demand this anyway. The school needs to stand firm and keep the picture. What are they going to do if they don't, send them death threats like all libtards do. If someone would tell me I could not wear my cross or a shirt that has Jesus on it, I woul come back everyday with even more of Jesus on me. I will never deny Jesus no matter what or where, and if you athiests don't like it, tough, deal with it, just like we have to deal with your offensive toward Jesus Christ.

  18. Lynn Roland

    Frank Dorka

    In the United States, freedom of religion is a constitutionally guaranteed right provided in the religion clauses of the First Amendment…..look it up

  19. Lynn Roland

    Chelsea Hoffman

    Yes, grandmother of four boys…and involved in our family business for the past 34 years. College graduate…..would you like me send you a resume?

    House paid for, cars paid for, land in another county paid for…..suck it up, beeyotch.

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