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Florida Professor James Tracy Claims Sandy Hook Might Be A Hoax

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A Florida Atlantic University professor questions whether the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown was a hoax. The communications professor also maintains that the Connecticut school shooting was generated by President Barack Obama’s administration to sway views on gun control.

Professor James Tracy is allegedly known for his conspiracy theories, Radar Online noes. Tracy created a chronological Newtown massacre timeline on his website. The Florida professor who believes that the Sandy Hook school shootings might not really have happened, has also given radio interviews on the subject.

An excerpt from James Tracy’s blog reads:

“As documents relating to the Sandy Hook shooting continue to be assessed and interpreted by independent researchers, there is a growing awareness that the media coverage of the massacre of 26 children and adults was intended primarily for public consumption to further larger political ends. While it sounds like an outrageous claim, one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place – at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described.”

Tracy, 47, is a former union leader and a tenured associate professor of media history at the Florida Atlantic University. He also teaches a course entitled, “Culture of Conspiracy.”

Florida Atlantic University Media Director Lisa Metcalf appears to want nothing to do with James Tracy’s comments about the school shooting in Newtown, Fox News notes. Metcalf had this to say in response to questions about the Florida professor’s allegations that Sandy Hook was a hoax:

“James Tracy does not speak for the university. The website on which his post appeared is not affiliated with FAU in any way.”

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50 Responses to “Florida Professor James Tracy Claims Sandy Hook Might Be A Hoax”

  1. Ed LaBrosse

    Wow Peggy the Government would never lie would they? maybe do a little research before commenting
    WMD in Iraq?? Air at ground zero safe to breath? What about WTC #7?? get your head out of the sand lady
    and yes GO PACKERS!!

  2. Tom Lauber

    I started researching.. and the incositencies made my head spin! I beg; Please research!

  3. Anonymous

    If Florida Atlantic University continues to employ this moron then they deserve to be regarded as a backwater, 3rd rate learning institution for crackpots. He thinks he is being analytical yet he is simply using his position as a university professor to put forth proof that he is ignorant. He likes to hear himself speak. He knows nothing, is nothing and will be nothing. I caution all students to ask themselves if they really want any connection with such a person. He is bringing shame, disgust and dismissal to your university.

  4. Anonymous

    Ed LaBrosse: Look Ed, the government might lie but not this time. I was in Newtown after the shooting. I was close enough to know, beyond a doubt, it happened. If you want to question authority get an old VW van and a bandana. Do not use the horrific deaths of young children as a platform.

  5. Tom Lauber

    Hey bruce, was it ryan or adam? what gun did he use? what gun was in the trunk? how did he get into the school? (was he let in, or did he shoot the glass) did he use the rifle? or pistol? whos car did he drive? how many cars did he shoot at in the parking lot? who's the guy running in the woods? whos the guy in the front of the cop car wearing black & camo? how many dead? etc… Why are there so many inconsistencies in the original time line compared to the stoy that is changing every hour? Please shed some light on the few inconsistencies I mentioned here, of the very many

  6. Brian Losee

    Tom (and whatever defective liked your rant) READ THE ARTICLES! I live 15 miles from Newtown, know some of the people involved and have been in and out of the town many times in the last weeks. If you can't figure out the truth from all the info out there your brain dead and a fool!!!

  7. Joanne Terry

    He's just as entitled to use the 1st Amendment as all those gun nuts use the 2nd. At least, he's not out killing anyone. The fact that anyone could even consider firing this guy cuz of his position (which I do not agree with, BTW) is very frightening.

  8. Brandon Wright

    Yes you have the right to say anything you want because of the first amendment, however there are consequences for the things you say. As an employee of a large multi-national corporation once upon a time, my boss explained to me that I was a representative of the company whether I was on the clock or not. If I was this guy's boss I'd fire him in a heartbeat. The negative press, the negative attention, and tarnishing of the university name, is definitely worth firing the guy over.

  9. John Daley

    Tom Lauber – inconsistencies always happen with real time reporting as it takes time for all the facts to emerge. Inconsistencies don't mean there was a conspiracy. To even think that there was one in this case shows how unhinged you must be.

  10. Tom Lauber

    Thank you so much for stating the facts, you,ve cleared it all up for me!

  11. Javier Prieto

    Wow. What a freaking idiot ! Maybe the gov does provoke some issues to happen who knows.. But to massacre little kids ! Get real ! Specially when Obama has 2 of his own !! He would of maybe targeted something else if that was the case. This moron deserves to get fired. What a disgrace.

  12. Chyrie Barbery Moore

    The inconsistencies are due to thousands of reporters wanting to be first with the story. Plain and simple.

  13. Jeff Lyons

    It is not beyond our gov't to be behind crap like this. To say that it was a hoax does not say that people did not die. However, Why are Adam Lanza's father and James Holmes's father both scheduled to testify in the LIBOR scandel? Is that just a coincidence? Who was the guy they took out of the woods in the camo pants and ended up in the FRONT of the cop car? Why did the police radios reveal 2 shooters? Multiple witnesses in Aurora saw another person let Holmes into the theater. They also saw gas grenades being tossed by multiple directions and lets not forget the 2 gas masks found on the scene. One with Holmes, the other in the parking lot. The media is not objective. Fast and Furious didn't get anyone enthusiastic about gun control, Aurora didn't either. But lets shoot kids and now look what is happening. You can continue to be fed the state controlled media's skewed version of truth, or you can keep an open mind and realize that political agenda is a lot more dangerous that Americans owning firearms.

  14. Drew Macy

    Still, colleges and universities agree to allow faculty members the freedom to express their opinions under the auspices of academic freedom. Firing a nutball like this guy is a double-edged sword. It then leaves faculty open to censorship and harsh consequences whenever they take unpopular opinions, and those opinions can be in support of civil liberties and human rights. Colleges and univerisites are expected to display an understanding and tolerance well beyond that of for profit corporations. That thinking has allowed schools to be at the forefront of civil rights campaigns historically. On the other hand, if I was in his class, I would certainly expect them to give me my money back or find me a comparable class without complaint.

  15. Pash Amini

    Brian Losee , why haven't they released any security video. Same thing with Aurora. Surely there were plenty of cameras at both locations. What are they hiding?

  16. Anonymous

    Yes, all people that question the official story, should be made to feel like idiots. Sounds a lot like Christianity…….LOL.

  17. Tom Lauber

    If you look at any time line of that tragic morning you will see that the reports are from "police" or "officers who ask not to be named"..that is where the incosistencies come from…please try not to blame the media they are only reporting what police & officals have told them… Lets give credit where credit's due.

  18. Christopher Saxty

    As long as he's not punishing students for disagreeing, he should be free to question and have an opinion, that's why they created tenure. The people who always want to shut down ideas they don't like instead of debating them are far more dangerous than this professor and even more dangerous than the monster who murdered these poor kids because there is no freedom without the right to expression.

  19. Jeremy Shank

    You know, innocent children probably did die that day. But what makes sheeple believe that our own government is above mass genocide? I mean really, one loose cannon after another shoots at people, but kill some kids, and BAM!!!, Instant gun control, aka (Disarmament of U.S. Citizens) Look at the FEMA coffins near Atlanta GA, the fact. that FEMA

  20. Alain Schiller

    Jeff Lyons, Your comment is so refreshing…I am so saddened by the people naivety and lack of auto critic and common sense wisdom. This poor professor may loose his job and people are so quick to put him down as a nut…it is a shame that one may even use your comment against you for just expressing your calm, well thought opinion… what about the AK 15 found in the car rather than were the shooting occurred and the medical examiner telling the reporter that was the weapon who killed those poor children… How could this arm be found in the shooter's car after himself was found dead among the children?

  21. Alfred St Martin

    Yes it's a tragedy that these loving children and caring teachers had to leave us in this tragic way. It's also tragic that news affiliates try there best to help the agenda of a rouge govt I understand they get paid good for there loyalty but let's look at what's going on in Syria where guns and ammo are common place and look at the civilians that have died to achieve the American dream (freedom) our govt is carefully and precisivly taking away our freedoms misusing our taxes once they take our 2ond amendment rights were just sitting ducks for the same tyranny that's going on around the world the govt isn't your friend wake up sheeple and stand up like men don't fall for govt propaganda

  22. Bill DeRosa

    *sigh* Only someone who doesn't live near our community could possibly believe this was some kind of hoax. Next time I see the mourning parents, or I drive by the grave sites, I'll see how it was a big hoax. This is an example of somebody craving attention-sick as it is- by being a contrarian antagonist to get people to check out a blog and get some attention they obviously didn't get growing up or in their current adult life. The onus is not on anyone to disprove some moronic guy who lives 3000 miles away's theories. I live here, and can assure you that this is no hoax. If you saw the families of the tragedy and the community you would understand why. This professor deserves no more attention that as a sideshow to pity. Take it or leave my opinion, I don't care. As a community, we could care less about some idiot from Florida who is obviously just looking for attention.

  23. Bill DeRosa

    This is how things get from rumor to questionable. The police reports you are speaking about are based on eyewitness accounts from people they interviewed who had considerable different vantage points and descriptions etc. This is the same exact for any major crime scene and anyone who understands police work in this capacity knows that in the first 24 hrs of a major crime scene, there are dozens if not more versions of even the simplest of crimes. It *is* the media, because they will hound anyone and everyone they can to be the first…and in the human nature of things, "officers who wish not to be named" are often taken out of context or are giving the current information they have.

  24. Bill DeRosa

    This is how things get from rumor to questionable. The police reports you are speaking about are based on eyewitness accounts from people they interviewed who had considerable different vantage points and descriptions etc. This is the same exact for any major crime scene and anyone who understands police work in this capacity knows that in the first 24 hrs of a major crime scene, there are dozens if not more versions of even the simplest of crimes. It *is* the media, because they will hound anyone and everyone they can to be the first…and in the human nature of things, "officers who wish not to be named" are often taken out of context or are giving the current information they have.

  25. Bill DeRosa

    bruce.feld, Unfortunately, it's easy for people who live no where near here to look at it from a media's point of view, and not as a local. Anyone who lives in our community around Sandy Hook can see the fallout. @Tom, every major crime scene anywhere and everywhere throughout history has the same inconstancies, wrong eyewitness accounts, improper information, media revisionism, etc…I guess they are all just conspiracies. As well, anyone involved in media understands the need to be the first to break news or have that story no one else is covering. I work with two people deep in media, and they were both appalled by the coverage of this story and how fast they were to report every little piece: whether true, verified or more so *unverified*. If you are using inconstancies in the media's reporting of this as a basis for a conspiracy theory, it is moot.

  26. Bill DeRosa

    Pash Amini ok sure, let's watch a bunch of kids get turned to pulp. The parents will be thrilled. Same with Aurora. How would a video of a massacre in any way help with or against a case of conspiracy?

  27. Kari Romero

    Well, What about the identity of the shooter? (bam! #1 reported wrong by officials right off the bat.) Also one should question the number of guns found in the school, the guns found in the back/trunk of the car, the ownership of the car, the medical examiners bizarre behavior, the initial reports of a second shooter, the lack of photo evidence of anything that supposedly happened that day, etc. etc! A month later and we have NO answers or clarification on any of this!?? In my opinion, It doesn't look like its just the media trying to get it out first, it's that the whole story on day 1 was completely puzzling, unclear, and totally back-and-forth… and since then it has twisted even more so it's just unbelievable. And if anyone looks into it just a little bit maybe they'd see it too.

  28. Kari Romero

    And if you want to believe that Adam had Ryans ID on him (after they hadn't spoken for years) and that now they are reporting he had an AR and 4 handguns, and the medical examiner was just really tired, and the person seen running in the woods was a neighbor outside chopping wood… then believe that. But I don't for a second.

  29. Steven Watanabe

    To: Professor James Tracy.

    We, the following, think you're absolutely nuts!


    The Illuminati
    Lyndon Larouche
    The Knights Templar.
    Art Bell
    Ted Kaczynski (aka "The Unabomber").
    Mark Lane, and other JFK conspiracy theorists.
    September 11th conspiracy theorists.
    The Trilateral Commission.
    Willis Carto and other Holocaust revisionists.
    The Bilderberg Group.
    Charles Manson
    Area 51
    The Abominable Snowman (aka "Yeti").
    The Freemasons
    L. Ron Hubbard
    The Skull & Bones Society.
    D.B. Cooper
    The Freemen
    Jesse Ventura
    The New World Order.
    Aryan Nations
    The Loch Ness Monster.
    Elvis Presley
    Donald Trump
    David Koresh & The Branch Davidians.
    Orly Taitz
    The John Birch Society.
    The Chalcedon Foundation.
    Alex Jones
    The Philadelphia Experiment.
    Glenn Beck
    The Montauk Project.
    The Tea Party Patriots.

    :-) [just kidding!]

  30. Bill DeRosa

    I have a feeling someone I know who is close to this and actually knows the families and community intimately will be commenting here soon. You people who think this is all actors etc live hundreds and thousands of miles away and get all your info from the media.

  31. Bill DeRosa

    You have no real info, no facts and think you have some insight. You are absolutely foolish and wrong. We know the local police, first responders, families, communities and more. To think there were actors is asinine. You also have no idea how messed up it was around here with varying stories because the media jumped in here within hours and started reporting false info just to be first. Amazing.

  32. Bill DeRosa

    All of your info you have is from dozens of various news sources who reported these inconstancies because they swarmed on us like locust, and all had a "we need to report this right now before the other news source" mentality. There was little to no fact checking, straight out false reporting, and the facts themselves took a while to sort out here in an unprecedented major crime scene. First responders were sickened, parents swarmed on the school, neighbors gave info that was incorrect,. Of course on day one it was a mess! You can fantasize anyway that makes you feel good and sleep at night or whatever. We live here, we know the people, we know the families, we know the first responders, we live this tragedy every day in reports and news you will never see in our local papers and online sources, and from the stories directly from friends of families. It's easy for you all to look at this from hundreds or thousands of miles away and make silly judgements because EVERYTHING you have is from the media who are there to make money, and money comes from "being the first". The people who live here know what happened. People here aren't worrying about responding to these silly hoax crap because we are still in mourning and the onus isn't on or communities to answer these hoax claims. Take my post or leave it.

  33. David Bailey

    He states "one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shootings ever took place". Well, perhaps he should conduct his OWN investigation… come to Sandy Hook (just down the road from me) and find out for HIMSELF whether or not this is a hoax. He could start with the 26 families that lost loved ones in the massacre and try and convince THEM that it's a hoax.

  34. Petra Smith

    Why are Assault Rifles targeted to be removed from anybody if this rifle was left in the shooters car and not even used?
    Why is Emily seen with the President after the shooting? Why is Emily's Father laughing before the interview and than crying at the interview? Why are there so many things that make absolutely no sense?

  35. Dave Eboch

    @ Javier Pietro….. He supports murder of children in mass numbers. It is called abortion.

  36. Stephen Otter Holmes

    A friend of mine died in my arms. He was revived, but brain dead. I gave the order to let him go, while I told funny stories about him, even though I was crying inside. Why don't you go find Emilys Dad, and take him to visit her grave. Ask him why he smiled if you want. There are definitely conspiracies throughout the world, this is not one of them. In very little time I researched all the claims you dimwits have posted on here and another site, and in every case, you are batshit wrong.

  37. Stephen Otter Holmes

    The media is far more objective that morons like you and the Professor Jeff. So you get all your news from Alex Jones and YouTube doctored videos? Bust me up you intentionally misinformed putz. Go to Newton and do your own investigation dude, stop relying on your fellow mental patient pals to tell you you are not crazy. Are there conspiracies in the world? You bet. This is not one of them. I have never seen such a sloppy presentation of a conspriacy as this one. Bust me up, except innocent kids died and you want to deflect investigation into a wild goose chase. Pull yer head otter yer butt and take a look at the real world, or get a script of Haldol.

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