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Colorado Senator Seeks To Change Underage Drinking Laws

underage drinking law exceptions

Colorado State Senator Greg Brophy is introducing a bill that would allow parents to buy alcohol for their children age 18 and older in bars and restaurants. One of the driving forces behind the bill is the desire to allow parents of returning Armed Forces members to be able to buy their adult child a drink.

During an interview with Shepard Smith on Fox News, Senator Brophy noted that many factors and personal stories were considered before crafting the drinking age legislative proposal. Wisconsin already has a similar law, according to The Denver Channel. A total of 11 states reportedly have similar exemptions to underage drinking laws.

Greg Brophy also noted that when he and his wife took their daughter out to dinner to celebrate her birthday, they could not legally purchase her a drink to share a toast. The Colorado Senator had this to say about allowing adults not of the drinking age to consume alcohol at bars and restaurants with their parents:

“I recognize there may be people who don’t like it. But again, I have to ask … if you’re trusted to vote, if you’re trusted to carry a weapon in the service of your country, why can’t be trust you to buy a beer at the bar? Showing them a responsible way to consume alcohol is actually an important part of growing up.”

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) President Jan Withers opposes Greg Brophy’s bill. She had this to say about allowing adult children under 21 to have a drink with their parents in public:

“When people under the age of 21 drink alcohol with their parents, they actually drink more frequently and in large quantities.”

A total of 40 states allow underage alcohol consumption exceptions, according to The guidelines for the exceptions to the under 21 drinking age laws vary by state. A total of 29 states reportedly permit underage drinking on private, non-alcohol-selling premises with parental consent. A total of 25 states allow wine drinking during church ceremonies for minors.

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One Response to “Colorado Senator Seeks To Change Underage Drinking Laws”

  1. Tom Alciere

    What do the parents have to do with it, if the son or daughter is 18 and has moved out?

    Each person is a separate individual and a distinct transaction. That applies to DWI statistics and to the consent of the governed. DWI crimes are no excuse to inflict the drinking age on somebody who did not commit those crimes. Strong public support is no excuse to impose the drinking age on somebody who never consented to it.

    Most of the support comes from hypocrites who would rather punish Mr. and Mrs. Twenty than impose tougher DWI measures on themselves. They argue, "I can drive better drunk than they can sober," an argument which makes sense to them because the first thing they always do after getting hammered is to climb into a car and try to drive it somewhere ("Doesn't everybody?") They can't even imagine somebody drinking responsibly.

    Since each person is distinct, naturally some persons under 21 support the law. Others, however, use counterfeit identification to defeat efforts to protect them from hangovers, and even flee the country during Spring Break to drink in places where enemy goons cannot touch them. If this indicates acquiescence, one would be at a loss to know how objection would be shown.

    Never underestimate the hostility you breed by using gun-toting goons in bulletproof vests to intimidate citizens into living a healthy lifestyle against their will.

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