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Joe Biden Gun Control Task Force: Committee Member’s Son Served Time For Plotting Columbine-Style Attack

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The son of a member of VP Joe Biden’s Gun Control Task Force served time for conspiracy to commit murder in connection with a planned school attack.

The Task Force member is Thomas Nee, a Boston cop and president of the National Association of Police Organizations. According to Town Hall columnist Katie Pavlich, Nee’s son Joseph was convicted in 2008 for planning a Columbine-style attack on Marshfield, Massachusetts, High School. He was found not guilty of promotion of anarchy and threatening to use deadly weapons at a school. The younger Nee served about nine months in jail on the conspiracy charge.

The Boston Globe provided background information at the time of the conviction:

“Authorities learned about the plan in September of that year [2004], when Nee went to police with two classmates and told officers that Kerns was planning a massacre at the school. Nee told police the plan involved taking ammunition and explosive devices into the school, securing the school’s exit doors with bicycle locks, and shooting students and staff.

“Police arrested Kerns the following day.

“Police didn’t arrest Nee until a month later, after friends of Kerns implicated Nee as the mastermind of the plot.”

Nee’s lawyer claimed that he should have been exonerated because he was the one who blew the whistle on the plan. But the prosecutor disagreed:

“The defendant’s motive for going to police was to save himself. The defendant did not have intimate knowledge [of the plan] because he had overheard Mr. Kerns; the plan was as much his as it was Kerns’s.”

In 2010, the Massachusetts Supreme Court upheld Nee’s conviction on the conspiracy charge. The state’s highest court found that “in this case, the Commonwealth presented sufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant entered an agreement with (Tobin) Kerns with the intention to commit mass murder” according to the Patriot Ledger. At the time of the ruling, Joseph Nee said in part that “It’s definitely a disappointment. If nothing else, the situation has taught me to take things in stride and look at the positive. The only thing I can do is move forward.” He added that “I made poor choices in my teenage years. I was hanging around with the wrong kids.”

As the time of the original arrest, investigators were trying to determine if a.40-caliber Boston police service pistol might have been potentially used in the planned attack, the Boston Globe reported.

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One Response to “Joe Biden Gun Control Task Force: Committee Member’s Son Served Time For Plotting Columbine-Style Attack”

  1. Anonymous

    Comment by Save The American Family – STAF, Inc.,-not-for-profit-
    By Dr. Christian von Christophers, Ph.D., N.D.

    In the discussions in the public forum "Why someone is capable of doing so horrible as the recent mass shootings?" no one seems to know "Why?" Yet, there is a one clear answer to "Why?"
    Because not one person in the Biden's committee seems to know what the real reason is, STAF, Inc.'s presence is needed in the Biden Gun law renewal Committee in D.C.

    Practically all mass shooters have two things in common: (1) they are victims of a divorce & (2) they are all males.
    A growing boy needs especially his father's continuous presence and guidance, more so than his mother's. The moral in our marriages has gone close to a zero. The children grow up disturbed & misled. In addition, the violent video games & violent movies are replacing the parental love & healthy attention – the children get a wrong picture about being a human being. The young mass killers suffer from the Broken Marriage Syndrome™.

    The life threatening challenges all children & all divorcing spouses will experience are listed in STAF, Inc.'s website in tab "Services", sub-tab "Restoring Any Marriage™.
    To find the correct website, use STAF, Inc.'s Radio Show title "DrDrCanYouHelpMe" in the internet search.
    Most people have no clue what a divorce does to the children.

    The primary solution is not in the gun laws. The guns will be found no matter how many restrictions.
    Yes, STAF, Inc. supports certain important restrictions mainly for preventing mass shootings. We Americans have the right to defend ourselves. However, we should close the loopholes for online gun sales and gun shows. The President should fast, by an executive order, put a ban on assault rifles and large ammo magazines (ammo = informal short for ammunition).

    When a child grows up in a healthy, loving home with 2 loving parents, the child has a good chance to become a healthy-minded teenager & a successful adult. Then the person has no need to find the guns to revenge his own Broken Family Syndrome™ suffering.

    The primary solution is to start educating the whole nation how to heal the American Family & our homes where our children are growing up. STAF, Inc. is a nation/worldwide leader in these matters. The secondary are the gun laws, except the few restrictions mentioned above what the President should immediately restrict using his executive order power.

    STAF, Inc.'s presence is needed in D.C. in the U.S. Congress (House & Senate). STAF, Inc.'s founding President is planning (1) to seek a seat in D.C. Congress/Senate to provide the necessary information to the D.C. lawmakers and (2) to establish a fully new federal agency, Healthy Lifestyle & Family Success Agency, and to be named its first federal director.
    New legislation and training for all these matters are needed in a result-bringing manner.
    Visit our website and listen to STAF, Inc.'s popular Radio Show (you'll get free CEU & College-University credits).

    Christian von Christophers, Ph.D., N.D.
    STAF, Inc.'s founding President.

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