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Harry Reid Claims He Misspoke When Comparing Hurricanes

Harry Reid Misspoke

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claims he misspoke when he suggested during a Senate speech that the damage inflicted from Superstorm Sandy was worse than the damage that came from Hurricane Katrina, which decimated the area in and around New Orleans in 2005.

The Nevada Democrat issued the statement on Monday, saying that he “simply misspoke” in comments he made on Friday.

Yahoo! News reports that Reid criticized House Republicans on Friday for delaying action that would help provide relief to ailing areas of the Northeast, which are still struggling from the massive storm that hit last October.

Reid compared the two hurricanes with the response each has received from the government, claiming that the government responded within days to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina, while “we are now past two months with the people of New York.

He added that New Orleans residents “were hurt, but nothing in comparison to what’s happened to the people in New England,” noting that almost one million people lost their homes as a result of the massive storm some dubbed “Frankenstorm,” which came ashore in the final days of October 2012.

The Huffington Post notes that Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, were upset when House Republicans decided not to vote on the bill that would provide disaster relief for Sandy before their congressional session ended last week.

House GOP leaders did push through a bill on Thursday that approved $9.7 billion to help pay for flood insurance claims. Next week, the House will consider a broader $51 billion aid package.

Reid’s misspoken words on Friday drew sharp criticism from politicians and residents in the areas affected by Katrina, including Senator David Vitter (R-LA). Vitter stated that “sadly, Harry Reid has again revealed himself to be an idiot, this time gravely insulting Gulf Coast residents.”

Vitter went on to cite figures from the National Hurricane Center, which showed that Hurricane Katrina was by far worse in damage and death toll than Superstorm Sandy.

Along with saying that he misspoke, Harry Reid added in his statement that he was “proud to have been an advocate for disaster victims in the face of Republican foot-dragging.” He added that he worked with Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu (Democrat) to make sure the people living on the Gulf Coast had enough resources to recover from Hurricane Katrina.

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29 Responses to “Harry Reid Claims He Misspoke When Comparing Hurricanes”

  1. Kevin McElvaine

    Funny I seem to remember GWB getting destroyed by Demtards for his slow response to Katrina. Now Sandy is getting compared to the stellar response time after Katrina? So when did Harry Reid get Alzheimers?

  2. Kim Goldstein

    To slightly quote Kanye, " Harry Reid hates black people".

  3. David Lee Pope

    obama promised all these people they would not have to wait and he would not let it get held back by the red tape. the lady he promised this too was in the news and she still has not recieved any help. so obama lied again. harry reid is an idiot.

  4. Steve Swanson

    Harry Reid has always had Alzheimers. He thought he was a conservative. Not wanting to raise taxes and reduce spending. Then he woke up.

  5. Rob Carter

    You do realize that it was Republicans that put off the Sandy vote right? Christie blasted them?

  6. David Lee Pope

    bush was blamed for katrinas slow action, just as obama will be blamed for sandy. he made the promises so its his responsibility to get it done. its time he accepts responsibility for his actions and i will be one to make sure he is held responsible for them

  7. Phil Semenuk

    Harry Reid needs to retire along with Pelosi. They are both out of touch with reality and both need to be put to pasture.

  8. Lynne Harris Woodson

    Rob Carter, you do realize it was because of so much crap that was added to the bill, don't you? The dems couldn't simply put forth a bill to aid the people affected, they had to try and get things tagged on that had nothing to do with the disaster relief. Of course Christie blasted them, what else is he supposed to do? It's high time both sides started acting like decent people who are being tasked with the country's best interest in mind. If we aren't careful, we will soon look like Greece and France, and I'm NOT talking about pretty parts we all are tempted by in tourist magazines!!

  9. Rob Carter

    BOTH sides added to that bill, I read it. Republicans would not even try.

  10. Rob Carter

    LOL, that's mature…. They did it to us, so i will do it to them!

  11. Rob Carter

    And its hilarious that one of their own, DIRECTLY blamed the republicans…

  12. Rob Carter

    Not to mention, the total response was still LIGHT years better than Katrina…

  13. David Lewis

    I'm with Mr Pope! Bush got a tongue lashing for Katrina…but BO can go to Hawaii on our dime, completely ignore the devastation in NY and NJ and he gets a pass!….it would be nice if our president attempted to lead the country

  14. David Lee Pope

    you are right. so see what your childish acts caused. if you all were mature enough to place the blame on the right person we wouldn't be in this mess. so your immature acts set this all in motion. it sucks to be you

  15. Buddy Waller

    One simple fact that has been omitted. Why was FEMA out of money? Had FEMA been operating and managed as it should have been 25 Billion would have been available within hours. This is what occurs when a budget is omitted for 4 years running. The fault lies solely with Obama.

  16. Anonymous

    Not exactly,'dirty harry' just made those statements to get re-elected.

  17. Lois B Shofstahl

    Rob Carter it was the pork. Why cant bills to help people in disaster situations be devoid of pork? Why do we not demand that the govt operate for the good of all not just party members? Americans have not pulled together for a long time…too busy pointing fingers and name calling.

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