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Seattle Rapper Freddy E Dead In Apparent Suicide [Photo]

Freddy E dead in apparent suicide

Rapper Freddy E was found dead Saturday in Renton, a city 11 miles southeast of downtown Seattle, in an apparent suicide, according to the King County Medical Examiner’s office.

The 22-year-old, whose real name was Frederick Eugene Buhl, died of a self-inflicted gunshot.

Buhl was the host of JERKTV on YouTube. Some of his videos included “What guys think about during sex” and “Freddy E does the cinnamon challenge.” He also posted spoken word videos.

Buhl’s father, Frederick Douglass Buhl, said in a Facebook post, “Not only our family, but the world has lost a talented, sensitive, brilliant young man who lit up our existence with his.”

Buhl’s Twitter posts Saturday paint a chilling picture of the young rapper’s last hours. He posted several updates saying how his day was ruined and that the day couldn’t get any worse. He also posted that it had been a long time since he had gone through heartbreak.

Most disturbing of all were his last seven tweets in which he talked about holding a gun to his head, told his family he loved them, asked God for forgiveness and, finally, said, “I’m sorry.”

While the reason for Buhl’s death has yet to be confirmed, it appears that he committed suicide because of his ex-girlfriend, who went by the name “Honey Cocaine.” She tweeted, “#Thirstballs #Thirstballs #Thirstballs.” Seconds later, Buhl wrote, “Ain’t nobody thirsty,” although it wasn’t a direct reply to Honey Cocaine’s tweet.

Marquez Taylor, a friend of Buhl’s, wrote on his blog that the young rapper said on Facebook that he was in love with Honey Cocaine and would take a bullet for her.

“I am praying you didn’t do this over a b****,” he wrote.

Nick Fletcher of the medical examiner’s office said an autopsy would be performed Monday.

Sadly, Buhl is the second young rapper to take his own life in recent weeks. As we previously reported, Pro Era’s Capital Steez committed suicide at the age of 19 last month.

We here at The Inquisitr extend our condolences to Frederick Buhl’s family and friends.

Freddy E last tweets Rapper Freddy E's last tweets

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25 Responses to “Seattle Rapper Freddy E Dead In Apparent Suicide [Photo]”

  1. Vanessa RB Felder

    Aaaawwww i subed to him on utube he was so funny but now he is gone :( smh

  2. Drane Laniiyah Kalanii

    I can only imagine what his fam &&nfriends are going thru I'm so sorry for your loss… The things ppl do for love has gotten worse and worse over the years may he rest in peace :-(

  3. Spyda Main Victor

    Depression is a flaw that was created within thy self to actually come up from depression horrorific challenges its hard but i completly have freddy E 's back ..and 1

  4. Spyda Main Victor

    R.i.p kid n my respect to his friends n family and his fans broken hearts….

  5. Rubie McKinney

    While I think she's a bitch. She doesn't deserve to die.

  6. Rubie McKinney

    While I don't blame the ex girlfriend for his death. I do blame get for being cold hearted and cruel to him as they parted ways. Some people love very hard does that make them weak-no! It makes them human. When you know this and break with them you need to let them down as easy as possible to avoid situations like this.

  7. Tanisha Palmer

    Wow u neva no hw someone really feels they can tell u bt u dnt believe them it was something she gave him tht no one else could n he loved her for tht n I bet she feel bad but dnt bash her just pray for her n his fam

  8. Suzanne Finn

    I was in love with his videos and he was such a down to earth, easy going, talented and funny dude…the story seems untrue but sometimes people hurt so bad and hide it with a smile….i know he didn't do it over a female it must of been much more…..but honey cocaine could have stopped him she knew he needed someone to be there and she just kicked him while he was down..not saying its her fault but she was the only one who could of stopped him at the time…don't know how shes going to live with that on her heart. even though suicide is a sin I'm sure god forgave him for all the pain he was going through and hes an angel amoung the rest under gods wings…rest in paradise Freddy…

  9. Yo Gabba Gabba

    Condolences go out to Freddy E 's family. I will miss him making videos every Sunday with a new quote. You could tell that he was hurting if you were a true fan. R. I. P Freddy E love you ;(

  10. Yo Gabba Gabba

    No i dont even know you wtf delete me with yo ugly ass