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Georgia Mom Guns Down Ex-Con Intruder To Protect Her Kids [Video]

Woman shoots intruder

Loganville, GA – A Georgia mother took an ex-con intruder by surprise when she shot him five times after he attempted to force his way into her home Friday afternoon.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the mother initially thought that the knocks at her door were coming from a solicitor, and told her twin 9-year-old children not to answer. After the doorbell began to ring repeatedly, the 37-year-old mom called her husband, who was at work. He told her to take the kids and hide while he dialed 911.

She took the children and hid in a crawlspace, while Paul Ali Slater forced his way into the three-story home with a crowbar, reports Fox News. He rummaged through the home, working his way up to the third-story office where the mother and her children were hiding.

“He opens the closet door and finds himself staring down the barrel of a .38 revolver,” said Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman, who told the woman’s story on the condition of anonymity.

She fired all five bullets at Slater, which hit him in the face and neck. “The guy’s face down, crying,” the sheriff said. Slater remained conscious, while the woman told him to stay down, or else she’d shoot again. Though she had emptied her chamber, Slater believed the mother and she ran to a neighbors house to alert the authorities.

Slater attempted to escape, but didn’t get far before authorities caught up to him. He asked them to help him, because he believed he was dying. “When you got five bullets in you, it makes you kind of disoriented,” Chapman remarked.

Slater is currently at a hospital, and is expected to survive. He is a recently released convict, and has multiple arrests dating back to 2008.

The woman’s husband remarked “My wife’s a hero,” continuing, “She protected her kids. She did what she was supposed to do.”

“That mother’s instinct kicked in,” Chapman marveled. “You go after a mother’s kids and she’ll find herself capable of doing things she never thought she was capable of.”

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37 Responses to “Georgia Mom Guns Down Ex-Con Intruder To Protect Her Kids [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    Good for her…..

    Nice to see the victim turn the tables for a change. Headline could have been "MOTHER & CHILDREN KILLED BY INTRUDER".

    More people need to take a stand and there would be far less crime in our country. I pray for both the victim and the suspect.

  2. Eric Nebab

    why do we have to wait for them to break in,, let's just round them all up and shoot them in the faces.

  3. Shelley Stowers

    a gun did good…hmmmm bet this will be the only place we read that! on another note thank god she had a gun because if 5 shots didn't kill that con then nothing else stood a chance of protecting her and her children.

  4. Lea Irizarry

    I commend her for her bravery, I would have done the same, good job mom

  5. Tonice LaPierre Duncan

    I say send these kind of idiots to fight the fricking wars in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc. They want to carry guns and threaten and/or shoot people, then let them go where these people are trained for nothing but war!!! Save our tax dollars and better educate those who want a decent education, a decent life….

  6. Hubert Earldog Phillips

    I find this to be the newspapers fault for not warning this crimbal there was a gun in the house like they do in NY…LOL….got what he deserved

  7. Spencer Oliver

    Kool… And then he cries for help.. They should've just put him on the side of the road and let him feel the pain.. Why cost the taxpayers $ by bringing him to the hospital.. He's gonna feel those bullet holes in prison

  8. Alex Hand

    Because if they let him bleed out and die his family will sue the police department and the woman for damages, and the sad thing is they would probably win. And watch the intruder sue for damages to his face and get paid. I've always been told, if you're gonna shoot an intruder…you better kill him.

  9. Gary Sherrill

    I realize where you are coming from but the reality is that the Mom did good – using the gun as the tool to do so. We need to keep hammering that it is not the gun that is used for good (as in this case) or evil, it is the PERSON.

  10. Lauren Figueroa

    Yes! I'm glad to see you use this quote. If that wonderful woman did not have a gun, this story may have been about something more tragic.

  11. Lannie Baker

    For every one story like this there are ten where the gun in the house works against the kids and the owner. I agree with what she did, but unfortunately it is nt usually the case.

  12. Michael Martin

    I hate to have to inform you, Lannie, but it's the other way around. There are ten stories like this for every one story about the gun working against the kids and owner. You just don't hear of the good stories. They don't make the news.

  13. Gene Mastro

    Another example of the law abiding armed citizen turning the table on a criminal. She should get a medal for her actions and the government should take notice of these incidents before they think about taking further action to disarm good people. There are enough laws on the books to enforce for criminals using guns illegally!

  14. Lissa Boren

    I think y'all are missing the point. She used a hand gun. She stopped a bad thing from happening to her, and the bad guy after he gets out I'd the hospital he will go to prison. He will have the scars to follow him for life. But the most important part is the mother knows she did the motherly thing and did not take a and life to do it.

  15. William Abderhalden

    I highly doubt she purposely kept him alive. She shot him five times in the neck and head. Very few people could purposely shoot you that many times in the face and not kill you.

  16. Dawn Dalyce

    shame he didn't die, now we have to spend tax money to try and jail him. She needs to go to gun range for target practice. 1st one should have been between the eyes.

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