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Mom Shoots Intruder 5 Times To Protect Children

Mom Shoots Intruder Five Times To Protect Children

A mom shoots an intruder 5 times after he started working his way through her house, growing close to the attic where she had hidden her 9-year-old twins.

The Georgia mother heard knocks on her front door on Friday, assuming they were from someone trying to sell them something. She yelled down to her 9-year-old kids not to answer the door, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution noted, but the visitor was persistent. He kept ringing the doorbell, prompting the mom to call her husband at work. He told her to get the kids and hide.

The man used a crowbar to break in, and the mom heard him making it closer and closer to where she and the children were hidden in an upstairs closet.

“He opens the closet door and finds himself staring down the barrel of a .38 revolver,” Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Chapman did not identify the woman or say exactly where the shooting took place.

With not other recourse, the mom shoots the intruder 5 times in the face and neck. Someone, he was still alive and crying on the floor. The mom tells him not to move, and the intruder obliged, Chapman recalled.

The man made it out of the home and tried to drive away, but was soon found in a neighbor’s driveway, bleeding profusely.

“When you got five bullets in you, it makes you kind of disoriented,” Chapman told the AJC.

Luckily for Slater, the gunshots were not believed to be life-threatening and he is expected to survive.

Slater was transported to Gwinnett Medical Center and is expected to survive, the sheriff said.

The mom who shoots the intruder 5 times is being called a hero by her husband, Donnie Herman, who said, “She protected her kids. She did what she was supposed to do.”

The story of the mom who shoots an intruder 5 times has taken on a bigger meaning in the media and throughout the internet. In the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, many gun control advocates have called for stricter laws. But this event is being seized by guns rights advocates and websites like Guns Save Lives as a testament to the value of firearms.

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42 Responses to “Mom Shoots Intruder 5 Times To Protect Children”

  1. Jules Servius

    What perplexes me is the fact that he was still able to walk away – you'd think getting shot in the face and neck, 5X, would be overkill. But nice shooting.

  2. Anonymous

    Out standing! A parent doing what they should to protect her famnily. THAT SHOULD NEVER BE ILLEGAL! He is wrong. She is right.. End of story!

  3. Norman K Kelly

    Did she shoot 5 or did she shoot 6? She shot 6 but only hit you with 5 PUNK! You're lucky to live but damned unlucky you picked THIS mom to target! Remember your rights end where her's begin! Good job exercising your 2nd Amendment rights mom! Good job protecting your children and that was damned fine shooting under stress!

  4. Bobby Gans

    Hmmm. where's the pussy liberals condemning this woman's actions? Saying stuff like she should have reasoned with the intruder, and no one should be shot for just browsing through her home. You know. Stuff that moronic hypocritical dipshit libtards say!

  5. Anonymous

    She needs a better in home security system. She also should get stronger windows and locks. Guns won't protect her forever.

  6. Sam Spencer

    Hoorah for the Mom! You've got to love a couple of the Bon Mots in this article, "She told him not to move and he obliged." and "Getting shot can make you disoriented." PRICELESS.

  7. James Sanders

    she probably stopped shooting because she ran out of ammo. shame she didn't empty a clip on this perp.

  8. Steve Finley

    You'd probably call me a "liberal," but I'm thrilled this woman defended herself and happy this POS got what was coming to him. Wanna try again?

  9. Chris McKevitt

    Did you read the article? First of all there is a difference between a clip and a magazine, but the gun she was using had neither. It was a .38 revolver, a six-shooter. She emptied the gun on the guy's face and neck, landing 5 out of 6 shots. The perp is damn lucky because all of the bullets that hit him must have been grazing shots. If just one of those rounds were to have hit him square in the face at close range, he would have been dead before his body hit the floor.

  10. Chan Moore

    runner_731 Liberals really hate trailer trash that is better armed than they are, that really sets them off, jeje. God Bless all Patriots, and may God Bless the Republic and the US Constitution.

  11. Chan Moore

    Chris McKevitt, Good shooting under stress I think. 5 out of 6, not bad.

  12. Harvey Lain

    What do you base your assumption that Brian is a trailer trash redneck on? Because he thinks Americans should be able to defend themselves ? YOU are a fucking idiot.

  13. Harvey Lain

    Mrs, Herman: You did good, but you might consider a couple of things. 1.) Take shooting lessons, 2.) Buy one of those dreaded high-capacity semi-automatics. I would suggest a Glock 31. Chambered for.357 SIG. If you hit him in the face or neck once, he's not getting back up.

  14. Harvey Lain

    runner_731 : People like you are exactly why we don't want any more controls on guns. If LEGAL gun owners give up their guns then we would have no defense agaiinst people like Slater who you liberls seem to love spo much.

  15. Anonymous

    It is not illegal and she did not accomplish it with a handgun and not a massive assault weapon

    yeah go Mom

  16. Anonymous

    She does need a good home security system though…..thank God she had a gun in the house for protection

  17. Anonymous

    Good for her. That will teach that thar neegear not to commit crimes. I would have kilt him.

  18. Harvey Lain

    percy572002 Actually she did accomplish it with a handgun, a .38 Special. A Glock 31 is also a handgun. What in the hell is a "massive" assault weapon? Are you talking about a tank? A B-2 bomber? 105mm howitzer? Thermonuclear weapon? What does "massive" mean in this context? The horrible AR-15 fires a .223 bullet that is actually smaller than the .38 she used.

  19. Dorcie Lacy

    What could have happened if mom was not in this home protecting her children ? Will this evil thoughtless young man be back in the news ? Will he be entering your home in future years ? How long will it take to release this traumatic experience from our memories ? Do you really want to give up your legal right to protect yoursef from evill ? Vote with wisdom
    sociopaths ?

  20. RobertBob Henshaw

    Good for her…..

    Nice to see the victim turn the tables for a change. Headline could have been "MOTHER & CHILDREN KILLED BY INTRUDER".

    More people need to take a stand and there would be far less crime in our country. I pray for both the victim and the suspect.

  21. Kyle Kepley

    Liberals like to call other people racist but then make bigoted comments about Southern white people because it is politically correct to be racist against rural whites.

  22. Kyle Kepley

    Exactly. This is where the 30 round magazine is needed! Thirty rounds– when six can't get the job done.

  23. Kyle Kepley

    I'm pretty sure she was trying her best to kill him.. You don't fire five warning shots to the face. I would have gone with the recommended double-tap to the torso first before trying the head shot. Go for the bigger target first.

  24. Harvey Lain

    Steve: I agree with you 100% but I hate to hurt your feelings. With that atitude you are a conservative, not a liberal.

  25. Buce McLaughlin

    You ASSume liberals "Hate" this story. Let me ASSure you that, if this monkey entered my house, he wouldn't leave my home. Just ONE SHOT and he'd meet his maker.
    Believe it or not, there are "Liberals" that own Assault Rifles also.

  26. Robert Fuller

    Home security system? All you nahh sayers of gun control should take notice. Common people like this woman will do what it takes to protect her family. Outstanding job to the Mom, I think we should all start a collection for some gun training for her because she wasted 5 bullets 1 right between the eyes would have worked just fine.

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