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Romney Final Vote Officially Tallied At Hilarious 47 Percent

romney final vote

The Mitt Romney final vote count was enshrined in history today, and in footnotes for decades to come, the irony of the GOP contender’s ultimate tally will amuse history students.

Before the Romney final vote count, before the fevered last week or so of the election — it looked like the Republican candidate had a better shot at the White House than he ultimately did. And after President Obama’s lackluster first debate performance, there was a brief, shining moment of hope for the GOP.

But now Romney’s final vote count has been entered into the historical record at 47.2 percent for evermore — clocking a number that seems to keep dogging the former Presidential candidate.

Back in May, when Romney made the remarks at a fundraiser where content was meant to never make it to press, he’d said of the infamous 47 percent:

“My job is not to worry about those people … I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Romney later addressed the resultant controversy after Mother Jones publicized the clip and very well may have called the election in the end — saying on Fox News:

“Well, clearly in a campaign, with hundreds if not thousands of speeches and question-and-answer sessions, now and then you’re going to say something that doesn’t come out right.”

mitt romney marriott

“In this case, I said something that’s just completely wrong. And I absolutely believe, however, that my life has shown that I care about 100 percent and that’s been demonstrated throughout my life. And this whole campaign is about the 100 percent.”

Whether he meant it or not, Romney’s final vote count seems to have reflected what may have been voter rejection of the comments.

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46 Responses to “Romney Final Vote Officially Tallied At Hilarious 47 Percent”

  1. Robert Young

    its so hilariously ironic..I'm sorry folks. I know we all have voter/election fatigue..but the irony of this is just too sweet!

  2. Andy Trimble

    What's ironic is people like you who cry racism voted for Obama for one reason only: because he's half black.

    At least, I hope you weren't stupid enough to vote for him because you think he did a good job in his first term. Because, you know, as presidents go, he makes a good campaign manager.

  3. Mariah Wyatt

    its true u all pull the race card for everything in ur lives, take up some responisbility for ur actions and situation like any human should

  4. Anonymous

    you know what's funny is how your dumb comments don't even have anything to do with the article.
    im black and I can say blacks don't pull the race card as much as you think and as for racism its still as strong as it ever was.
    in every race you will find racist and as for the final count it is funny that he got 47% seeing as how he called 47% of the american population black white asian hispanic yes everybody in that 47 percentile freeloaders and bums.

    you know mr.romney everyone isn't as prosperous as you are seeing how your a millionaire and all I bet you've forgotten.
    that us little people are the ones that do all the hard work while politicians such as your self play golf and drink bourban.
    buy prostitutes while incognito and smile in our face.
    telling us lies just to stay in power.
    all while collecting our hard earned money through taxes.

    and unemployment is a real issue because once your laid off from a job its hard to find another one since company's are downsizing to save money ironic indeed.
    god blesses and punishes he giveth and taketh away in this case your being punished by bringing shame onto you as you did unto the people you swore to serve.

  5. Eric S. Veaudry

    Love how people say Obama got the black vote because he is black. The democrat ALWAYS gets 90+% of the black vote. Furthermore the Deep South red states have the heaviest African American population. Try another argument morons

  6. Anonymous

    Andy Trimble What the hell?? Robert Young said nothing about race. Am I missing something Andy Trimble? Well, just for the record. I voted for Obama because he's half-white. Am I a racist, or is there only racism because Robert Young's picture shows a man of colour, and the assumption is he voted for a half-black man because he appears black?

    You are an idiot Andy Trimble.

  7. Marcelo Hernandez

    Please don't assume things, just because SOME do doesn't mean you should say ALL do

  8. Nancy Spitzer

    The irony will be all you liberals crying when this country is no longer a super power and we are all depressed more then we are all ready. We'll see who is crying then.

  9. Al Spina

    Wow..Andy Trimble…that is hilarious. "People like you"?!? What did you mean by that. I voted for Obama because I thought he did a decent job and deserved to be re-elected. As a white person, would you also say I voted for him becasue he's half black? Or, does that only apply to Robert Young?

  10. JJ Connally

    Hey Andy, I find it ironic that folks who aren't in the Obama camp highlight his Blackness when they want to play racial politics, but when you lose, all of a sudden your side seeks to lessen "blackness" as a way to make him look illegitimate. Anyone who knows racial politics 101, knows that unlearned people such as yourself tend to play these games when you fear something you don't understand. Because if you did understand, you'd also know that every Black persons in the US is mixed with the blood of white folk…and Black people, on a whole, have examples of white lineage at every generation. Meaning, some Black people can have on White parent, to those who have White Grandparents, etc. At the end of the day, why don;t you go hug a Black person today! You may have more in common than you think. Ahahahahahahahaha!

  11. JJ Connally

    and one more thing…its also very,very enlightening to know that all of those people in which you side with always clown Obama for being a community organizer and campaign manager, all the while, Obama takes these roles and uses them against you to get the vote out and make all your silly polls look stupid. I am an independent, but to this day, I continue to tell my Repub friends that until you stop drinking the race bait politics, will you return to power…because in the future, less of the young coming up are NOT going to be voting Repub…especially people of color. And you need us, especially as this country becomes a color filled majority….think before you speak, my friend

  12. Kennis Hegman

    It's one thing to play the race card, but it's another to be the card of race, try waiking in a black person's shoes, I don't think you be there very long before you started crying foul!!

  13. Anonymous

    Hey Andy. You know what's funny? It's people like you who voted for Bush and despite the high gas prices and letting your loved ones stay in Afghanistan for 4 more years for some lies about weapons of mas destruction, you tend to take it up the ass like a good little white boy and say to yourself "Hm. He's white, so therefore he knows what he's doing." "Besides I'm proud of our troops, and even though I know that Bush is lying through his teeth and that I won't be able to see my friend or loved one again for another 4 years, the fact that he's lying won't matter to me because you're white, Bush, and I'm going to vote for you and other white presidents because of it, no matter how ridiculous they sound." It's people like you who voted for Romney, despite him talking down to people of middle and low class (or the 47 percent that he refereed to), you still voted for him because of the fact that he's white and again, just like a good little obedient white boy who cant think for himself (which is no surprise there ) you took it up the ass again and pretend like it's nothing and voted for him anyway. It's ignorant people like you who harshly criticize Obama and insulted him have no clue that Obama has been a great job during his time in the White House which is more than I can say for Bush ( you know that for a fact, but then again,you have the ignorance of your people, so on that note, I doubt that you could now how Obama has been doing so much to help the community and America. It's people like you who cry and bitch about wanting a white president back so that he can "anally rape" you with his lies and backstabbing actions. But you know what, what's the point of me talking to you any way? You're going to be the same Andy Trimble. You've been use to taking it up the ass and not seeing the truth. So, Andy, why don't you be a good little white boy and don't comment on this page again…

  14. Conrad K Blankenheimer

    Kennis Hegman Here IS a funny thing. Politicians LIE to get votes. They CHEAT to get votes. They STEAL to get votes! My vote during the election Would have been for Eddie Guerrero (WWE deceased, at least he was HONEST about being crooked!) but instead was: NONE OF THE ABOVE! The FUNNIEST thing is how the teachers LIE in school. "Anyone can become President!" should be "Anyone whom is either Rich, Famous, OR knows how to rob people BLIND can become President!"

  15. Amanda Galloway

    Shame on anyone who accuses a black person of voting for Obama for being black without knowing anything about that person. I agree there probably are whites and blacks who voted for each candidate because of that (sadly) but no one should assume a white person voted Romney and a black person voted for Obama. That being sad, it's ridiculous that some people give Romney a hard time for being rich and that's why they didn't vote for him. Obama is a wealthy man himself, don't people know? If we're going to be angry at rich people, Obama is just as guilty of wealth as Romney. Do people have any idea how much a president makes with his salary, endorsements, and their celebrity status? At least Romney was doing good with his PERSONAL money and refusing to let taxpayers pay his personal expenses.. I don't see Obama (or any other politician for that matter) offering to donate his pay to charity or deny pay like Romney did.

  16. Yami Gengar Grave

    Andy Trimble I voted for Obama not because of his race but because of his stance on marriage equality and civil rights, among other issues. Also because he doesn't believe that poor college students can just "borrow money from their parents". Who really votes for someone because of their race? That's just something the far right uses to try to justify their own defeat.
    Anyway, karma has come back to bite Romney and I find it hilarious.

  17. Marcus Davis

    U all? You need to grow up little girl and stop lumping a whole race of people together. Chances are you don't know any black people. I have never asked for anything from anyone and neither has anyone in my family. I put myself through college, graduated at the top of my class and went to work. Laziness and living on the country dole is not race related.

  18. Marcus Davis

    I think it's pathetic that an article that had nothing to do with race becomes about race. I think it's sad how upset so many white people are that they have a black president. We think we've come so far and we really have not. If Obama was white and won I don't think people would be this angry. In Romney's first bid for the presidency there were actually people in my family that were for him. It's the flip flopping that hurt him and the fact that the Republican Party themselves took FOREVER to get behind him. All that business with people like Santorum who felt he was too moderate and refusing to concede. You can't do that. They needed to get on the Romney bus sooner than they did. Romney would not have been any better than Obama. He would have just screwed us another way. THe Republican Party needs to pull itself together. They have gone off the rails. They need another Reagan.

  19. Tim Arvizu

    Andy Trimble Yes. I voted to re-elect Obama because he did a good in his first term in spite of the all out war waged against him in the Senate through use of the obstructionist filabuster more times than ever in history. And, in the House that, for the second two years, was run by the worst excuse for leadership in House history with the help of the teabagger nuts. Hey Andy, I'm white. Does that make me a disgrace to my race?

  20. Robert Yaffe

    ROMNEY your a fascist and wealth mongruel.People not making $250,000 a year had no reason voting for you at all.Its a like a Jew voting for Hitler.What were you really thinking. Your whacked in your thinking of Religious zealots , and your not even considered a Christian by far as a Mormon. Lick your wounds and shut up.

  21. Amanda Galloway

    Marcus, I have no problem with a black president. I am white, but I am not racist anymore than you are. I voted for Romney and I would have if he was black. In fact, I wish he were so that people wouldn't assume I did it for race. I think it's cool to have a black pres, but I don't agree with his policies, although I am respectful to him. It's sad that people are so prejudice, like this Andy guy and Mariah girl. Also, this Robert guy below. I'm a Mormon and I don't appreciate his derogatory and unclassy comment. I am Christian because I believe in Jesus Christ and that He loves all men and women, all races, all genders, etc. etc. I have a blog too if anyone wants to check it

  22. Connie Moore

    I fai to see what is so funny. The hilarious thing is we have more debt not, more pork to eat and the obama care that was not not a tax showed up as an extra tax on my receipt. Thanks Obama supporters, we now have more of the same for four more years if we can survive, and I didn`t even get my Obama Phone. :>(

  23. Marcus Davis

    Thank you Amanda, for your well measured and thoughtful response. I wish most people on either side of the argument could be this way. I'll check out your blog!

  24. Delores Smith

    His getting 47% of the popular vote would not have meant much if it were not for his remarks. The number 47 will forever be in the spotlight thanks to Romney.

  25. Delores Smith

    Andy Trimble

    Bless your darlin' heart and stupid head. Narrow minded thinking like yours is one of the reasons why Romney lost. Romney and the stupid people that voted for him are still stuck in 1869, before blacks and women had the right to vote.

    You voted for Romney because he is white not because he was a good candidate yet you call Robert a racist. You're too stupid to realize that maybe, just maybe Robert like what President Obama stands for.

    By the way, I'm black and non-partisan and wasn't going to vote for then candidate Obama in 2008 because early in the campaign, Oprah announced that she was endorsing him and I am not a fan of Oprah's so if she was for him, I was against him and decided to vote for McCain. Eventually I wised up and voted for the winner.

    We all know people like you are experiencing a form of delusional psychosis right now especially after getting confirmation that Romney ironically received 47% of popular vote. You need Jesus except you might accuse Him of being a racist because He doesn't hate President Obama because he's half black like you do.

  26. Delores Smith

    Nancy, Romney getting 47% of the popular vote is ironic after his disparaging remarks made at the fundraiser. The only people that are depressed are the losers. You're depressed because Ward Cleaver lost two times in a row to the same man. The same black man. Of the top 10 most powerful people in the world, guess who's number one? I'll give you a moment to think about it…………………………….President…let me repeat that….PRESIDENT Barack Obama! The most powerful man on planet earth is black man and the bigots are just squirming because they tried so hard to prevent it but it all backfired on them.

  27. Delores Smith

    Marcus, Andy Trimble is the one who brought up race. He's probably one of those people who like to start trouble just for the sake of it. He probably goes from site to site and makes racist statements to see what reactions he can get.

  28. Herman Engbers

    Betty Field, as your taxes go up, like in your last paycheck, it's an assumption on my part that you get a paycheck, as your daily living expenses creep higher, because of Obama's policies and new regulations every day, you might consider yourself lucky, I dont. You haven't seen anything yet.

  29. Blen Butterson

    It's because the GOP is extremely racist to the point that they can't even hide it, not even with a billion dollars.

  30. Blen Butterson

    You old guys are too attached to the ways of the past. You have it mixed up though – the President that was going to ruin the country was the last one, before Obama. What was his name? You know, the last major Republican leader to hold power. I forget. But yeah, he almost destroyed the country as everyone knows.

    So it's pretty funny to see the old fellas getting their whitey-tighties in a knot because of "Obamas new policies and regulations".

  31. Blen Butterson

    Doomsday paranoia straight from Fox News. When is the last time you had an independent thought Nancy?

  32. Blen Butterson

    That's probably because you are not extremely poor, barely surviving. If you were, perhaps you could take advantage of safety net government programs so you don't starve to death before you find a job.

    You should have your right to vote taken away after voting for Bush- he had 8 years and he destroyed the country. We are doing better than in 2008 and in 2016, we will be doing better than 2012.

    I do agree that there is nothing funny though – I wish your party would stop threatening to ruin the country if it doesn't get to take care of it's precious 1%.

  33. Blen Butterson

    Mormons are not Christians, no matter what the evangelicals said during the election. I hope that you are able to find your way out of the cult that is the LDS.

  34. Blen Butterson

    Mariah, what a hateful, dumb little girl. You need to experience the world, and get out of Alabama or whatever neo-Confederate state you live in.

  35. Nancy Spitzer

    Gee, I never mentioned race. I don't watch Fox News. I have my own brain, and I don't need some liberal telling me how to run my life.

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