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Kansas Cat Law Limits Pet Owners To Four Felines Per Household

Cat Ordinance

Wellington, KS – A new law that went onto the books last month states that a person cannot own more than four felines per household.

A number of local animal laws were put into place at a Wellington town meeting on December 8. In addition to setting requirements for wild or exotic pet owners, an ordinance was put into place that restricts the number of cats an individual can own.

According to the Wellington Daily News, this new cat law was put into place to keep people from hording large numbers of felines. Previous to the ordinance an individual living within the city limits could own as many cats as he or she desired.

Wellington Police Chief Tracy Heath said at the meeting:

“Just this year alone, 2012 as of November, we have picked up 231 cats. Those are cats that go to the animal clinic, they’re there for the alloted time, and then unfortunately they are euthanized.”

Heath added that 87 percent of the cats rescued from homes over the course of last year had to be put down.

Paw Nation reports that the Kansas cat law also sets up conditions for people who wish to adopt a feline. Unless the animal in question is being adopted to a person who lives outside the city limits, the cat must be spayed or neutered by a veterinarian.

The ordinance also states that all cats must be vaccinated for rabies.

The Wellington law regarding cat ownership was likely put into place to address the growing number of animal hoarders living in the United States. According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, it’s estimated that nearly a quarter of a million pets are currently victims of hoarding. In the last four years, the number of reports have doubled.

What do you think about the Kansas cat law? Do you think the government should regulate how many animals people can own?

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5 Responses to “Kansas Cat Law Limits Pet Owners To Four Felines Per Household”

  1. Linus VanPelt

    That's just crazy. 1 cat is too much for some people and lots of people can handle more than 10 cats and still have a cleaner house than most people with no pets. As long as the cats are properly fed, taken to the vet regularly and are kept safe inside with at least once daily litter box changes, it's no one's business how many cats you have.

  2. Linus VanPelt

    Oh, and I forgot that OF COURSE all the animals MUST be spayed/neutered. I often forget that many people fail to alter their animals. That's the real cause of the overpopulation/hoarding problem in the first place.

  3. Janice Irene Fallin

    If they want to limit pets why single out cats? What about those who have more than 4 dogs, birds, chickens, goats, snakes, etc., etc. there are better ways of addressing this problem. Why not require all animals be licensed and have a sliding scale that increases the cost of licensure for additional pets. This discourages hoarding and adds funds to the city's coffers to address animal overpopulation and control. Not perfect but certainly better than this stupid law.

  4. Lysa Boggs

    So, it's better to kill the cats than leave them in a home where they are fed and cared for? As long as the cats are cared for and not causeing any health or neusance issues, what's the problem?

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