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Repeal Obamacare Bill Is First To Be Introduced In New Congress

Repeal Obamacare Bill Is First To Be Introduced In New Congress

A repeal Obamacare bill was the first to see the floor in the 113th Congress, and, not surprisingly, it was Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann who filed it.

If the repeal Obamacare bill seems familiar, that’s because it is. The 112th Congress tried 33 times to repeal the landmark legislation crafted by Obama and passed by Congress, and every time the bills were shot down in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

The continued insistence of repealing Obamacare by House Republicans has drawn harsh criticism, The Huffington Post notes. Whether related to the endless introduction of repeal Obamacare bills or not, this Congress was rated as the least productive of all time. Though Congress is able to handle more than one item of business at a time, the focus on repealing Obamacare became a trademark of that unproductive Congress.

As Think Progress notes, the efforts to pass a repeal Obamacare bill have come at the expense of other, more dire priorities. The 112th Congress has failed to pass a relief package for Hurricane Sandy victims, drawing criticism from the left and right alike. Republicans in Congress have also been criticized for failing to re-authorize the Violence Against Women Act.

The tide could be turning against efforts to repeal Obamacare, The Huffington Post noted:

“But while Bachmann is still keen on undoing President Barack Obama’s health care reform package, some Republicans and GOP governors have begun to accept the law of the land, at least in pieces. And the public appears to be cooling on the idea of repealing the measure. A survey taken in the wake of Obama’s November reelection found that only a third of Americans were in favor of eliminating the law, a record low.”

If continued, the repeal Obamacare bills could also create a drain on Congressional resources, CBS News notes. In July, the news service found that the then-33 tries to repeal Obamacare took up a total of 80 hours in Congress, or two full work weeks. The total cost of the repeal Obamacare attempts — $48 million.

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292 Responses to “Repeal Obamacare Bill Is First To Be Introduced In New Congress”

  1. James Watson

    I haven't accepted it – repealing Obamacare is the best way to cut spending and balance our near-term budget. it will also preserve individual freedom. I'm going to call my congressman to vote 'yes'.

  2. Cody Herrmann

    So you'd rather cut healthcare for people, but don't want to instead focus first on cutting defense spending.

  3. Kenneth Trout

    When I see "repeal Obamacare" & Michelle Bachman in the same photo, that's enough for me. No need to read any further. It's all crap.

  4. Charles Tarr

    You better vote for this bill. It MIGHT save you from being shot which you will be if you think I'm going to be forced to buy private insurance from thieves, to have to relyon thieves that don't understand science. Also do a formal inquiry as why I can get my fucking medications from India at less than 10% than a US pharmacy will charge me. I await your reply.

  5. David Ell

    $48M, That's a SMALL drop in the bucket compared to the monstrosity of a disaster that is obamacare.
    PLEASE keep up the pressure to rid us of this terrible TAX.

  6. Anonymous

    Attention all women from planet Earth, If not for the Michelle Bachman's of this world the C word would have disappeared years ago. End of message!

  7. Anonymous

    Cody Herrmann, absolutely! Military spending is constitutional. Healthcare for the people isn't the business of the federal government.

  8. Kyle Gonzales

    Why would you want to cut the defense budget, Cody? Repeal obamacare should be the first on the list! People should buy their own health care like the rest of us! Health care is not three governments job, protecting the united states and its people is!

  9. Anonymous

    Attention all women of planet Earth, if it wasn't for women like Michelle Bachman, the C word would have disappeared years ago.

  10. Jason Waters

    Repealing obamacare will actually increase the deficit by about 700 billion dollars over the next 10 years. Get over it, this is becoming law whether you like it or not, and about 30 years from now, another group of under informed conservitive protesters will be holding up signs that say "Get your government hands off my Obamacare".

  11. Rick Creevey

    Notice they quote from Huffington post & Think progress?
    What next the terrorist own network Currant TV? Hollywod
    most likely is exempt from this along with being exempt with the new tax laws.
    Socialism for the people not the socialist the Democrats alma matter.

  12. Cindy Johnson

    Alex Erwin Really? I am so sick of hearing about how if we do not like Obama, we are racist, we are clan, we are elitist. I do not like a lot of people in our government, they span several different races but mostly white..So where is your liberal idiot programmed response for that? The real racists are the ones screaming racist at everyone else. You do realize that there are many, many people of color who do not like Obama. What do you say to them? Oh yeah, watch more MSNBC and get your daily programming on how to respond to that!

  13. Nicholas Jorgensen

    Jason Waters Under informed and uneducated to short or tall? Obama "American people who don't just sit on their" will pay for that too!

  14. Nicholas Jorgensen

    Racists! She is Hispanic so everything she says is right and if you don't agree, well your a Racist.

  15. Tony Barberini

    yeah, you could have repealed him on election day.. if you weren't in the minority.. bwhwhahahaha

  16. James Watson

    1. Election held. 2. Republicans won the House. 3. Constitution says alll spending bills must originate in the House. 4. We're in serious debt trouble. 5. Any spending can be repealed.

  17. Anonymous

    What a bunch of left-wing drivel. A! peal this monstrosity as soon as possible. Please!

  18. Anonymous

    This homophobic, racist, Republican, herself, needs to be repealed from living.

  19. Tony Barberini

    It isn't the best way to cut spending. The CBO says that it saves a ton of money over the years and that's why the AMA and AARP both endorsed it. Some of these Republican nuts just can't understand things if they are more complicated than what is a bigger number A or B.. If we were talking about cars, car A costs $7,000 and gets 40mpg; car b costs $3,000 and is the same car but only 30 mpg.. Republicans would insist on car b and say how we are wasting $4,000.. its just ridiculous.

  20. Lynne Sharp Norris

    Cecelia Moceanu and not surpriisingly, the first to cry racist… Unbelievable as it may seem to be to Mr Erwin, most white people no longer sit around all day thinking about race.

  21. Chris Maston

    Obamacare and cancer research have nothing to do with each other

  22. Pame Ashley

    I will never never never never ever vote republican again. This worthless, embarrassing group of cronies together in the "let them eat cake" group need to be voted out of office at every election. I began seeing how much the middle class were kicked aside for the ultra-rich during the last Bush years but kept denying what my lying eyes and ears were telling me, but no longer. Just stand back and view everything from a distance like I did. Oh, how embarrassing that anyone still thinks republican congress cares even a teeny bit about anyone but their own agendas and re-elections.

  23. Chris Maston

    What next the terrorists own???? This makes no sense at all. Try to use better English to express yourself, so people can understand what you are saying.

  24. Erik Nash

    Chris Maston I don't think he/she was talking about cancer, I think they were referring to another word that begins with C

  25. Larry Zutavern

    Actually the best way to cut cost is to cut the wages of congressmen and senators and take away perks like a lifetime income for the president and congress.

  26. Tony Barberini

    The CBO says that it saves a ton of money over the years and that's why the AMA and AARP both endorsed it. Some of these Republican nuts just can't understand things if they are more complicated than what is a bigger number 1 or 2.. If we were talking about cars, car A costs $7,000 and gets 40mpg; car b costs $3,000 and is the same car but only 30 mpg.. Republicans would insist on car b and say how we are wasting $4,000.. its just ridiculous.

  27. John Bajorek

    I've been a Republican since Dwight David Isenhower and would like to see Obama care repealed as it has too many hidden items and costs. Could we clean house and repeal Michele Bachmann while we are at it?

  28. Phillip Moya

    I thought she was hell bent on getting a foreign citizenship. She lost her bid for the presidency and now she has nothing to add but old news. Get over it lady move one. We are tired of hashing and rehashing old laws. Do something that's what your getting paid for.

  29. Bob Davis

    Alex Erwin maybe you could lend him some food stamp money or get one of your old ladies or her children to turn over one of their welfare checks to least he may get a little return on the taxes .lol!

  30. Tony Barberini

    James Watson Republicans had over 1,000,000 votes fewer than Democrats.. and that was their best showing.. lol.

  31. Anonymous

    Cody Herrmann Cut Defense Spending? You are crazy.A America without a strong defense is no longer a free america!

  32. Patrick Joseph

    James Watson – stupid, the Republicans are hardly in charge, even with a majority, only in the House. Bunch of loons will fold from the pressure of the real majority, the American people who can't stand you and your party.

  33. Anonymous

    Imagine quoting the Huffington Post as a news source. Journalism is long dead. Wait until the working people & reired folks get their tax bills, and Obamacare TAX,( as the Supreme Court caled it). Only the Dumbass Socialist Demz in CA seem to be taking B.O. seriously.

  34. Bob Davis


  35. John Thomas

    Well tony, when your employer reduces your hours down and cuts your health benefits and then you face serious illness then you can really start laughing. And then you can have the govt tell you how to live your life.

  36. Lynne Sharp Norris

    Cody Herrmann Cody, exactly! The business of the government is maintenance of the country's core essentials, such as roads, bridges, import/exports, and also the welfare and the safety of the country and its people! Its not mentioned in the Constitution *anywhere* that states that the govt must supply health care to its people. And honestly, as hard as it would be to sunset the programs, but Social Security/Medicare/Food Stamps arent Constitutional, either. People used to have a work ethic, when they hid t heir heads when they had to ask for government assistance. People got more of their paycheck to care for themselves, too. Nowadays, we live in a culture of 'gimme', when apparently people have no pride or dignity, and would rather have the govt run their lives and pay their way instead of taking care of themselves! What happened to the times when LIBERTY was the most precious thing w e had? We sold ourselves for a few hundred dollars a month? Benjamin Franklin, I believe, once said (paraphrasing) that the man who gives up his liberty in exchange for security deserve neither!? (Close enough-you get my drift) And where are the patriots likened to Patrick Henry who said, "Give me liberty or give me death!!" Paragould AR just had an attempt to militarize the city because "there was getting to be too much crime." They were prepared to stop every man, woman and child in that town, demand to see their "papers", or ID, and ask them where they were going, why and when t hey'd be back. They ran military maneuvers in the city streets and neighborhoods in the city of St. Louis last summer, so they could learn how to navigate city streets! This is what happens when we allow the government to cut back in places it shouldnt, and overspend in areas they have no business being in! Sorry to rant, but we have allowed our government to turn everything upside down, and people actually want it! I dont get it.

  37. Anonymous

    It's dumbfoundingly amazing that this woman got re-elected to the House. Someone needs to remind her that only the GOP filibusters itself and votes against bills that they originally sponsored. Obama is not going to sign any bills repealing Obamacare. Thanks for wasting everyone's time Michele. The House is known for its stellar work and you are continuing the legacy of the last do-nothing Congress. It's not like the Congress has anything important on its docket.

  38. John Thomas

    Hey Tony, wanna pay for my benefits then? You can repay me for what the govt is going to take out of my paycheck. Guess you like tons of debt like Obama.

  39. Lynne Sharp Norris

    Chris Maston Chris, Rick Creevy knows what he's talking about. Al Jazeera bought Al Gore's TV network Current TV.

  40. Matt Neice

    Nice, back to being the absolute worst congress of our nations history. lets try and go for 0% approval, almost there just lose about 13% lol WTF is the matter with you tea turd republicans wanting to spend so much money on death and war and so called defense, and at the same time you christians want to axe any spending toward healthcare for this nation. get that? if its waisting trillions of dollars murdering arabs you nuts are all for that, but hey don't be trying to invest money toward healthcare in our own nation. that might be what jesus would have done. lol

  41. Ivan Miller

    More than two months after Sandy ruined NY and NJ, for which we STILL haven't given federal funds, and the first thing Michele Bimbo wants the new congress to do is this?

    Here's a hint, after 33 failed tries, you're not going to repeal a bill that 2/3rds of America wants!

  42. Tony Barberini

    John Thomas If things were as horrible with Obama as you all say, then the Republicans would have won. People listen to Glenn Beck and they think the world is coming to an end. Its just nuts. And speaking of ObamaCare; when they were debating it, Republicans claimed it would be the end of the world.. and some people were scared, and a majority opposed it. Now fast forward after a few years of it.. Now only 1/3rd want it repealed. Its was just propaganda basically. Look at unemployment numbers, things are doing a lot better when we were doing things the Republican way

  43. Lisa Hurley

    Can we repeal Michele Bachman…please! This woman is a joke and an embarrassment to not only herself, but the country…

  44. Matt Neice

    Nice, back to being the absolute worst congress of our nations history. lets try and go for 0% approval, almost there just lose about 13% lol WTF is the matter with you tea turd republicans wanting to spend so much money on death and war and so called defense, and at the same time you christians want to axe any spending toward healthcare for this nation. get that? if its waisting trillions of dollars murdering arabs you nuts are all for that, but hey don't be trying to invest money toward healthcare in our own nation. that might be what jesus would have done. lol

  45. Michael Koerner

    Instead of ranting over a health care bill the benefits millions, probably at some point you or elderly parents or perhaps just you at some point in your life, how about spending as much time complaining about that and start demand an end to the obscene perks of millionaire congresspersons who just voted themselves a raise and will receive lifelong government health care, that you and they say are wrong the common mand but just find for them or the lifelong obscene retirement that pays them after a relatively short time in Congress, or the lifelong perks transportation reimbursements or the ability to just live off the very government dole that they complain about in terms of entitlement, which are not entitllmen t considering American works have been paying into the system their entire working life…their mone simply returning to them. This can be done by placing the same limits on them aas we do on the presidential term and no golden parachutes when then return to the real world….Remember over 70" of the senators are millionaires and over 350+ of the congressmen and women are millionaire and the rest are still in the upper 1 or 2%. Yes, indeed, the really represent the common man. More Amazing is that those most opposse to what they referred to as entitlements are from the poorest economic states in the nation…that what happens when you vote based on a donkey or elephant and not on what the political stands of the party because most do not take the time to actually read the party platformsm just as most quote the Constitution but have never actually read it, for example the Constitution does not deal with the right to bear arms that comes fdrom the Bill of Ridghts added 3 yearss after the Constitution was ratified and then the Supreme Court of the 1790's only used the second part of the amendment in interpretation not the first part which states a "well regulated militia…..they were not talking about AK 47s.We need a 3rd Party devoid of lawyers and millionaires who would be limited in terms and perks and would actually represent the majority, great majority of the US electorate

  46. Bob Davis

    MAYBE AL SHARPTON SHOULD RUN IN 2016.HE WOULD HAVE A GOOD CHANCE OF WINNING! 100% of black vote 78% of hispanic vote and enough of the left wingers to give him the election.did anyone see his show a few days back.had the blacks and hispanics on gloating about how both of thier populations are exploding while the whites not multiplying like rabbits.This country has reached its greatest heights.i'm afraid its all downhill from now it racist if you like 'i will call it realism!

  47. Donald Judge

    How in the hell did everyone become a expert on the fiscal budget. Get a life, Obama Care is here to stay. If it was the GOP spending I wouldn't hear a damn thing.

  48. Tony Barberini

    Bond James What did I say that was foolish? lol If that is too complex for you to understand, I don't know what to tell ya.

  49. Matt Neice

    Nice, back to being the absolute worst congress of our nations history. lets try and go for 0% approval, almost there just lose about 13% lol WTF is the matter with you tea turd republicans wanting to spend so much money on death and war and so called defense, and at the same time you christians want to axe any spending toward healthcare for this nation. get that? if its waisting trillions of dollars murdering arabs you nuts are all for that, but hey don't be trying to invest money toward healthcare in our own nation. that might be what jesus would have done. lol

  50. Josh DeSotel

    The right labeled civil rights workers as communist back in the 50's and 60's. Now they are using the same tactic for healthcare. Michele Bachmann wants us to be more like China, thinks liberals are anti american, and blamed Obama for "waving a Tar Baby in the air". She is confused, ignorant, and racist who wants to repeal healthcare to put more money in her friends and campaign donors pockets so they can keep getting her elected.

  51. Anonymous

    It is painfully obvious that pretty much no one who posted here re this healthcare article knows anything about healthcare, what drives costs, and what the healthcare bill does or does not do. Here is a really wild idea: do some, a lot, of research (cause it is complicated) and then think about it, and then, only then try to come up with some intelligent, informed thoughts. Good luck (yes, I know you are too lazy, but worth mentioning!)

  52. Bob Davis

    Get this.Al gore wouldn't let glen beck buy current tv.Didn't like his politics'but they sold it to a radical islamic jezzera or whatever they are called.explanation please.HERES MY TAKE ON OBAMA WINNING IN 2008.THE LEFT WINGERS THOUGHT THAT IF WE ELECTED A PRESIDENT WITH AN ISLAMIC NAME THEY WOULD LOVE US.I BELEIVE MOST HONESTLY BELIEVED THAT!

  53. Carol O'Beirne

    power in numbers. find one day to send letters to Mr. Obama…everyone send a letter after a count. he is waiting to see who says what….who will say "Follow our constitution or get out of OUR white house, now…who will say I am carrying my gun which is my right and is the law? stop this before it goes any further….WE THE PEOPLE.

  54. Bob Davis

    YEA THEY ARE CHEAP CAUSE THEY DON'T VOTE FOR EVERY GIVEAWAY PROGRAM.This country way made buy hard working people.some worked harder than others and became really they want to penalize you for that.take from the rich'give to the poor!

  55. Silicon Slick

    Time Someone Stands Up On The republican Side, And Man Up And Tell Her To Drop dead, We And America Are Sick Of Your ASS! But Watch republicans Are Pussy's Them Self, And You Will Not Here One Word From Them, They ARE PIGS! Wasted 80 Hours and Over 40 Billion On This Crap last Congress, in Which We Seen The worst Congress Of All time, And The Worst Speaker Of All Time, I For One Am Sick Of These Pigs, Time YOU YES YOU STAND UP ANF LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD> SIGN THIS>

  56. Jon Waldrep

    John Thomas; Every company that has even hinted at that has been slammed in the court of public opinion and has lost business. Nobody minds spending 12 cents more on a pizza so that a minimum wage employee can go to the doctor instead of deciding between rent and $150 at the emergency room. It's the law of the land and it's not going anywhere.

  57. Carol O'Beirne

    hey guys , did you know along with other "Gifts" to others 816 million was given to the country that murdered AMERICANS Chris Stevens is dead along with three other AMERICANS and we send them 816 million dollars, your dollars…

  58. Coletha Albert

    Wow, with Obamacare everyone can get medical care…that would really make strides to reducing certain folks sense of superiority…no more 1st class or 2nd class citizenship just Americans – you know "all men created equal" and all that. Back in the day that sentiment was only for certain whites, now even hillbillies can get medical care under Obamacare and they don't have to feel ashamed or feel like it's charity.Yet, Congress believes that these Americans are not worth the cost. That says a mouthful and it's all rotten.

  59. Jon Waldrep

    John Thomas; who started two wars we didn't need to be in? How much money was spent on those wars? Bush created more debt than anyone. Try watching something besides Faux News.

  60. Anonymous

    listen to all of you people arguing about the dummycrats and restupidcans, don't you understand that they are all a bunch of crooks, criminals trying to bring down the United Sates of Americas Constitution so they can have a 1 world order, wake up people, they are all criminals! especially the big loser puppet Odummy.they are all on the same team and their team is winning and WE THE PEOPLE are losing, its so funny to watch these gov thugs argue about what should be done and dividing our country apart, exactly what they want, you guys and girls are playing right into their hands, divide and then conquer that's what these 2 criminal parties are doing to you, the oldest war trick in the book, COME ON PEOPLE WAKE UP!

  61. Anonymous

    I wonder how long Michelle Bachman will go nuts trying to remain notorious. Or gets notorious for being nuts.

  62. Coletha Albert

    Alex Erwin When you are right, you are right! When will some Americans do the right thing for goodness sake? I get so weary of the worst of us being listened to simply because they are loud, insulting, and mean spirited. All of their opinions are just not appropriate. Yes we have freedom of speech but if it's demeaning perhaps someone ought to get therapy. For example, one could clean the toilet with a toothbrush instead of a toilet brush. This would not be appropriate though doable. Anyone who uses a tool or a right in an inappropriate manner and can't restrain themselves needs psychological help stat! Persons who say, oh they are just expressing their rights should be ashamed of themselves and their mother wouldn't care because she's probably a "wolf". (You know "Don't do that! You weren't raised by wolves!" adage – for those who haven't heard of this saying, please Google it.) Thanks for reading and comprehending.

  63. Jon Waldrep

    Rick, please put your teeth in before trying to write something. Or have your first cousin/wife maybe run the spell check thingy for you. And, BTW, I would rather have Al Jazeera buy current TV than Glenn Beck (who tried and got laughed out of the room).

  64. Jon Waldrep

    Pame, Good for you! The Republicans have become the party of 'just say no'. They don't care about what's best for the country, they care about themselves, their donations and the lobbyist they have in their back pockets.

  65. Coletha Albert

    There is NO one to protect the US from except domestic terrorists. We have all sorts of domestic forces to deal with that. We don't need bases all over the world. I want financing of Israel cut!! That will balance of budget and give us significant savings for generations to come!!!

  66. Sandra Brown Ryan

    You will get another chance to "dust" Bachman in 2014! Can't get here soon enough for me!

  67. Jon Waldrep

    The Republicans have tried to repeal Obamacare more than 30 times. What a waste of time and money. Instead of trying to move this country forward they are wasting taxpayers' money by trying to change what is the law of the land. Like it or not, it's the law and Supreme Court has ruled accordingly. Michele Bachmann needs to go away. Her run for president lasted until she opened her mouth. She barely won re-election in her home state.

  68. Gary Brito Reed

    The public has spoken and in a landslide at that about our president! Move on GOP folks……it's also wasting tax payers money and time trying to get Obamacare repealed! It ain't happening so get used to it!

  69. Chelsea Alise

    Kyle Gonzales Are you really serious? I just had a friends mother to pass because she couldn't afford the PROPER treatment to treat her cancer…Not everybody…Actually MOST people can't afford to have there own health insurance, well not health coverage that is worth a damn anyways.. I think that woul be the first step in taking care of it's people instead of poking your noise in Syria because a century ol' treaty requires you too.

  70. Jay Todd

    Not at all. Obamacare is a disastrous law which we cannot afford. She also brought up the influence of Muslim Brotherhood in our government and was lambasted as so, by a liberal complicit media.

  71. Jon Dinet

    48 million…taxpayers money… republicans have no shame…

  72. Jay Todd

    Alex Erwin , So anyone who disagrees with Obama is by definition racist? You lefties seem to have no shame.

  73. Ruby Barnhart

    Those who WANT ObamaCare have NOT read it! Take the time to read it before you say something stupid like you approve. I do not want the goverment telling me I cannot have care because I am to old. When I get old. I do not want to have to pay for illegal people's health care!

  74. Coletha Albert

    Yes, I watch PBS too yet I didn't come away with this information with YOUR sentiments. My thought is cut funding to Israel which will free up approx. 4 BILLION dollars annually. Then we can look at UNESCO. Can you get with that??? I know all you read was "WA, WA..WA WA" so typical and ultra obtuse.

  75. Jon Waldrep

    Cindy Johnson, the sad truth is that many of the remarks about Obama are racist. There are so many people who are really consumed with hatred for Obama. Why? Please don't tell me that it's only about politics when that is clearly not the case. It's because they hate the fact that there is a black man in the White House. I didn't like Bush, but I didn't rant and rave about him 24-7 and post demeaning pictures to depict him. I fully realize that not all Republicans are racist. My point to you is that unless you are blind you can't deny the overwhelming amount of racist comments directed at the President. That doesn't mean that you are…but let's be honest here and not pretend we don't know what is going on in this country.

  76. Darryl Stewart

    Typical left wing spin to say only 1/3 of American's want to repeal obamaCare. 49% voted for Romney. 49% hate obamaCare, and understand it is one of the biggest power grabs of obama's administration.

  77. Anonymous

    After all the stupid grandstanding over the 'cliff', the first thing you do, while EARNING A PAYCHECK FROM THE AMERICAN PEOP:E, is introduce a bit of legislation that has no prayer. That is no prayer of doing anything but proving how much time and money you waste. Eff you you effing dunt.

  78. Dan Moore

    we could cut defense spending in half and still outspend the next seven countries combined. we have enough firepower to destroy the planet SEVENTEEN times. hell yes, cut defense by 75% and still have the world's biggest military. feed the hungry instead. God said.

  79. Jon Waldrep

    Kyle, Obamacare is not going anywhere, deal with it. And health care is already regulated by the government. What do you think Medicare is? Who do you think provides heath care to vets? I would rather ensure that a sick child can see a doctor than be fighting a war based on a lie.

  80. Don Soriano

    Repeal Obamacare. I'm all for it. But keep Obama in office as if he is impeached, the alternative (Biden) could be much worst.

  81. Anonymous

    I'd like to know who was surveyed, because I've never been, but in my opinion get rid of it and make a law that's fair and not being a tax on the middle class! It should be up to each individual to decide where they get their health insurance and not forced to buy two separate policies for one family.

  82. Anonymous

    No, the law of the land gives us the right to have a unjust law repealed.

  83. Tom Witek

    The republicans r worthless u say. Well hold on as our Great Country goes to pot under the spending idiot Democrat prez. Mark my words that he wont stop till he puts us so far in debt u wont be able to give the once great USA away. I have watched business' fail one by one since ur great prez took office and did not fulfil one promise he made. Keep ur head in the sand as he ruins our great nation, dont notice that forclosures r happening everywhere and housing market is in the whole. Ur prez proved he could not run the country and u dems voted him in again. Pathetic. Repubs have to be the party of no to at least slow down the obamanation. Thats like criticizing a parent for telling their kids to not do drugs. Duh

  84. Anonymous

    Michelle obviously has been asleep since Nov 6; someone needs to tell her Obama won.

  85. Robert W Kinne

    When will this woman get the message that her thankfully brief moment in the news has been over for several months? In a field of about 10 presidential hopefuls, she never rose above 11th, and is now not in the top 50,000,000 being considered for 2016. It's cold in Minnesota, and the natives like to light an occasional fire for the warmth, nothing else.

  86. Jon Waldrep

    Ruby, I APPROVE (and I've read it) and please tell me where it talks about 'illegal peoples' health care' because nowhere does it say that. Did you really read it?

    "Aliens who are “lawfully present in the United States” are subject to the heath insurance mandate
    and are eligible, if otherwise qualified, to participate in the high-risk pools and the exchanges, and
    they are eligible for premium credits and cost-sharing subsidies. PPACA (Obamacare) expressly exempts
    unauthorized (illegal) aliens from the mandate to have health coverage and bars them from a
    health insurance exchange. Unauthorized aliens are not eligible for the federal premium credits or
    cost-sharing subsidies. Unauthorized aliens are also barred from participating in the temporary
    high-risk pools."

    Please don't comment on things you clearly don't understand or have not taken the time to investigate. Take the time to read it before you say something stupid like you don't approve.

  87. Tim Long

    Only morons could elect such a stupid, crazy beotch to congress!

  88. Jon Waldrep

    Tom, with all due respect, former President Bush got us into two wars that we should not have been in. Republicans should be embarrassed by their performance on the economy and the debt, but they have invented a cover story: The Democratic Congress did it. Nice try. But for 12 of the 20 years the Congress was not Democratic. Also, presidents can veto, and when it was Democratic, Congress passed smaller budgets on average than the Republican Presidents asked for. Obama is a good man and a good president.

  89. Tammy Ethen

    This country needs better and more affordable healthcare… what we don't need is more insurance. Forcing people to buy insurance is just about as far from the constitution as you can get. I believe that government controlled healthcare is going to be substandard healthcare. Sure, everyone in "theory" is going to have access, but you're going to have more people dying from common ailments. Insurance and government are not going to go out of their way to "cure what ails you". Insurance is out to make a profit and they are the reason that healthcare costs are already out of this world. More paperwork, higher medical care costs, denial of coverage… is that what America wants? I sure as hell don't! Don't tell me to step up and do my civic duty because I do that already by paying for my own healthcare.

  90. Rick Creevey

    Jon Waldrep as soon as you get Obama's dick out
    your mouth. Michelle needs no help from you sucking it.
    And pussy I'm from Philly. I moved to Texas to pay less
    taxes so I don't have to waste so much money-
    taking care of you Obama zombies.

  91. Roger Williams

    Once a President signs a bill into law good luck
    in over turning it. Best to get busy on the sub
    division not very many hooks left to put on
    that tree!

  92. Joey Chang

    Alex Erwin got ur free Obama phone and ur free obama money did you

  93. Bill Striby

    so pame what has the democraps done for you? free phone, more unemployment, governmemt worker or are you on welfare. by the way when your taxes go up its your demos that are asking for more of your money. what about the 47%, why are you not asking them to pay there fare share? why do you allow the demos to lead you down a path against the rich when we all want to be rich. they are playing a shell game to distract you, and the misinformed fail again! jon the demos controlled the purse strings when bush was in office yet you blame bush. who is obama going to blame now, the last adminastration?

  94. Christopher Clark

    so now were going to waste more tax dollars and time fighting this come on america we need to flood congress phones and tell them work on america and quit wasting out money or fire these assholes.

  95. Joey Chang

    Jon Waldrep and when they came for me there was no one left..get on ur bike with ur muslim prayer rug moron

  96. Ron Ruthfield

    Jon Waldrep. I think you have absolutely no clue as to what you're talking about. There are dozens upon dozens of reasons to dislike Obama other than the color of his skin, which of course, is a combination of black and white. Truth be told, people also disliked Mitt Romney because, as was suggested by many leftist racists, because he is an "old white man." Where were you then when racist insults were being hurled at a very decent human being? Hiding under a rock after agreeing with those attacks?

  97. Anonymous

    $48 million, and yet they still want to spend more by trying again, when 66% of Americans want the law as it is.
    This congress = WORST EVER!
    I guess the 113th Congress is trying to beat the record low ratings that the 112th Congress attained?
    Bunch of idiots.

    Do you think that Michelle Bachmann filed this attempted repeal just to get some "face time" in the media?
    I sure wish her 15 minutes was up, along with most of the rest of the 113th Congress, on BOTH sides of the aisle.

  98. Anonymous

    In every Town Hall Meeting the people told Congress not to pass the Health Care Bill but the Congress passed it.
    any way. The people in Washington are elected to vote the will of the people who voted for them. This is the reason.
    so many of them was not reelected in 2010. The House need not repeal it just do not vote for the taxes that will.
    be needed to fund it The Supreme Court called the law a tax and the house has to approve all taxes. The Congress
    has been in violation of the law for the past 4 years with out having a budget. Both parties need to pass a balanced budget, without reducing the Military budget, Veterans Affairs nor Social Security/ Medicare and put Social Security.
    back in the lock box that President Johnson unlocked.

  99. Dave King

    If it can't be repealed then starve it or kill it state by state. Resist it any way we can. One way or another NEVER EVER give up the struggle to make it go away. Bachmann is a hero. The last thing in the world this country needs is to make it easier for the sorry to sit on moms couch and play Xbox and do bong hits. This turd bill is the biggest deterrent to self reliance in history. America is NOT Sweden. They have a fraction of our pop and no Purto Rico or Mexico next door. Not to mention the other minority problems like 80% out of wedlock birthrate. It won't work here. DOWN WITH OBAMACARE!

  100. Anonymous

    OOOPS what is this white stain on my blue dress. John……….sha I will not tell

  101. Anonymous

    Michele…………… first REPEAL healthcare for any GOVERNMENT personal. In short get your stank checked on your OWN dime. Oh that right your on WELFARE too.

  102. Anonymous

    Michele…………… first REPEAL healthcare for any GOVERNMENT personal. In short get your stank checked on your OWN dime. Oh that right your on WELFARE too.

  103. Tim Long

    You must be a male nurse wannabe doctor — who needs a yacht! You are a sorry excuse for a human and have no compassion for the many children, elderly and poor in this country who will DIE without adequate medical care.

  104. Henry J Swift

    Alex Erwin Talk about being racist. Play that race card bro.

  105. Angelo Peña

    Republicans are cancer upon this nation. This cunt and her fag husband GOT to go!

  106. Henry J Swift

    Oh, another lefty entitlement defender, bet your on some kind of assistance——Right?

  107. Angelo Peña

    Hey Cecelia, your brother-husband is calling u back into the kitchen

  108. Angelo Peña

    Gary Schwenk Dude…lay off the burgers. Fries and soda are not food groups. I'm getting diabetes just LOOKING at you. Typical republicans…fat, lazy and stupid

  109. Angelo Peña

    John Thomas you're going to need Obamacare when u get STD's. I saw your ad on Craigslists in the men for men section.

  110. Angelo Peña

    LOL! He's a Texan. Enough said. Rick Perry's secret gay lover I bet.

  111. Anonymous

    Angelo Peña If we were all fat, lazy and stupid, who would pay for your free ride? Surely not you.

  112. David J. Clager

    I believe the 16 trillion dollar debt is only.5% of our GNP. With the proper tax structure, reduction of wasted spending,(not necessaarily safety net programs) the debt can be paid off in a reasonable amount of time. Of couse, full employment would even speed this along. As usual, the political parties and media (liberal and conservative) only gives the public information in only 25 word/ 30 second news bites to service their own agenda. And personally, I believe the American voters are not really that deep. Either am I! So, if everyone keeps supporting their own agendas, instead of what is best for country, the next 4, 8 , 12 years will be the same as the last 4.

  113. Sam Spencer

    Although I don't doubt Ms Bachman's sincerity, I can't help remind myself that this really is only a dog show moment.
    This repeal attempt hasn't a ghost's chance of getting past Harry Reid and Michelle knows it.

  114. Anonymous

    This woman is a tea party nut and a plain nut on her own. Minnesota should be ashamed of electing her.

  115. Politically Incorrect

    Alex Erwin – You are an idiot… just like your two little friends on here.

    Obama is a huge mistake, he is destroying this nation and you do not care because he is a black man. That is just as racist.

    Since we are bringing up Race… HONESTLY… answer this: Name ONE nation that is ran by "black folks" that is not broke, a dictatorship, and / or in complete turmoil… Name me just one nation..

    I will help you.. there is none. This is Not a racist comment it is a FACT. Prove me wrong.

  116. Greggory Jordan

    Are there any republicans leaders with some NEW ideas for moving the country forward?

  117. Joel Shapiro

    People don't oppose it yet because 1) they haven't connected the dots between rising premiums and Obamacare and 2) they aren't paying the fines yet. When both these things happen and there are no visible benefits, the law will be repealed. Colossal waste of time and money. Will be repealed in 2016 with the new Republican President.

  118. Sandra Pyatok

    John Thomas how right you are…My hours didn't get cut but my health benefits increased. From a $10 co-pay it increased to $50 co-pay. I may have health benefits but I can't afford to use them. Oh did I mention my health benefits does not cover cancer.

  119. Anonymous

    Alex Erwin Hey smart guy did you know we are losing 2,500 in flex spending? It used to be 5,000 and obama knocked it down to 2,500 so anytime you pay for medical stuff u could get money back you put away tax free and he screwed the middle class on that, not the rich they dont need a lousy 2,500. By the way that was a racist comment you made alex and without us whities

    your guy doesn't ever get elected, if you can do math you would know that. TY.

  120. Anonymous

    Tony Barberini Hey how about the flex spending account obama screwed the middle class on? It used to be 5,000 now its 2,500 starting this year, that is big money to a lot of people all middle class and below and you idiot liberals still really think he loves the middle class? Rich people dont need 2,500 and i really hope you know what flex spending is becaause if you dont and never used it that means you have been throwing your hard earned money down the drain, just like obama does with our money. Ty.

  121. Ronald Pritchett

    And please tell me why should people in NY and NJ be alloted federal funds for a natural disaster?? My barn blew down last year in a tornado should I get federal funds to repair it??? If individual charities and relief organizations want to help fine, I am all for it. But why should a certain region be given tax monies from ALL OF AMERICA to repair damage that only affected them. Besides New Yorkers were too damned stupid to figure out how to pump gas from underground storage tanks at a gas station but could bitch that they couldn't get gas because the power was out?? Ever hear of a hand operated pump that you lower into the underground storage tank MORONS.

  122. Anonymous

    Jon Waldrep Jon do you and pam know what flex spending account is? If you do and have used it obama has cut it from 5,000 to 2,500 starting this year and you are really trying to tell people in here that doesnt hurt the middle class and helps the rich? Wow thats 2,500 out of anyones pocket that pays for say prescriptions, medical procedures, dr visits, dude wake up and smell the coffee please. Obama is spending us into hell and you say he is a good man, i would hate to see your household bills u must go spend and just never pay the bills when they come? I dont see you being like that, but the guy you think is wonderful is doing it with our money. Guy he is not a president he is a rockstar and you just proved it by calling him wonderful who in the hell calls any president wonderful? Why dont you ask the relatives of the americans who got murdered in libya if he is wonderful? Man i cant wait until you get your first check, you are going to get hammered if you make decent money, its sad people like you love to give your money to the govt i will never figure that out never. You must work for the govt or the health insurance industry, there is no way you work in healthcare because then you would know this is going to shut down a lot of rural hospitals. Ty

  123. Anonymous

    Jon Waldrep Obama and biden also voted for those wars so lets be honest here ok jon. Ty

  124. Daniel Parker

    She is an idiot and this is a waste of time. The supreme ruled that it was constituional. DEMS on the Senate and Presidency. Bachman is campaigning for Hillary Clinton now.

  125. Anonymous

    Tony Barberini Wow tony i know you dont work in healthcare because you dont have a clue what you are talking about. Look up flex spending we lost 2,500 because of obama and you really think it hurts the rich? Plus you like our govt losing a trillion a year we dont have? Your comment makes no sense plus again look up green energy its losing so much money and we are all paying for it on our electric bills. Dude you need to read a little learn some stats before you come in here, and the warp is a huge lobbyist group a lot of seniors are starting to learn they do not have there best interest. Man the flex spending really makes me so mad it hurts so many people who have any medical bills, and like i said 2,500 is nothing for rich people but it sure hurts the middle class like me. People are just starting to find this out and im guessing most liberals dont know they were going to get hit with this, well now you do. Ty.

  126. Daniel Parker

    She is an idiot and this is a waste of time. The supreme ruled that it was constituional. DEMS on the Senate and Presidency. Bachman is campaigning for Hillary Clinton 2016 , without knowing of course.

  127. Anonymous

    Jon Waldrep Well he is right about current tv al gore just sold it to a terriost group aljasser sorry im sure i spelled it wrong but i do have all my teeth but im getting a root canal tuesday. Yes al gore is he a good man to you jon like obama is? Well let me tell you about gore he said the rich should pay more, well gore tried to sell current tv before the year was up to save on the capital gains tax that went from 15% to 23.8%. He made 100 million so he tried to get out of pay 23.8 million he wanted to pay 15 million in taxes. now i see nothing wrong with trying to pay less taxes, but when you go on tv and say the rich should pay more then you try and beat the system you are a hypocrite. Gore like a lot of liberal rich people just lie to your face like they want to help then he does this, and he is already rich. Im not rich im a middle class guy and i donate a pretty good amount of money to 3 charities every month i love to help people but to give the govt more money every month so they can blow it or give it away to people who hate us doesnt make sense to me. I voted for obama in 2008 and for the first time in my life i voted for a republican to be president because i am very afraid for my daughters future in this great country. I live in illinois we always vote democrate here and we are the most crooked broke state there is just look at all the democratic governors that are in jail, but we still keep voting the same party in that doesnt make any sense. You take care and i hope everyone in here has a great year.Ty

  128. Anonymous

    Cecelia Moceanu That was not an opinion. That was an insult to your president.

  129. Lyle Lafee

    Obama care is an bill that needs work to much pressure on small business and the Tax payer the deficit is to high now so yes appeal it put it on the back burners and fix it.

  130. Scott Irvine

    Tom Witek You are a moron but I'll help you out. Obama is gonna take away your right to leave the country. You had better move to Sudan before he does, You'll love it. Their federal govt doesn't spend anything on social programs. By the way, genius the failed business and lost jobs were at an all time high under Bush and have consistantly improved under Obama. Repubs spend MORE than Dems and their targeted giveaways are what wreck our economy. Sit back SHUT UP and let the grown ups fix the mess that Retardicans caused.

  131. Scott Irvine

    John Thomas Hey idiot the point is that Obama care saves money. The CBO has also scored that the (Delusional fantasy) repeal would cost billions. Not the money congress wastes playing games but the savings from the plan itself. If you can't pay a few more bucks to help fix the Repub disaster then you just don't work hard enough. STOP BEING SO LAZY!

  132. Scott Irvine

    Better move to another country before Obama takes away your right to. There are a lot to choose from that don't spend any money at all on social programs. Sounds like those are the countries you'd like.

  133. Liz Fedor

    Why does anyone bother with health insurance anyway? Pay out the ass and then you still can't afford all the co pay nonsense and then if it's an emergency.. denied! I'd rather keep more of my paycheck, thanks. It's my right to make that choice. But how are we going to save the economy when us poor saps are forced to give up part of our checks that some people barely live on as it is? Yeah… I get a free check up once a year.. whooptity doo…

  134. Anonymous

    Government-controlled health needs to be repealed. When the government can control your health, they can control your entire life! THAT is what this is all about.

  135. Joan Russell Wilkerson

    I hope she can get it done…there are so many idiots out there who don't even know what is in it and say they are for it! Stupid uninformed people who voted for Obummer.

  136. Joan Russell Wilkerson

    You people are idiots to even think Obummer care is the answer…have you read what is in it,,,,I doubt it!!!!

  137. Joan Russell Wilkerson

    We will whine till Obummer is impeached like he should be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. Joan Russell Wilkerson

    Carole….stand on the edge and I will help push you off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Joan Russell Wilkerson

    Angelo Peña Typical name calling liberal if anyone disagrees with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Frances Carodine

    king messed narrow minded people and tell the make statement have healthcare and that people don't care if other have it. the same that will give the rich tax breaks and not for the middle class.

  141. Joe Smit

    48 mil for 80 hrs maybe just shut it down for a monthsince they cant get anything done that would be a god jumpstart to pay for obama care.

  142. Samuel D. George

    He's not my King my King is Jesus Christ, Obama has no authority over us except what is given to him from above. George the Lord will give us victory through this because Obama "the tyrant/ anti christ" is only allowed to do what the Lord say's he can do with us just like Obama's leader Satan. They both have to have permission from God to put us through stuff and God will not let them put us through what we can not bear. I hope this tyrant get's impeached.

  143. Anonymous

    It would appear that whoever wrote this article is an Obama supporter. Most of the media is. Total cost of keeping the bill =$$$ billions.

  144. Paul Pritchard

    At last visit to the government pages I thought the democrats were in control of the white house and the senate and have shot down every move to protect the citizens from the tryranny of goverment control. REGARDLESS all of the fed is greedy and does not care about the constituents it claims to represent.

  145. Ed Schon

    I think all the people who hate Obamacare should be able to opt out. But if you come into my ER without cash, insurance or gold and beg for charity care, I should be able to drag you to the curb and leave your carcass for disposal.

  146. Gary Graves

    Will you propose that your union give up its health care package and go on the government plan?…..I think its funny that unions were the biggest money backer of this law and not one single union will accept it for their members and lobbied against the "cadillac health care tax to help pay for it……..that about say's it all, its fine….for OTHER people.

  147. Anonymous

    Vote Democrat the party of free stuff. Don't worry America can just put everything on our Chinese credit card. Not to worry. 16 Trillion and counting.

  148. Garyted Sund

    Why are there still reps in congress that are wasting time on this obamacare appeal. Obamacare is a done deal and nothing can be done to change it from taking place. In another 4 years it will be impossible to even think of it going away. It would by like taking away social security and medicare. These programs can maybe be tweaked to some extent but they are all going to be part of our future culture. Lets focus on stuff that is really important like finding a way to pay for these popular programs. Yes we may need to find ways to collect taxes to pay for them like a value added tax. Then so be it. The majority of americans need and want the programs and they are not free.

  149. James Connelly

    The total cost of the repeal Obamacare attempts — $48 million.

    Or 1 round of Golf for Obama.

  150. Ursa Worlds

    What REAL bills has she passed? What is she doing to help the American people? Why does she keep getting elected?

  151. Brandon Groseclose

    I guess the everyday Republicans still haven't figured out the affordable care act isn't government insurance, but regulations designed to facilitate healthcare/insurance purchasing for people. Republican leaders are doing our country a disservice by spreading this crap. IF you got problems with regulation stand against Obamacare on that fact, but don't pervert the truth by making this something it isn't.

  152. Anonymous

    Well, this is largely a symbolic measure, but I sure agree with it. The ridiculous socialized medicine law is already costing three times what Premier Obama and his Democratic Politburo in the Senate promised. Just wait until the taxes to pay for Obama's grandiose Marxist vision come due. I bet some of you won't like it so much then. Oh, and you have to love the political slant to this story. The Huffington Post, Think Progress, and CBS News are further to the left of Pravda. Great sources to cite.

  153. Lewis Chasalow

    Actually the CBO estimates that repealing Obamacare will ADD billions to the deficit. It certainly does NOTHING to begin to balance the budget. In any case balancing the budget should NOT be the first priority until the economy is growing on a more certain basis. This bill is idiotic and they should just stop wasting taxpayer time and money trying to pass something that they know will NEVER be even debated in the Senate and if by some bizarre chance it IS passed by the Senate would be vetoed by the president.

    While Obamacare has its flaws, it is a start towards dealing with the single largest threat to balancing the budget, which is the growing cost of healthcare. This is not only medicare, but the cost of healthcare for every body who works for the government, and the cost for everyone else, which adds to the cost of everything we buy in this country. We pay more for healthcare than every other modern nation and rank in the 30s in terms of health outcomes.

  154. Lewis Chasalow

    Tom Witek – If you look at the past 30 years the deficit has gone up under every republican president and has gone down under democrats. Even under Obama, the annual deficits, if you include everything that Bush held off the books, went down every year. The reason for this has been republicans penchant for cutting taxes because they don't think that government has any role, but then they increase spending on lots of government programs especially the military. Since Reagan they have been claiming the myth that cutting tax rates increases tax receipts, but that has NEVER happened.

    And to seilfemit – Obama voted AGAINST the war in Iraq. He was one of only a few senators to do so.

  155. Becky McWhorter

    This monstrosity was not crafted by obummer, it was crafted behind closed doors by 100% democrats and passed with a 51% vote 100% democrat under reconcilliation. We hate it and it should be recended!

  156. Dan Kirchhoff

    Everyone knows that the simplest way to get OBAMACARE repealed is to force those issueing the laws to abide by those same laws. I think this is a case of some of us being more equal than others.

  157. Rodney Kornegay

    Chris Maston, typical idiot. Lynne is right. So, Chris, pull your head out of the sand and maybe try and learn something outside of what the liberal media is telling you. You guys better fasten your seat belts, because we're about to have the ride of a lifetime with this man back in Our White House !

  158. Anonymous

    What a waist of time, been tried, ain't going to happen, get over it, do something for a change. what a good way to show the new congress just how stupid you are, go get them Michele.

  159. April Tindall

    I hope someone does something. I can't afford insurance or else I would have it, not like I enjoy having to treat myself at home when something happens! I don't get offered an affordable option at work (sorry but I can't afford to lose over half of my paycheck every two weeks when I can barley afford to keep my electric on now) and I know at least one major company that has already told it's employees that they will no longer be offering insurance to it's employees because the fines are cheaper than the plans. They have created a major cluster **ck and don't either A) Care, B) Realize what exactly they have done or C) All of the Above.

  160. David Daniel

    Obamacare is identical to Romneycare and to the 1993 Republican Health Care Plan they presented as an alternative to Clinton's. But Michele Bachmam wouldn't know that because she is a moron!

  161. Anonymous

    Can someone repeal Her? She insults my intelligence. She should not be allowed to breather the same air as I!

  162. Anonymous

    All we hear is repeal ObamaCare, but no one ever states what is wrong with it, or has a better solution for the very well needed health care system for people in this country. There are millions of us.
    If there are things wrong with this health care, congress should fix it, keeping the good and tossing out the bad parts.
    You all can complain about ObamaCare, until the day you or someone you love needs it.
    All the childish bashing of Obama does not help or solve this serious problem.

  163. Christopher Nagel

    Since Obamacare passed my healthcare payments have increased $100 a week for the same coverage I had before it passed. Now the FICA rate has increased as well so now I have even less money to support my family with. I had insurance because I made the effort to get a job that offered it. Stop making me have to pay for a program I DON'T NEED!!

  164. Anonymous


  165. Peter Meluso

    James Watson the Republicans ran up most of the debt. 1. Reagan lowered the highest marginal tax rate from 70% to 28% and when he took office we only owed $1Trillion for the whole history of the country. 2. By the time he and Bush Senior left office we owed $4.4 trillion.3. Clinton ran some surplus years but he didn't apply it all to the National Debt so when he left we owed $5.6 trillion but we had some money to pay it down if we wanted. 4.W Bush spent the $5 trillion surplus and added $6 trillion more with two unfunded wars and Medicare Part D along with tax cuts. 5. The first time in US history that there were tax cuts during a war!! 6.Obama Care is not adding to the deficit. Nothing will stop medical care costs from rising we can only slow it down and one way is to make sure that more people are insured instead of going to Emergency Rooms for the most expensive care that we pay for anyway!! 7. The preamble to the Constitution includes the spirit of our democracy: We the people of the United States… to provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare…" I don't know too many people who are able to pursue life and liberty after they file for bankruptcy due to inadequate medical care coverage. The leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the US is lack of or insufficient medical care.

  166. Marie Cardin

    what about the people that don't have can they pay for health ins.i took a early retirement and I work from the time I was 18 , and I can't use my medicare until I turn 65 I will be 64 Jan.2013 I still have another year to I don't see a Dr. unless I have is what about the people that will not be able to GET health ins when their unemployment runs out.MAY GOD HELP US ALL. THE WEALTHY DON'T HAVE TO WORRY THEY HAVE THE MEANS.WHAT ABOUT THE HOMELESS NOW HERE IN AMERICA THEY CAN'T GET THE HEALTH INS EITHER. WHAT ABOUT THE MILLIONS ALREADY HERE IN AMERICA GOING WITH OUT FOOD.I PRAY THAT GOD WILL HELP HELP US ALL.

  167. Devin Axtman

    Obamacare was a number 1 issue for me. It is a monstrous bill that doesn't really solve the problem. I believe it is going to hurt our health system. Notice your health insurance premiums rise lately? That is because they are bracing for Obamacare. Wonder how many millions we have paid in premiums now that they are raising the costs on us. The fact that this article thinks the Huffington Post is a good reputable source to reference makes me laugh. You don't need to be right or left to understand this bill is stupid. A lot of people are fighting it or are for it just because of party affiliation, which is stupid.

  168. Anonymous

    Bachmann… absolutely out her frigging mind… was and always has been….racist, homophobic, and just plain dumb…..I am entitled…. to my opinion….if I lived in Minnesota I would try like hell to get rid of her……she and her cronies is polarizing this country more and more each day…she makes me ill….but then again most Republicans make me ill….

  169. Delilah H Scott

    She is one of those Tea Party wing nut extremists. Cannot leave it alone. Instead of focusing on the present, insists on bringing up old business. It's OVER, Bachman. IT'S OVER. It already went to the Supreme Court.

  170. Richard Kirchhoff

    What we need to do is watch carefully who supports that ding bat. And then concentrate on getting them out. The Tea Party is still dunking their tea bag up an down and Bachman is in it.

  171. Anonymous

    With Obama Care old people will die in the hospital and sick people will die too. This health insurance is the one that is using in Canada that a lot of people are dying, because the hospitals and doctors don't want that kind of insurance, and that will happen in US too. We the Americans need to take care of that and show Democrats and Hussein Barack Obama, we the Americans are the one who are in charge not Hussein Barack Obama or Democrats.

  172. Mehmet Basaran

    There are NO MORE IMPORTANT things to do to save the repiublic – unless it is to impeach Obama!

  173. Gary Campbell

    Tom, you say that "Repubs have to be the party of no to at least slow down the obamanation"? I don’t think the party which is clearly out of touch with most of the ideologies of the American people should be doing anything other than trying to figure out how they could gain a better understanding of what people of all race, color, creed, gender, age, sexual orientation need!

  174. Anonymous

    Jon Waldrep , Thank You most people don't brother to find the truth out it seans to get in the way of there gread.

  175. Anonymous

    About 600 things more important that congress needs to get done. Geeze Michelle, you are truly a wacko. Let's get serious.

  176. Wayne Plaster

    Backman is such a loser! She and sara should take a long vacation together and practice coloring with crayons. The two of them together don't have enough brains to make an idiot!

  177. Anonymous

    Jon Waldrep Most of the deficit was run up the last 4 years of Bush, a democratic House and Senate were in charge. You also forget about Katrina and the World Trade disaster, I guess the money came out of nowhere for that, not to mention the departments (homeland sec. , TSA) that were started up. Everyone says the wars that Bush got us into. How did your dear leader vote on going to war. The intelligence was aparently not as good as everyone thought, including congress. How about the Benghazi debacle where the intelligence was good???? Democrats are the only people I know where a deficit reduction bill will cost 4 trillion dollars.

  178. Robert Montena

    This is so tiring. MB go away like your mentor SP. Let's address some real issues and work together as a "CONGRESS" to get things done already.

  179. Renee Beatty

    No wonder they tried 33 times to repeal Obamacare – the most damaging bill ever created in Congress. Maybe the NDAA is close, but Obamacare will kill as many. Keep trying Republicans, there's no statute of limitations on repealing idiocy.

  180. Anonymous

    ALL politicians should buy there own health care insurance our use Obmacare as it put maybe they start doing there job. Didn't see where Michele Backmann is coming up with anything else. She prouble thinks out sourcing all manufacturing is a good thing too, common sence has been replace with greed. Seans like that kind of work efficacious is wath killing the Republican Party.

  181. John Potts

    The money got held up by the Dems adding pork to the bill. Never give up in the fight against the Marxist. Never.

  182. John Potts

    Same amount goes to Egypt Sweetie. Who is going to pay for Obamacare? There isn't the money. There isn't enough money in America to pay for Obama. Do you receive food stamps? My brother voted for Obama. He is looking forward to Obama care. The plan will fail. Why should I pay for someone else's free ride?

  183. John Potts

    She is getting paid for doing her job. How about Feinstein, Boxer, Jackson-Lee, Water, Murray, and the rest of the Marxist? Are they doing their job?

  184. John Potts

    I have to agree with this POS about wasting money killing Arabs. We need to find a more cost effective way to rid the Planet of them.

  185. Anonymous

    All politicains should have to buy there own insurance or go with obamacare, that would help the deficit some and states, counties, towns and so on. Republican are killing there own party greed has replaced comon sence, Michele Backmann is a good example. do your job not just cuite some elses idear down where your idear for the proublem, out sourcing more jobs?

  186. Al Lawrence

    pame: i'm a registered Libertarian 'cos there's not a dime's worth af difference between the 2 major parties. also consider the constitution party, home of allen keys, an honorable past candidate noone listen to either

  187. Lynda Stafford

    Well Alex, did you vote for Obama because of all the great things he as president has done for America or because he's Black? Never mind I know the answer! He'll be the down fall of this country because he doesn't care about this country or it's citizens and that includes you! You are just a stepping stone he's used to get where he is! You're just a faceless nameless SHEEPLE in Obama's flock! You can't see the truth through YOUR pejudice but you will wake up and when you do , you'll be just another his slave in his kingdom! And before you play the race card because skin happens to white, don't, I'm of mixed blood and skin color is only an outside covering not who I am.

  188. Lynda Stafford

    Besides if Obama Care is so great Alex ask yourself why aren't Obama and his family and the rest of the powers on capital hill not taking it! What's good enough for the rest of us should be good enough for them wouldn't you think? Take time out to read up on it and quit playing the raceist game!

  189. Darell Lange

    do realize owebungler care was passed and hardly any senators or representatives read it they just passed it.
    so it dos need to go.

  190. Anonymous

    Can we repeal Red Necks perhaps? PATHETIC BUNCH OF OXY MORONS. The South will Never Rise Again /; And who gives a shit what Bachman has in her little brain. Dete deee that she is.

  191. Anonymous

    Can we repeal Red Necks. There is something wrong with their wiring, a Dead Short. Bachman , now there is a real Mental Midget, the brains of a tic turd.

  192. Anonymous


  193. Coletha Albert

    For those who understand FINANCE! BRAVO!!! For @Henry J Swift and @John Potts who probably have never seen an Aged Trial Balance in their life- the US should cut ALL funding to ALL countries who are NOT the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Keep Obamacare, keep Medicare, cut ALL FOREIGN AID. Period. I know this may not be clear to you but the goal is to give aid to those US CITIZENS who need it. Unless, these other countries want to the chip in to fix our budget. Thanks for commenting and clicking like!!

  194. Anonymous

    Michele Bachmann — the hemorrhoid that just WON'T go away…..just sayin'.

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