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Hammers Deadlier Than Rifles? FBI Releases Crime Stats For 2011


Is a hammer really deadlier than a rifle? According to new crime statistics from the FBI, more people were killed in 2011 by hammers and other blunt objects than rifles.

This is pretty interesting statistic considering the current political climate in the United States.

Several conservative blogs, like, have already jumped on the new stats to argue against a rifle ban.

Breitbart writes: “A rifle ban is as illogical as it is unconstitutional. We face far greater danger from individuals armed with carpenters’ tools and a caveman’s stick.”

The blog uses several factual pieces of evidence to back up this conclusion. In 2011, 496 people were murdered with a hammer or a blunt object compare to just 323 murders that were committed with a rifle. Blunt objects also beat out the number of murders committed with a shotgun (356).

Personal weapons (hands, feet) and knives were also considered more dangerous than rifles and shotguns.

Of course, when you look at all firearms combined the numbers are little different. More than 6,000 murders were committed this year with handguns and another 1500 were committed with a firearm that fits in the “other” category. In total, 8,583 of the 12,664 murder victims in the United States were killed by guns.

murder victims

The FBI’s crime stats are relatively consistent throughout the years. Blunt objects were used in more murders than shotguns in every year from 2005-2009. Personal weapons were used more than blunt objects and handguns were always the weapon of choice.

The FBI crime statistics show two things: (1) Firearms are used in the majority of murders in the United States, and (2) if a person is really intent on killing someone, they don’t need a gun to do it.

What do you think of the crime statistics? Do they show that a rifle ban would be illogical? Does it show that murder is inevitable? Do the stats encourage a ban on all firearms? A ban on carpentry tools?

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8 Responses to “Hammers Deadlier Than Rifles? FBI Releases Crime Stats For 2011”

  1. Mark Young

    look at the total firearm column. How bout a stat showing the number of mass murders committed with hands, feet, and hammers.

  2. Jeff Baker

    I think you meant "spree killings". Mass murders (Jeffrey Dahmer) DO use hands, feet, and hammers.

  3. Kyle Lester

    we have to ban all fists and hands now ahh 24/7 news coverage because of hand killings oh noooo fear fear fear…why you say? Real goal is to take down the 2nd amendment.

  4. Gene Sadzewicz

    What misrepresentation. Only an idiot would think that a hammer is more deadly than a rifle. One, since a rifle is a weapon made for shooting at a distance, and would not (and most likely could not) be used in the range that you could use hammers as weapons effectively. Second, there are much more hammers around than rifles. By the logic expressed here, then hammers are more deadly than RPGs, bazookas, and 50mm machine guns since they have killed more people, so we should let everyone own those too.

  5. Gene Sadzewicz

    so please don't try to push the cause by shoveling BS. Embrace it and sell it by acknowledging what guns are and expounding on why they are important tools for all of us.

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