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Former Utah Trooper Being Sued For False DUI Arrests

Utah Trooper False DUI Arrest

A former Utah Highway Patrol trooper is being sued for allegedly filing dozens of false DUI charges over the span of her ten year career.

Former Corporal Steed started out with a very promising career. In 2007, Lisa Steed was voted Trooper of the Year and was well respected by her colleagues and superiors. Five years later, everything she had worked toward fell apart. By November of 2012, she was fired as allegations of misconduct started pouring in.

Attorneys representing two men claiming to have been falsely arrested have stated that at least ten people that they are aware of have been in contact with FBI agents. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Steed’s attorney, Greg Skordas, denies any knowledge of an FBI investigation. He further states that Steed’s crimes were minor and that they would be appealing her loss of employment.

As reported by The New York Times, Former Corporal Steed had been warned in a memo in 2010. A Highway Patrol sergeant, after reviewing a number of Steed’s arrests, felt the need to remind her about procedures concerning probable cause. The sergeant cited credibility with the court.

The problems for Steed started to get serious last April when a Davis County attorney and a Salt Lake County attorney both stated that they would refuse to prosecute any charges which Steed filed or was witness to.

Attorney Studebaker, representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Steed, voiced his concern about the sheer number of alleged false arrests:

“The 40 or so individuals that have contacted us have to be the tip of the iceberg because Steed arrested many other people. Her actions are so blatant, that it is probable that she acted like this in an untold number of cases.”

Authorities have stated that it is too early in the investigation, and there are no known criminal charges pending against the former trooper for her allegedly false DUI arrests.

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4 Responses to “Former Utah Trooper Being Sued For False DUI Arrests”

  1. Sandra Barker

    I think a law enforcement officer gets a 'high' when they make an arrest. It is like using drugs maybe. In her case it sure looks like it. If 40 people come forward then there is definitely an issue. She needs to be in another line of work. Maybe she should have to repay the money she caused these people to have to pay for attorneys. Then maybe she would think twice before making a false arrest. If the officers were held responsible for the mistakes THEY make, I bet there wold be less of the bullshit harassment tickets and arrests. When they make a mistake THEY don't have to pay for it. They get a slap on the wrist and they send them out there to do it again.

  2. Farid Rushdi

    It's not that police do this, it's that people do this. When I went to work for New York Life in Utah 30 years ago, a "top" agent got fired. Turned out he was making up fake applications and sending them in. Everyone else was writing a half dozen policies a month and this guy was writing 25. The president of New York Life came to Utah and presented him an award and his story appeared in the NYLIC News. Turns out he had a really good first month, and was afraid to stop producing and "upset" his superiors. I think the same thing happened here. She got a few DUI's right off the bat, and enjoyed the accolades and was afraid to stop writing people up. So she made them up, like the insurance agent.

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