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Baby Reaches Out Of Womb And Holds Doctor’s Finger

Glendale, AZ – A baby being delivered by C-section reached out of her mommy’s womb and grabbed a hold of the delivering doctor’s finger. The photo of Nevaeh Atkins’ birth is quickly going viral online and warming the hearts of viewers.

The photo of Nevaeh Atkins holding Dr. Allan Sawyer’s finger was taken by the proud poppa in the delivery room, Radar Online notes. Mother Alicia Atkins had this to say about the beautiful photo during an interview with ABC News:

“I knew it was special right away. When my doctor broke my water, the doctor told my husband, Hey, she’s holding my finger.’ He (husband) had my camera, and so they were able to capture the moment of her holding his hand. We actually weren’t going to put a copy of the photo in our house because we didn’t know the reaction of people, whether it was too graphic or not. We decided to put the photo in hr room so that she’ll always know how special it was.”

Alicia Atkins posted the photo of the baby holding the doctor’s finger as she came out of the womb to Facebook the day after Christmas. Atkins, a photographer, shared the incredible image on her “A Classic Pin-Up” business page where it immediately garnered a lot of views.

Although a multitude of viewers have “liked” and reposted the photo of Nevaeh’s hand, her two older brothers are perhaps her biggest fans. The boys, ages 2 and 3, reportedly get very excited every time they see the photo on the television news.

The proud parents enlarged the photos of the baby grabbing the doctor’s finger and gave it to Sawyer as a gift. Although the image has now been seen around the world, the Atkins’ family kept the delivery photo private until Dr. Sawyer was presented with the image.

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