Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-Un’s Wife Has Reportedly Given Birth In North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s wife has reportedly given birth to the couple’s child.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed as of this writing, recent photographs and video taken of the Kim’s wife revealed the disappearance of her baby bump. According to the Telegraph, this report arrives weeks after another batch of pictures featuring the pregnant woman were picked up by news outlets.

Recent video from the official New Year’s party shows Ri Sol-ju in a tight-fitting outfit that suggests the mother may have already given birth. A performance of the song “When A Child is Born” at the get together have helped fuel rumors that Kim’s wife is no longer pregnant.

The Global Post reports that the photographs taken in December that reportedly show a “very pregnant” Ri Sol-ju could be a little deceiving. The website explains that Kim Jong-un’s wife is wearing a dress known as a “hanbok” which can make women appear “puffy.”

The North Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo suggested in October that Ri Sol-ju was wearing bulky clothes in order to keep her baby bump away from prying eyes. The article also suggested that she was three months pregnant back in August.

“She [Ri Sul-joo] is wearing a long coat but cannot hide her protruding abdomen,” the paper explained.

The Associated Press reports that rumors have been swirling in South Korea since video from the New Year’s Eve party first surfaced. Although the clip which sent speculation into overdrive was released by North Korean state TV, nothing official from Pyongyang has been uttered.

South Korean media previously stated that Kim Jong-un and his wife have been married since 2009. Reports also suggest that the couple already has one child together. However, these reports have yet to be confirmed as well.

Given that North Korea doesn’t share much information with the rest of the world, it could be a while before these rumors regarding Kim Jong-un’s wife are confirmed by officials.