‘American Horror Story’: Ryan Murphy Talks This Week’s Major Deaths

American Horror Story: Asylum returned from holiday break last night with a busy episode which saw major character deaths, a few plot twists, and a veiled reference to creator Ryan Murphy’s other major show, Glee.

In case you missed “All About Judy,” we have to warn you that this article will contain spoilers, so stop reading here if the episode is still burning a hole in your DVR.

In this week’s episode, we saw Jessica Lange’s character undergo brain-frying electro-shock therapy, the death of those weird wood cannibal mutants, Joseph Fiennes’ Monsignor lose his virginity, and the deaths of Sister Mary Eunice/The Devil and James Cromwell’s Dr. Arden. Everything worked pretty well, and it was one heck of a way to bring American Horror Story back, and the random crazy pants rendition of “The Name Game” was unexpectedly sublime.

” ‘The Name Game’ sequence was pure Murphy,” writes Halle Kiefer of Rolling Stone, “Overly long, completely unnecessary and constantly vacillating between delicious kitsch and pure awkwardness.”

Of course, this week saw several plot threads quickly wrapped up with major character deaths whilst questions still linger elsewhere. The modern-day storyline, Lana and Dr. Thredson’s child, Pepper’s new-found sapience, Grace’s resurrection, Kit Walker’s wife, aliens, the list goes on and on.