NYC Pyramids

Eerie Pyramids In NYC Spotted By Brooklyn Photographer

A photographer snapped some impressive shots of eerie pyramids in NYC during a recent bike ride through the area.

Officials are currently in the process of cleaning up the debris left behind by Hurricane Sandy. According to the Examiner, quite a bit of the sand was deposited in a large parking lot in The Rockaways, Queens. The end result are the huge pyramids recently spotted by the photographer.

Brooklyn artist Stephane Missier, also known as Charles le Brigand, was taking pictures of beach houses when he came across the parking lot at Jacob Riis Park. Realizing that he’d stumbled upon something truly unique, the photographer began snapping shots of the pyramids.

Missier explained to The Blaze:

“I knew the city was using the parking lot as a debris transfer site but I wasn’t expecting such an eerie landscape. Also, there were all kinds of construction and hauling trucks on the site as well as generators, watch towers, and pole lights, so I really had the impression of being on another planet — on some kind of spatial station.”

The photographer added that the strong winds gave him the feeling being in some sort of barren lunar landscape. Missier wrote about the experience on his official website.

He explained:

“The dunes are made out of sifted sand from the surrounding area, by workers who shoveled the sand from the streets after Hurricane Sandy’s passage. Polished by the cold winter wind, these artificial cones formed an eerie lunar landscape.”

Missier’s images are nothing short of striking, particularly the close-up shots that completely cut out the rest of the parking lot. One image featuring the sand piles can be found below.

NYC Pyramids

A large and impressive collection of photos featuring the eerie pyramids in NYC can be found on the photographer’s website. What do you think of the pictures?