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Fan Sues Jonas Brothers After Being Crushed By Groupies

Fan Sues Jonas Brothers After Being Crushed By Groupies

A fan sued the Jonas Brothers after she was crushed by a throng of screaming groupies, causing what she says was serious emotional and physical injuries.

The fan bringing the lawsuit against the Jonas Brothers, Ashleigh Johnson, claims the incident happened at a show at The Grove in Los Angeles back in May 2010. She was watching the group perform at an afternoon concert when she claimed an unruly crowd pushed her against a guard fence, TMZ reported.

The fan who sued the Jonas Brothers claims that she suffered serious mental, emotional, and physical injuries as a result of the crush.

Until news of the lawsuit broke, the Jonas Brothers had enjoyed a nice end to what was a successful 2012. Nick Jonas starred on Broadway in the wildly successful How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle starred in the reality show Married to Jonas, and Joe Jonas released his first solo album, FastLife.

On Christmas Eve, Nick and Joe Jonas took a break to play a round of golf with Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manzel, NBC Sports reported. The electrifying football player — the first freshman ever to win the Heisman Trophy — tweeted about his day out with the Jonas Brothers.

“Nice day on the golf course with @joejonas and @nickjonas had a great time!” he tweeted.

A few days later, the brothers took to Twitter and Instragram to send out some New Year’s wishes. Kevin and Danielle spent the evening together — tweeting a picture of their kiss as 2013 rang in — while Nick and Joe appeared to party together.

But before 2013 can get going, the brothers first have to deal with their lawsuit — and they’re not the only ones. The fan who sued the Jonas Brothers is also taking aim at Caruso Management, which operates The Grove.

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5 Responses to “Fan Sues Jonas Brothers After Being Crushed By Groupies”

  1. Kelsey Smith

    1 that's the oldest picture ever 2 shut up stupid girl you didn't have to be there and 3 I was at that show too and if she gets money so should I! it was pretty much a nightmare not going to lie lol. but to be a real JoBroHo there are risks you have to take…

  2. Karen Nagafuchi

    This is the stupidest lawsuit EVER! Why should the Jonas Brothers be sued for an incident that they weren't involved in? These girls/guys know what they are getting themselves into by going to their concerts or any concert in that matter!

  3. Roxanne Abrams Forrest

    This is stupid! She was probably not in the area she was supposed to be and had moved to get a closer view as all of those other kids that 'crushed' her. We took our girls in 2009…we had grass seats. We put our blanket down and sat but again kids moved in until we told them we were there first and go find another place to stand. That is just the chance you take going to a concert. Sue the venue…if you must sue. Seriously suing them because they are popular. If they were not they would not be having a concert. This girl must be on something else. Her two minutes of fame or may 'HOPES' of meeting them at the mediation or trial. Who knows…I guess crazy people suing starts early.

  4. Gloria Ann Jenkins

    People will bring a law suit over anything; where has common sense and decency gone. You bought the ticket(parent) you allowed your daughter to attend, you knew that there would be alot (like thousands) of screaming teens at the concert; push, shoving, dancing, high fiving, etc…. Personal choice, personal responsibility. I suspect that this law suit will be throw out of court/or dropped.

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