Kindle Fire HD Discount: Students Get $50 Off Tablet

A new Kindle Fire HD discount has seen $50 lopped off of the price of Amazon’s popular tablet, provided you’re a student.

Amazon has been offering the new price to all college students since New Year’s Day. SlashGear reports that the Kindle Fire HD discount applies to the Wi-Fi and 4G LTE versions of the 8.9-inch version tablet. With the reduced price, the big-screen tablet could cost as little as $249 (provided you opt for the 16GB Wi-Fi-only model). PCMag notes that’s the same price as the 7-inch 32GB model Kindle Fire HD.

Customers have until the end of January to take advantage of the deal, but only Amazon Student members with a Prime account will receive the Kindle Fire HD discount. For the first six months, the service is free when an “.edu” email address is used to sign up. Once the trial period is finished, the charge is $39 a year.

For those who are interested but aren’t a Prime member, it’s still possible to sign up and get the $50 off.

The Kindle Fire HD, the follow-up to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, launched late last year to effusive reviews. PCMag awarded the device four out of five stars, with reviewer Sascha Segan gushing:

“Amazon has built a killer budget media tablet in the new Kindle Fire HD 8.9. With a solid design, top-notch media store, affordable data plan, and robust parental controls, this tablet is a great choice for families on a budget. Nope, it’s no iPad. But at this price, more than $200 less (for the base Wi-Fi model) than Apple’s competing tablet, it doesn’t have to be.”

Any students out there tempted by the Kindle Fire HD discount?