Cowboys Fan Blows Up Romo Jersey In Protest Over Redskins Loss [Video]

A Cowboys fan has blown up a Tony Romo jersey in a bizarre protest over his side’s recent loss to the Redskins.

The unnamed fan wrapped his Romo jersey around a washing machine stuffed with explosives, stood back, and shot it. After two missed shots, the third round hit its target and the explosives did their job. In the footage (viewable below), as the Cowboys fan blows up the Romo jersey, an off-camera voice can be heard pronouncing, “It gawn’!”

This fan’s anger was incurred after the Cowboys went down 28-18 to the Redskins, with Tony Romo having a real stinker. Speaking after the game, the obviously disappointed quarterback had manfully admitted:

“I feel as though I let our team down. Your legacy will be written when you’re done playing the game.”

Romo, who suffered the ignominy of three interceptions during the game (as many as in his last eight games), added:

“It’s disappointing not being able to get over that hump, but I also know that football is the ultimate team sport and I need to continue to improve, and our football team does, to get there.”

Romo received support from his opposite number, Redskins quarterback Robert Lee Griffin III. Speaking to press after Sunday’s game, RGIII told Romo:

“[Don’t] listen to what anybody else is saying about you. You’re a great quarterback, man. And this game doesn’t mean anything.”

Well, we know one guy who begs to differ with that. Note: The footage below contains big boy words, so take care about where you play this: