Jerry O'Connell lands lead in CBS comedy

Jerry O’Connell Lands Lead In CBS Comedy Pilot

Now that NBC has decided not to go forward with the Munsters reboot, Mockingbird Lane, Jerry O’Connell is free to pursue other projects. The Stand By Me actor has landed a lead role in an as-of-yet untitled Rob Greenberg comedy pilot for CBS.

According to Deadline, the single-camera series will center on a twentysomething named Carter (played by Chris Smith) who meets three other men — Stuart (O’Connell), Gil (Kal Penn), and Frank (Tony Shalhoub) — while living in a short-term rental complex. O’Connell’s character is a an OB/GYN undergoing his second divorce. Shaloub’s character has been divorced four times, and Penn’s character is trying to convince his wife to take him back after an affair.

Smith, Penn, and Shaloub had been cast fairly quickly after CBS put in an off-cycle pilot order for the series on July 10. There were difficulties finding an actor for Stuart, and O’Connell was unavailable at the time because he had been cast in Mockingbird Lane. Once NBC pulled the plug on the reboot, O’Connell was free to join the cast of Greenberg’s project.

The actor playing Carter appeared in Paranormal Activity 3 as Dennis. He also appeared in “the Seminar” episode of The Office and in two episodes of 30 Rock.

The project was originally titled Ex-Men, but it is back to being untitled at the moment.

Rob Greenberg was a director, producer, executive producer, or consulting producer on How I Met Your Mother from 2005 to 2011. He had also been a producer in some capacity for Frasier from 1996 to 1999. Most recently, he directed four episodes of Happy Endings.