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Bill Cowher Generating Buzz In Several NFL Coaching Openings

Bill Cowher Generating Buzz In Several NFL Coaching Openings

Bill Cowher spent the past few years in a CBS television studio, but more than a few teams hope the former Steelers coach decides to spent next year on an NFL sideline.

The coach-turned-analyst has surfaced as a potential candidate for several NFL openings. After a busy offseason for non-playoff bound teams that kicked off with seven head coaches being fired, Bill Cowher is being named as a good choice for several teams, joining other former coaches like Tony Dungy and John Gruden.

The cushy analyst job at CBS could be difficult to leave for Cowher. He has been offered NFL jobs in the past but turned them down to remain in his analyst duties.

Many teams also like to try their luck on up-and-coming NFL coaches rather than veterans like Bill Cowher. From The Associated Press: “Much more likely than any of those Super Bowl winners returning to the sideline for 2013 would be the hirings of more obscure assistant coaches such as Mike Zimmer, Mike McCoy and Gus Bradley.”

Though he’s had offers in the past, this year could be different for Bill Cowher. Instead of the usual NFL bottom-dwellers that fired coaches in the past few seasons, this year some of the job openings are with attractive franchises like the Philadelphia Eagles. Other teams come with quarterbacks in place — like the San Diego Chargers with Philip Rivers — another attractive element.

But it’s not just the coaching openings that are generating buzz for Bill Cowher. CBS Radio in New York floated the idea of Cowher serving in the general manager role for the New York Jets after the team fired GM Mike Tannenbaum.

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66 Responses to “Bill Cowher Generating Buzz In Several NFL Coaching Openings”

  1. Art DiLonardo

    Please Coach Cowher. Not the Eagles or the Jets. Any team but those two.

  2. John Wesley

    The Steelers should can Tomlin and bring Cowher back. There would then be no dissarray in the organization. Tomlin's time has come, time to move on. Bring Bill Cowher back where he belongs!

  3. Anonymous

    Cowher said 3 years ago he'd never come here. Hes not man enough for the BUF.

  4. Anonymous

    Yea the Steelers have been on a down hill tumble ever since Bill left. Bill built that house and he could make any NFL team that successful.

  5. Paula Munsen

    Bears wll take Cowher..not sure GM and owner smart enough to try for him though.

  6. Carl Martin

    I have respect for Cowher and felt bad for him when his wife passed, he is a field General and I love his fire and he seems to be a very smart sharp aggressive guy. What I really don't get about Cowher is why he would not come back to Cleveand and try and build a team of ages. Cleveland is where he played and where he got his first coaching gig in the NFL. I know my team sucks and has for along time but I still support them and hope for the best.

  7. Anonymous

    Has roots from his Cleveland days. he would be a good choice, him or Gruden.

  8. Anonymous

    @Craig Hawley: You're definitely dumb enough for Buffalo . . .

  9. James Michael Conn

    that's what I'm talking about we need bill cowher on the eagles we need a hard ass please come to philly the answer he will get them playing or your cut lol.

  10. James Michael Conn

    that's what I'm talking about we need bill cowher on the eagles we need a hard ass please come to philly the answer he will get them playing or your cut lol.

  11. Patricia Crane

    Cowher will never coach again, he will always be a Steeler! Once you've coached the best franchise in football, he'd never settle for another. He'll stay at CBS!

  12. Glenn Kelly

    Wow, you truly know nothing and are not afraid to let everyone know it! Kudos to you…Me I will keep Cutler and wave goodbye to Lovie

  13. George Eells


  14. Russ Rangel

    Cowher loves his job too much. I don't see him ever coming back to coaching.

  15. Craig Barratt

    Can tomlin? are you nuts? in 6 years he's had 63 regular season wins 5 playoff wins gone to 2 superbowls and won 1, thats hardly a bad record. the steelers have 1 bad year and people want blood I dont understand it.

  16. Sean Lander

    That seems to be his thought process…Many close to him felt he only wanted the Carolina gig if it became available, which it did and he never flinched in his decision to stay with CBS…Forever a STEELER..Just like Chuck Noll…

  17. Matt Edmiston

    Lord, please keep Bill out of Philly.
    Thank you,
    Steelers Fan

  18. Anonymous

    I wish he would come back home to the Steelers that is where he belongs. I can not see him with another team. Haley sucks I do not even see why they looked into him to be OC he could not even help the KC win games. The Steelers need to get rid of him we can not have another season like this year. Dump passes so Ben does not get touched the Defenses had that read the whole time. Get rid of Haley.

  19. JC Chuta

    Cowher bleeds 'Black & Gold' and will not Coach any other Team. He will stay on as an Analyst for the same reasons as Jimmy Johnson, Ditka, Dungy, etc.

  20. Rob Edmonds

    Seriously….. Tomlin isn't where he belongs??? Either you are High , or don't know FOOTBALL…. let , WHAT
    EVER YOU MAY BE ON , WEAR OFF….. Very silly post…. Yo , and I live in New England the Pats …..But grew up with the "Pokes"…….see 'doctor' soon Duke….

  21. Mike Dupont

    Cowher wants the Giants job. He has said it before, he is waiting for Coughlin to leave.

  22. Steve Frederick

    Didn't Cowher say like two years ago the two jobs he'd come back for were the Bears and Giants? We'll the Bears are open for business and they have free agent cash. And they have soild vets they just need the brain to the operations. Seems like the wrinting is on the wall Chicago Bears.

  23. Anonymous

    You people talk about tomlin like he hasn't accomplished anything yet with the Steelers… um.. 2 Super Bowl Rings TY very much. As for this latest season, you must not be much of a fan if you don't know what the steelers problems were… Patch work O line and a suffle board of a running game. Count how many 100 yard rushing games we had? Seriously now, take away our strongest feature as a team, running the ball with a solid O line… and guess what you get. It's not tomlins fault players got hurt.

    And on that note, Cowher to chicago would be kinda funny, But I honestly don't see him coming back to coaching.

  24. Michael Sering

    What are you smoking dude,their qb is another Jeff George,their defense is old,and the offensive line is one of the worst in the league.Bob you obviously don't watch football.

  25. Anonymous

    The Bears make the most sense for Cowher but agree with the comment about the McCaskey's even though they have opened up the purse the last few years. Emery is smart enough to bring Cowher in the guy is sharp and will the Bears GM for many years to come.

  26. Robert Gadling Jr.

    Cutler isn't Jeff George on his worst day. With a better o-line, he definitely would have better stats. Their defense is one of the best in the NFL. Has been for years. To say that they defense is old, is to admit that you don't have a clue as to what you are talking about. While they do have a few people over 30 starting on the defense, the majority of starters are just reaching their prime. They have decent defensive depth as well. Chicago is definitely an attractive place to plan and coach. No question about it.

  27. Robert Piwetz

    While working as an analyst Coach Cowher has shown to be a little biased when referring to the Steelers. Which is fine as he was their coach for several years. Still, it makes me wonder how loyal he would be with another team.

  28. John Barbieri

    Cowher, Dungy, and Gruden are very able people who have all won the super bowl. They have good jobs with little pressure. Exactly because they are not fools, they'll stay away from NFL coaching where their reputations can only go down!

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