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Joyride Plane Crash Kills Three In Alabama

plane crash

An airborne joyride turned deadly earlier this week in Alabama when three teenagers were killed in a plane crash just northwest of Birmingham.

Local authorities believe that the teenagers were taking the plane on a “joyride” when they crashed in Jasper, Alabama. One of the teenagers was a student pilot, and authorities believe that the group took the small plane without permission on Tuesday night.

Walker County sheriff’s Chief Deputy James Painter said:

“We don’t know for sure but we think it was some teenagers who stole the plane and were sort of joyriding it. They got it in and took off and didn’t go very far. I think they were just looking for a thrill and they had their last one.”

ABC reports that the plane took off from Walker County Airport on Tuesday night. Airport manager Edwin Banks said that the student pilot did not have permission to fly the plane and that the pilot was not qualified to fly a plane at night.

Banks said that the teenagers were flying a Piper PA 30 airplane, which is also known as a Piper Twin Comanche. The small plane, which was built in the 1960s, is a popular model for flight schools.

Banks said:

“It was a student pilot flying an airplane without permission, an airplane that he was not qualified to fly at night … He got in a double-engine at night in bad weather with a couple of his buddies.”

Authorities have not released the names of the victims yet.

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17 Responses to “Joyride Plane Crash Kills Three In Alabama”

  1. Earl Van Winkle

    In the 50s when Iwas young teenagers got killed in car wrecks joy riding. And sure lost a lot of friends that way. And sure is sad when you think of kids so young and healthy that had a whole life ahead of them. And precious a gift as life is our gift from God. And for a thrill. They think. What is a thrill seeing your first child and holding it in your arms. And than if your lucky all the Granchildren. And just life its self. And Iam 70 year old white woman and life period was always a thrill to me. Could always find something to enjoy and never had to be dangerous. Just love life and being happy. Iknow that we have tragedys in our life. But sure have never caused them for a thrill. So sad and a waste of life.

  2. James Pinkard

    These three teenagers won't be able to enjoy graduation from high school and or college. Celebrate Xmas, birthdays, a new year or 4th of july with their families or friends, have children and watch them grow up. My heart and prayers goes out to the families these 3 young people.

  3. James Pinkard

    You are right Pat but sometimes I look back at some of the things I did when I was young and wondered how did I make it to this age. I think we all have done some things we aren't proud of but was lucky we are here to speak about.

  4. Peter George

    You have a photo of the wrong aircraft…..a Piper PA30 Twin Comanche is a twin engine, low wing aircraft. A lot harder to fly than the high wing, single engine Piper PA20 Pacer, shown in the photo.

  5. Johanna Bouker

    I am so sorry for the parents and families of these kids. We lost a very wonderful and gifted son at age 18 1/2 in exactly the same sort of situation, except in a single engine, float plane during the daytime. Kids that age are not afraid of anything and we adults need to be on guard for them. At least the kids weren't out doing bad stuff to other people.

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