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James Holmes: Aurora Movie Theater Shooting Trial To Begin On January 7

james holmes court appearance

Aurora, CO – James Holmes, the accused theater massacre shooter, appeared in court on Wednesday. The judge set a preliminary hearing for January 7. The initial court proceeding is expected to last at least several days. The list of witnesses, victims, and relatives of those killed during the Aurora movie theater shooting reportedly number into the hundreds.

Prosecuting attorneys stated that evidence, which will be presented at James Holmes’ preliminary hearing, will include nearly 30 hours of video from the Century 16 multiplex and 911 recordings, according to ABC News.

When James Holmes entered the Arapahoe County courtroom, his appearance was reportedly in stark contrast to earlier images of the accused mass shooter. He now sports a full beard, and his hair is shorter and brown in color.

During the accused Aurora gunman’s hearing on Wednesday, both the defense and the prosecution informed the judge that they were ready to proceed to trial on January 7. Police investigators are expected to testify about Aurora movie theater shootings details which have not yet been released to the public.

The Holmes’ hearing will take place in the largest courtroom available in the Colorado county. The room can accommodate an estimated 100 people. The extraordinary large crowd expected to attend the Aurora shooting trial will be permitted to view the court proceedings via an audio and video feed in multiple rooms at the court house. A jury assembly room which can hold approximately 300 people will also be used for the anticipated overflow crowd.

James Holmes has been charged with 166 counts of murder and attempted murder, according to the Denver Post. Due to the massive number of crime allegations levied against the accused Aurora shooter, prosecutors have reportedly devised a chart to keep the names of victims and their injuries organized.

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4 Responses to “James Holmes: Aurora Movie Theater Shooting Trial To Begin On January 7”

  1. Tim Reilly

    I implore you to stop using the name and picture of the coward that slaughtered innocent people in the movie theater in Aurora. Please support the Alex Teves Challenge. Alex Teves was a victim in the Aurora movie theater. The goal of the Alex Teves Challenge is to take away a potential piece of a complex puzzle of motivating factors that individuals may seek to commit mass shootings. We are asking the media to stop using the name and likeness of mass shooters, limiting notoriety and infamy, a potentially motivating factor in mass shootings and copycat crimes. Please read the entire ALEX TEVES CHALLENGE before passing judgment. It can be easily accessed on the Internet. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

  2. Henry Duran

    Tim, there is no proof James Holmes did anything to anyone. You are the coward. Assuming he is guilty shows your lack of intelligence, and helps the real perpetrators get away with this crime against all of America. Witnesses( not you) reported a very different scenario then the one you and the media are trying to present. Facts point to a different assailant as the actual shooter, not James Holmes. If you really care about Alex( which I doubt you do)you would help the family of Alex and the other victims find truth in this case, not promote the railroading a patsy. Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Raymond Ingham

    I have a post with a list of questions (fully referenced) the MSM (Mainstream Media) has neglected to ask, which could shed an awful lot of light on this horrible tragedy. You can read the post "Questions the MSM doesn't ask about James Holmes" at, which includes:
    1. Why has no one seriously looked into the allegation by a fellow prisoner that James confessed he was a "Manchurian Candidate" when it is a fact he did contact (or attempt) his therapist from the theater, a fact the allegation repeats?
    2. Why does the MSM report that James Holmes was acting crazy in jail, yet the local Colorado news station reports that he is completely normal?
    3. Why do victims report that James Holmes methodically picked his victims, in contrast to the media's reports that he seemed to randomly spray gunfire?
    4. According to news reports, James Holmes was an "outstanding marksman", however no one seems to be seeking out how he received this training?
    5. Why did the University of Colorado remove Dr Lynne Fenton's (James Holmes psychiatrist) web page, and not disclose that she had been reprimanded on 3 different occassions for ethical violations in prescribing psychotropic drugs, one of which James Holmes admitted to police he was on at the time of his arrest? (The page reappeared but looks slightly different than the web archive page).
    6. Why does the prosecution admit, yet the MSM is not reporting, that James Holmes did NOT tell the police about the notebook, and that no one has seen the contents of the notebook (It is reported that he told police about it, and that there are stick figures shooting other stick figures).
    7. Why has the MSM largely not retracted the untrue story that James Holmes said he was "The Joker" to the police after his arrest?

    Please read the rest of the questions (fully referenced) at the post "Questions the MSM doesn't ask about James Holmes" at and then see if there is something ELSE going on here…

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