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John Boehner To Harry Reid: Go F**k Yourself

John Boehner and Harry Reid

According to sources, the tone in Washington may have gotten a little worse during the debate about the “fiscal cliff.” According to Politico, House Speaker John Boehner, who Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had earlier in the week accused of running a “dictatorship,” told Reid to “Go Fu*k Himself.”

Boehner had run into Reid in the lobby of the White house last Friday amid harsh negotiations dealing with the “fiscal cliff.” As Reid walked past Boehner, just mere steps away from the Oval Office, Boehner decided to let Harry Reid know how he really felt.

Politico reports the exchange went like this:

“Go f— yourself,” Boehner sniped as he pointed his finger at Reid, according to multiple sources present.

Reid, a bit startled, replied: “What are you talking about?”

Boehner repeated: “Go f— yourself.”

Also being reported by The Weekly Standard, Boehner later bragged about the exchange to fellow Republicans.

All of this comes as the Senate and House have voted to approve a set of spending cuts and tax increases meant to keep the United States from going into an economic abyss. On January 1, without Congressional action, taxes were set to rise on every American as the Bush Tax Cuts were set to expire. In addition, because the government failed to act on the recommendations of President Obama’s debt reduction commission, more than $600 billion in spending cuts were set to take effect. Many economists warned that, without a deal to avert these measures, the American economy would most likely fall back into a recession.

The deal worked out by the Senate and House lets the tax cuts expire for individuals making more than $400,000 dollars per year and couples making more than $450,000. It also put off the spending cuts for two months while the sides try to work out a compromise.

Do you think Speaker Boehner was way out of line?

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39 Responses to “John Boehner To Harry Reid: Go F**k Yourself”

  1. Penny Anes-Toniolli

    Yeah, so…bout time someone told the crazy old goat something constructive!

  2. Bo Robert Tomkie

    Penny Anes-Toniolli: I'm sure you wouldn't be saying that if a Democrat said "F**k You" to.
    a Republican. Congressional Republicans have no respect and absolutely no class whatsoever.
    Boehner has consistently shown himself to be a low-class pig. He yammers about cooperation.
    and cooperation but has never been cooperative himself. He is a poor leader, at best. A Tool
    of the Right-Wing.

  3. Harvey Lain

    I would love to be able to tell the old bastard to go fuck himself. Boehner wasn't out of line at all.

  4. Steve Knapp

    That is what low lifes resort to saying when they loose an argument.

  5. Harvey Lain

    This coming from a liberal, one of those so beloved by Roseanne Barr. Talk about "no class!" As far as I'm concerned the entire Democrat Party can go fuck themselves.

  6. Anonymous

    He should have…um, directed Reid to a white house intern….. chances are Reid (with proper training by B Clinton).
    could have created something worthwhile in such an exchange!

  7. Anonymous

    He should have perhaps directed Reid to a white house intern…where, (with proper advice from B. Clinton) he could.
    have carried on a Democrat tradition that seems to acceptable to most voters who give good ol' Bill a free ride as well.
    as an "atta-boy'!

  8. Mary Scudero-McAleese

    actually, alot of people have wanted to tell Harry that for years. That might actually be the only thing a politician has done for the people!

  9. Richard Walsh

    I am sure the Democrates are such angels–my butt–you do not know what any democrat has said because the news only goes against the republicans–how many time has the low life Obama said something?

  10. Richard Walsh

    Glenn Stockley if she could she would not have to leave home

  11. Deborah Kitzul

    What is it with Republicans in office and their lack of decency? Dick Cheney used to tell the America public to go f-ck themselves all the time and now John Boehner is jumping on that wagon as well. Republicans are the embarrassment of this nation and show the whole world what poor losers they are. Even when they win, they behave the same way.

  12. Richard Horne

    Penny—- you should go fu@k your self. people like you are nothing

  13. Anonymous

    The best and most deserved comment ever, Reid is a sniveling little man with a major complex. In short, he's a 24 carat p***k.

  14. Janice McMann

    Boehner's nothing but a drunk anyway, " VERY LO-CLASS " Reid has more class then BONEHEAD will ever have,So take that all you SNIVELING LITTLE REPUBLICANS"

  15. Slimm Chance

    This wealthy cry baby needs to get a life and quit complaining & whining. Not a good role model or positive influence for anyone no matter what political party they stand for.

  16. Slimm Chance

    Get some work done… my tax dollars are paying this stingy, selfish mf to just be lazy & show his ass for publicity.

  17. Janice McMann

    Lilokiejohn , Why is it that all you republicans sound like you wish you had been in Bill's shoe's I bet most of you guys should not through stone's at Bill , It's been how long ?? About 13 -14 year's now that he got caught ?? bout time to forget it go clean up your own life He was a good President , Just take a look at the mess Bush left this country in <You nitwit

  18. Ken Guffin

    Glenn Stockley a union member saying bad things about others, oh my goodness…… just wish you could f*** yourself

  19. Ken Guffin

    dennis you old socialist calling repubs communist? you have no heart

  20. Ken Guffin

    Janice McMann clinton only made it cause he had repub congress and senate and they worked together unlike todays dumb ass dems

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