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Jon Gruden Rumors Suggest Former Coach Will Return To NFL In 2013

Jon Gruden Rumors Suggest Coach Will Return To NFL In 2013

If fresh Jon Gruden rumors are to believed, the former Super Bowl-winning head coach and ESPN analyst will be making a return to the NFL in 2013.

Writing on his CBS Sports blog, Mike Freeman reports that Gruden is expected to interview for more than one opening in the NFL. Freeman hints that the Philadelphia Eagles and San Diego Chargers are the two teams with the strongest interest in tempting the 49-year-old back to coaching.

Though Gruden has publicly stated he is happy as an analyst on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, Freeman claims that several teams have “quietly contacted Gruden and/or his representatives to gauge Gruden’s interest. In response, Gruden and/or his representatives informed teams Gruden would speak to them once the regular season ended.”

With the regular season now complete, Freeman says he expects Gruden to talk to said teams as early as Monday. The reporter writes:

“[…] privately, the Gruden camp has acted differently, and let it be known the former coach is interested in returning to the NFL. This doesn’t mean he will return. This means he’s interested in doing so if the right job opens up.”

Gruden hasn’t coached in the NFL since he was fired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2009. Gruden’s time at Tampa was not without success: In 2003, he lead the Buccaneers to victory in the Super Bowl, defeating the Oakland Raiders (his former team) 48-21. At the time, the victory made Gruden the youngest head coach ever to win a Super Bowl.

In November 2012, Gruden was forced to deny speculation linking him to the head coach position at the Tennessee Vols:

Do you think the Jon Gruden rumors could be true? Is a return to the NFL imminent for the ESPN analyst?

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39 Responses to “Jon Gruden Rumors Suggest Former Coach Will Return To NFL In 2013”

  1. Lin P. Dillard

    I hope this is not true. This guy is a jerk and can not even call a good football game. I turned on the radio when he was broadcasting. Please, Gruden, stay home.

  2. Paul Udouj

    Jon Gruden has the best publicist ever! They made the whole year about Gruden….first the Razorback job then the Tennessee job and now the NFL. STOP! It's more rumors! he's paid so well right where he is and losing doesn't cost him his job!

  3. George Eells

    Philadelphia needs to concentrate on defense bring Gruden in.

  4. George Eells

    Do you have a Superbowl ring I do not either so I guess what we say does not matter>

  5. Jeff Smith

    this coming from a dipshit holding a banjo!u gotta be kidding!

  6. Anonymous

    Considering Gruden as a possible for the Eagles or the Chargers will definitely bolster my opinion of him – being – anyone who will publicly state on ESPN that Eli Manning is the greatest quarterback in the NFL league, his judgement is very questionable.

  7. Nivek Selrauq

    He capitalize off a team Tony Dungee built.
    that's how He ended up with a Superbowl! otherwise straight garbage!(lil Chucky)

  8. Rich Strauss

    Uhhhh The Team he Left Oakland Raiders went to the SB the same year so whats your point ? Sounds like you are spewing garbage

  9. Rich Strauss

    WOW Didnt Gruden beat his Old Team The Oakland Raiders in the Super Bowl ?????? You should think before you post ! You Wusssssss

  10. Rick Cooley

    Is he really awesome? Yeah, he won a super bowl with the Bucs, BUT what caused him to get fired by the Bucs back in the 2008 season? Sometimes it's hit or miss with these coaches that people praise. He was with the Raiders for years before going to the Bucs, and he never got the Raiders to a Super Bowl. I don't even think he got them far into the playoffs, WHEN he did get them into the playoffs. That one playoff game against the Patriots, where Brady's arm was going forward, which was called the "tuck rule" remains a very controversial game. I'd rather see him doing TV color commentary.

  11. Scott Christianson

    If Gruden is a "jerk" I wonder what that makes Bill Bellchick..

  12. Rich Francis

    Yeah but he left the team so trashy to come they could have stuck with Tony Dungy. What has the Raiders done since he left Oakland……. yeah that what I thought I surprised Gruden didn't go after Tony job in indy. And yeah you stupid idiot it i know that Gruden beat the Raiders and HMMMMM I wonder why. he won so easy LICK IT BOY!!!!

  13. Mickey Fay

    I agree it was Tony Dungee's team that went to the Superbowl. That was tough to watch because I have a tremendous amount of respect for Tony. But I did enjoy watching Jon and listening to him on the radio every Monday afternoon.

  14. Anonymous

    Gruden will be back in Oakland. He just purchased a home in the Piedmont hills, and rumor has it Raiders owner Mark Davis will give Jon part ownership of the team. It's all unfinished business for Jon as he looks to rebuild the struggling franchise he was one traded for players Napoleon Harris, Phillip Buchanan and $2 Million in cash from the Bucs. Dennis Allen will either be fired or offered the Defensive Coordinator position. Take it to the bank…

  15. Anonymous

    Sorry Philly and Charger fans, Gruden will be back in Oakland. Speculation is Raiders owner Mark Davis has ALREADY had extensive talks with Jon that include part ownership of the team. Not to mention Jon has just purchased a new home in the Piedmont Hills (a few miles away from stadium). 10 years later when Al Davis traded him away for Napoleon Harris, Phillip Buchanon and $2 Million in cash from the Bucs, not to mention the SB XXXVII trophy. Don't worry, Dennis Allen will either be fired or offered the Defensive Coordinator position, it was obvious the head coaching position was too much for the 39 year old. You can take that to the bank… It's a very big risk but for a team with no playoff appearances in 10 years (or a winning record) the risk/reward factor is worth the gamble for this struggling franchise.

  16. Scott Brown

    If San Diego was smart, they should open the bank vault for Gruden. He is an excellent coach and just enough patience and fiestyness to finally set the proper attitude the Chargers need. Don't let him slip through your fingers Bolts!

  17. Gary Mack

    To the person who said jon capitalized off dungy's team…u need to get ir facts straight before u run your mouth…the team gruden played in the super bowl.."oakland raiders" was jon grudens team he built from ground up before going to tampa bay…regardless! He had a super bowl team…

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