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Woman At Wal-Mart Runs Over Teen To Get Parking Spot

Wal-Mart Teen Hit in Parking Lot

Wal-Mart customer Angela Cornett was arrested on Friday after she attempted to run over a 17-year-old customers with her SUV. According to police, the Wal-Mart customer was desperate to grab a parking spot when she attacked the teenager with her vehicle.

The Bartow County school board member now faces a misdemeanor charge. According to the official police report, the teenager didn’t want her friend to walk too far after just giving birth, so she stood in a parking spot to reserve it. Cornett, not happy with the teen’s choice, plowed into the spot.

Bartow County Sheriff’s Office told Atlanta’s Channel 2:

“She told her to move and then she pulled into the parking spot and hit her with the tire of the vehicle. They did see scuff marks on the victim’s knee, which was consistent with the height of the tire during that incident.”

In her defense, Cornett says she told the teen to move, but instead the girl “leaned against her vehicle and started to yell, ‘She hit me.’ ”

Cornett’s daughter gave the same story as her mother; however, police examined Wal-Mart security camera footage and found that the “SUV stops as (the teen) stands in the parking space and suddenly accelerates. (The teen) is struck by the vehicle, and she is physically moved by the force of the vehicle.”

The incident led to a charge of misdemeanor reckless conduct and the arrest of Angela Cornett, who later posted bond.

The teen was not seriously injured, and it is not clear at this time if she will press charges against Cornett.

Angela Cornett WalMart Crazy Driver

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70 Responses to “Woman At Wal-Mart Runs Over Teen To Get Parking Spot”

  1. Michael Feaster

    How do you get arrested if someone refuses to move out of your way and you touch them while trying to get by? I would totally fight that in court…

  2. Bonnie Maestas

    It still does not give her the right to attack a person with her vehicle. Seriously?! Maybe you shouldn't be allowed to drive, Michael Feaster

  3. Shay Kelley

    I didn't realize it was ok to "touch" someone with a moving vehicle. That's offensive to anyone who has ever been hit by a careless driver. I guess I'll start telling people, I wasn't hit by a truck, I was "touched" by it.

  4. Paula Qualls Gurley

    If you can't walk yourself into WalMart…..stay home. That goes for both parties.

  5. Deborah Chamberlain-Wilkinson

    IHave a heart people the teens friend just had a baby, was the older woman handicap?? Did she have a baby with her??? NO so she is wrong, find a new spot. I have done the same thing, I have stood in a spot for my husband, we both have physical limitations and because we are not 50 yrs old or older we get dirty looks for being handicap!! People are just rude anymore….no respect for anyone or anything!!

  6. Terry Shipps

    assault with a motor vehicle , arrest and jail time , and she should lose her job , and then be forced to be run over by the person she ran over.

  7. Sandra L Howard

    One just got out of the hospital you idiot. Not lazy like the other bimbo. Someday you won't be moving so hot and I hope someone tells you you should just stay out of their way and stay home.

  8. James Payne

    Everyone thinks they are more important than the next person.

  9. Patricia Whittom Lamagno

    "Move out of your way?" Are YOU serious? Can't YOU read? She stopped, THEN pulled into the parking space, NOT going to look for another p. space! Here ya go, re-read it! "police examined Wal-Mart security camera footage and found that the “SUV stops as (the teen) stands in the parking space and suddenly accelerates. (The teen) is struck by the vehicle, and she is physically moved by the force of the vehicle.”

  10. Terry Shipps

    handicapped and driving to wal-mart , while men and women in uniform serving to protect your freedom lose arms legs , and are sent right back into harms way, and when they get out they get nothing but spit on by you so called hanicapped . you should get dirty looks.

  11. Lisa Mann LaDuke

    yes she was too lazy–I see it all the time–parking lots have become dangerous places

  12. Marilyn Williams

    WTF? of course she should be punished – fined, suspended license, one weekend overnight in jail, apology to teen – at the very least, the above. Stupid thing to get stupid over – and dangerous reaction. If you are healthy, walk a few feet; if it's raining, get an umbrella. And most importantly, get a dang functional brain. Oooofda!

  13. Leslie May McCrobie-Easton

    Why is it so damn important for people to.park super close to the damn store I bet this woman passed a hundred other parking spots just to fight over this one close to the store. That is straight up laziness I always park

  14. Leslie May McCrobie-Easton

    At the bottom or close to the bottom of a row just to avoid this problemthis is ridiclous. People are so careless these days

  15. Marilyn Williams

    not able to be fully ambulatory? stay home and have someone shop for you. excuses excuses excuses

  16. Michael Feaster

    All of you need to learn to read better.

    “She told her to move and then she pulled into the parking spot and hit her with the tire of the vehicle. They did see scuff marks on the victim’s knee, which was consistent with the height of the tire during that incident.”
    These are the police officers words.

    So the car was pulling in, she refused to move, and the tire scuffed her knee…

    "Attack a person with her vehicle."

    "I guess I'll start telling people, I wasn't hit by a truck, I was "touched" by it."

    If someone needs to explain to you the difference between a scuff mark on your knee because you refused to move out of the way, and "attacking" someone or a serious traffic injury, you are quite insane…

  17. Mike Elder

    First, before I get jumped on I want to say that the School Board member was wrong to assault the teen with the car. Now, as far as the friend that just had the baby, nobody wants to park far from the door. It's crazy, but people circle the mall and even fitness centers looking for a close spot. It's not laziness, per say, it's cultural. We all want to park by the door.

  18. Jenny Babyy

    As many of you are taking the 17 year ols side – If it was you at walmart tryna park and some kid was standing there not moving.. im sure youd be pisses to. I highly doubt the 17 year old mentioned anything about her friend having a baby. . If thats even a true story. Why the hell is she at walmart before her friend? =

  19. Cruisin Cat

    Really Paula? If you can't make yourself presentable to be seen in public, maybe you should stay home – also, not post your picture.
    How do you like that?

  20. Cruisin Cat

    It doesn't matter what someone 'likes' Mike, you don't assault someone else. Period. Where I live, that would have earned the bitch a thorough asskicking in the WalMart parking lot.

  21. Shay Kelley

    It doesn't matter if it's a scratch, a gash or if she didn't have a red mark at all… If crazy intentionally drove her vehicle towards a person knowing the person was standing there that is negligence and assault. Surveillance video showed the girl was physically moved by the vehicle. I don't care how much of a turd a teenager can be, you do NOT and I repeat DO NOT put the pedal to the medal and run them over to get what you want.

  22. Jada Hope

    You know even handicap people like to get out once in awhile…would u like to be cooped.up 24/7?

  23. Bobby Owen

    I would expect absolutely no less from govt. school employees or walmart shoppers.

  24. Penny Reid

    its safer to park close to the door, you never know, who is going to come up and hit you in the head and steal your purse or wallet

  25. Peachez Jackson

    Regardless if the teen was lying or not, the woman should never have hit her with the car. and the woman and her daughter were both caught in a lie because of the cameras. she should have just found another parking spot and cussed the teen out if she felt the need. now she has to go through a bunch of crap because of her not using her brain as an ADULT should have. its sad really when the adult acts more childish than the kid…smh.

  26. Gail Finnell

    Most normal people would have just went and found another spot! Who cares if it is a true story? The woman should not have rammed the girl.

  27. James Payne

    This was not about the parking spot but about who we have become as society. It's all about ourselves and we cannot be civil anymore. We take our anger out on everyone but the appropriate people

  28. Jaclyn King

    Michael Feaster….. People like you and this women don't have any reason what so ever to have a drivers license if this is the way you feel and think….. For all we know yall could go out and run someone over cause they are not doing what you want and end up killing them….. The Lady should have just found a different parking spot and that is the bottom line….. There are lots of people that do the same thing that Teenager did….. So are yall just going to run anyone and everyone over that does not do what you tell them to….. THE ADULTS IN THIS SITTUATION SHOULD ACT LIKE ADULTS AND NOT 2 YEAR OLDS THAT DID NOT GET THERE WAY!!!!!! Yall need to grow up and think about what you would do in this situation if it was one of your children…..

  29. Kenzie Otto

    I say get her for felony. Vehicular assault and attempted vehicular manslaughter. What a C U Next Tuesday!

  30. Kenzie Otto

    I wouldn't count stupidity as a handicap. I'd say the bitch was just too lazy.

  31. Michael Feaster

    What drama queens you ladies are. She didn't "run her over" or "end up killing them." She pulled into the space and accidentally grazed her shin with the tire.

    There's no "holding a space" for someone in a parking lot. And if you're dumb enough to try it, I don't blame someone for just pulling into the space anyway. Unfortunately for this woman, she barely grazed the delusional teen with her tire. And that has made you dingbats go off in a frenzy about murder and mayhem. There was no murder, she wasn't run over. She was blocking a public parking spot and refused to move and someone pulled in and grazed her shin with their tire while doing so.

    Some people are too stupid to read the news. The headline reads "Woman At Wal-Mart Runs Over Teen To Get Parking Spot." While the real story is, teen was accidentally grazed on her shin by tire while other person was parking, as she tried to block the parking space under some kindergarten belief that you can save a car space for someone. It's first come first serve with public parking people. And getting bumped because you're impeding someone's movement doesn't constitute attempted murder.

    This is getting thrown out of court, just watch. The judge is going to say, parking is first come first serve. Impeding someone's movement is actually a crime itself. And mistakenly barely bumping someone because they are INTENTIONALLY trying to get in your way is not a crime. There's no damages. Case dismissed…

    Now don't you women have some more stray cats to add to your collections? All this time hyperventilating about murder over a scratch on the knee you could be out collecting more cats. Think of all the cats you could be saving! How selfish of you! WHO'S GOING TO TAKE IN ALL THE CATS!

  32. Heather Hyden

    apparently its not safer to park close to the door because someone got hurt in the process.. I agree its just plain laziness..I cant even count how many times I almost got hit because some jerk pulls into the spot before me and they were right behind me!.. I had an old dude almost hit me once just to get to the gas pump first.. Its laziness and bad manners is all it is..

  33. Kenzie Otto

    My family has had a similar experience. We'd been trying to back out of a Kohl's store and some lady ran to her car in a last-ditch effort to beat us out, dumb b*tch almost rear-ended us! My parents hopped out of the car and yelled at her. If I had the chance, I'd probably have pressed charges on the woman now, since the car is in my possession. It's a bit dinged up in the back, but that was failure to prevent an accident on her part.

  34. Kym Sheree Stephens

    People are such walking time bombs! Come on folk lets strive for a lil' bit more self-control in the new some cases or can be lifesaving! js SMH

  35. Dave Draper

    I would expect nothing less from people in Atlanta. I say we build a big wall around that festering blight, and send Snake Plissken in.

  36. Patricia Sanderson

    Both wrong.
    Do not be the fool standing in an empty spot, with the misguided view that you have any claim to it.
    Also, do not be the violent jerk that decides to physically remove the fool from that spot.

    This is why I park soooo far away from store entrances. I have no need to be closer.
    I'd like to say the exercise is good for me, but I might still get hit while walking on the way in.

  37. Pamela Troisi

    Marilyn Williams, How dare someone want to go out that is not "fully ambulatory"! At least you said they should stay home and not institutionalized or better yet, exterminated in a Nazi concentration camp like Hitler would have. Let's hope you never have trouble getting around one day, someone may just think you should be put out to pasture. Shame on you and your intolerance! What is WRONG with you?!?!

  38. Kenzie Otto

    But did she have any right to assault the poor girl? I don't think so. You say the poor girl was making excuses, but the other woman did more of it!

  39. Deborah Hoff

    Some people become bullies when they are in SUVs. They forget there is still the law. About three weeks ago I was driving on a two lane when the SUV in the other lane started to drift into my lane before passing me. I was just doing the speed limit so I could have been passed easily. Instead this SUV driver attempted to run me off the road and forced me to break so this person could get into my lane to make a right turn.

  40. Dutch Alexander

    As her employer I would re-evaluate the moral code portion of her contract.

  41. Paula Qualls Gurley

    If she is not ambulatory then she needs to get a handicapped parking permit. I have had 3 children and until I was able to get around, I did send others to do my shopping. If she can't walk from her car to the store, how is she going to walk around the store. Or her friend could have dropped her off at the door and parked.

  42. Joan Wilcox

    Don't carry a purse or wallet that is obvious when I carry my purse it is usually empty and if someone steals it then I would let them and they think they really got something and I go to my car without being bothered. I am a truck driver and I Park in the back lot of truck stops and walk if I have to use truck stops at all, the walk will do wonders for your mood, as for the lurking person outside always walk with your head up and alert look everyone in the eye that you meet, if they are up to no good they will look away and not bother you as you have just proven that you are the dominant one. No Offense to guys but they are like dogs especially agressive ones they do not like to be looked at straight in the eye, they will always look away and kind of slink away. Also park by the garden center no one parks there and it is close to walk to the store, maybe you have to walk a little further once in side but the excersize will do you good, even if you are mildly handycapped,

  43. Michael Feaster

    Connie, while you have been wasting time on Facebook so many cats are wandering around in the cold without nice homes. Please you stop being selfish and go out and rescue more cats. Bonnie, Shay, Patricia, and Jaclyn can't do it all on their own.
    You should be either out collecting cats, or knitting hundreds of little tie-dyed T-shirts out of hemp to keep your cats warm. The fact that you have allowed your sense of civic duty slip to this degree is tragic.
    I will pray to Gaia that you come to your senses before more cats are forced to suffer.

  44. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Neither one of them was right. Of course the woman in the car was wrong, but I am really tired of the mentality of "I have more right because………"………….no, you don't.

  45. YvetteJeannine Boucher

    I personally like parking a little farther out; it's good to walk as much as we can; especially in this society when everthing is so easily accessible to us and we don't have to lift a damn finger anymore. The ONLY time I'll purposely look for a close spot is when it is REALLY REALLY cold and then my asthma bothers me a lot. It makes me so sick when I see fully ambulatory ppl parking in Handicapped spots. And I see it more than one would think. I am also rather shocked at some of the posts I have seen regarding this article; ppl saying that if you 'can't walk into the store stay home'. Wow. I care for folks with special needs (many whom are in wheelchairs), and they deserve to get out as much as anyone else. Shame on us as a society when it has come to THIS–grown women (on a school board, no less) hitting people! Maybe the girl did get nasty; she well may have. That woman should have just been the more mature individual, and drove on. What if that teen fell under the tire or something? Then we would be posting about manslaughter. It only takes a couple seconds to fck up your life forever.

  46. Michele Volovski

    That has ALWAYS been a pet peeve for me. I would have to be completely incapacitated, in a wheelchair, or extremely old and brittle, to use a handicap spot. Nothing like watching someone park in a handicap spot and then spend hours walking around a mall shopping. I dated someone who took advantage and it was one of those things that bothered me tremendously and turned me off. Was fine to walk around stores, walk the dogs, etc., but had to take a handicap spot? Then you see a very old couple outside having to park father away because the spot is taken. Grrrrr!

  47. RitaRose Rodriguez

    What an idiot, good image to show her daughter. She may even lose her position ar the school board. She does not meet the qualifications to handle students. I think she deserves to be sued and punishment. Send her to anger management she needs it.

  48. Dutch Alexander

    Why did she and her daughter not also have the charge of lying to an officer during an official statement/investigation. If she lies about something simple what else does she have the ability or lack of moral code to lie about? She definitely needs to resign her job. I'm confused about one thing though, if 60% of Americans are overweight why are we all fighting each other to not exercise a little bit by parking in the back of the parking lot?

  49. Toni AndAlvin Ayers

    How is it this violent woman was only charged with a misdemeanor speaking as a black man had that been me i would have been charged with felony aggrivated vehicular assault and would definitely serve penitentiary time this is blatent good ole fashion racism at its finest people WAAKE UUPP!!!

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