Woman At Wal-Mart Runs Over Teen To Get Parking Spot

Wal-Mart customer Angela Cornett was arrested on Friday after she attempted to run over a 17-year-old customers with her SUV. According to police, the Wal-Mart customer was desperate to grab a parking spot when she attacked the teenager with her vehicle.

The Bartow County school board member now faces a misdemeanor charge. According to the official police report, the teenager didn’t want her friend to walk too far after just giving birth, so she stood in a parking spot to reserve it. Cornett, not happy with the teen’s choice, plowed into the spot.

Bartow County Sheriff’s Office told Atlanta’s Channel 2:

“She told her to move and then she pulled into the parking spot and hit her with the tire of the vehicle. They did see scuff marks on the victim’s knee, which was consistent with the height of the tire during that incident.”

In her defense, Cornett says she told the teen to move, but instead the girl “leaned against her vehicle and started to yell, ‘She hit me.’ ”

Cornett’s daughter gave the same story as her mother; however, police examined Wal-Mart security camera footage and found that the “SUV stops as (the teen) stands in the parking space and suddenly accelerates. (The teen) is struck by the vehicle, and she is physically moved by the force of the vehicle.”

The incident led to a charge of misdemeanor reckless conduct and the arrest of Angela Cornett, who later posted bond.

The teen was not seriously injured, and it is not clear at this time if she will press charges against Cornett.

Angela Cornett WalMart Crazy Driver

[Wal-Mart image via Northfoto / Shutterstock]