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Kathy Griffin-Anderson Cooper Times Square Broadcast: Comedian Kisses CNN Host’s ‘Sardine’ [Video]

kathy griffen anderson cooper CNN Times Square

Kathy Griffin got very frisky with New Year’s Eve broadcast partner Anderson Cooper on CNN‘s Times Square coverage last night. On national television, she apparently tickled him in a sensitive area and later kissed his “sardine.”

Cooper responded to the initial contact by saying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have no sack of gifts here,” at which point Griffin asked “you’re calling your privates your Christmas presents?”

Later, after cutting to a remote in Eastport, Maine where residents traditionally kiss a statute of an eight-foot-sardine on New Year’s, Griffin … well, you can watch the video below.

Interestingly enough, Griffin admitted in the midst of this stunt that she was going on David Letterman soon “and he wants a moment.”

Newsbusters, which captured the Kathy Griffin-Anderson Cooper interaction, noted that, “no matter what vulgar things Kathy Griffin does on CNN‘s live New Year’s Eve broadcasts, the folks at the supposedly most trusted name in news continue to invite her back.”

On the other side of the political spectrum, Gawker presented this analysis of Griffin’s Times Square behavior:

“Kathy Griffin continued her annual New Years Eve tradition of making her CNN co-host Anderson Cooper squirm and giggle in front of the massive crowd in Times Square and the families watching at home. Cooper’s coming out this year apparently had no effect on his attitude toward getting felt up by Griffin in public because he was just as red-faced as he was in years past.”

According to TMZ, “Anderson was a good sport, but seemed genuinely annoyed after her first few trips downtown.” MSN opined that, “because in the Kathy Griffin playbook, if there’s one thing funnier than sexual harassment, it’s repeated sexual harassment.”

The New York Daily News offered this advice to the CNN anchor for future reference:

“Memo to Anderson Cooper: Your resolution for 2013 may want to be to stop inviting Kathy Griffin back for CNN’s New Year’s Eve live coverage.”

Do you think that Kathy Griffin is funny or do her attempts at being edgy come across as tedious and obnoxious?

Watch the Kathy Griffin-Anderson Cooper New Year’s Eve video:

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55 Responses to “Kathy Griffin-Anderson Cooper Times Square Broadcast: Comedian Kisses CNN Host’s ‘Sardine’ [Video]”

  1. Reta Lane

    This is an embarrassment to the people of the United States. Griffin is such a disgusting woman!

  2. Shirley Morrison

    Don't invite her back. Embarrassing to watch with grandchildren.

  3. Lana Darling Thomas

    Kathy Griffin is probably very sweet underneath, but her act is extremely obnoxious and dangerous to our upcoming little society. Anderson use to be on his game. Being partnered on New Year's Eve with her?, Does not do well for him.
    Please get her off of our air space!

  4. Anonymous

    RELAX people, Kathy & Anderson are good friends off camera, which is why she is able to all that she does to him. If it upset him, she WOULDN'T be back, if she hurt CNN's ratings, she WOULDN'T be back! Think about that…

  5. Mary Bullock

    Kathy Griffin might as well be a prostitute she is such a slut! Report her and CNN to the FCC. I was watching withmy children and grandchildren and had my neighbors over too. Dick Clark was high class. She is polution!

  6. Gisele Billone

    It's our yearly New Year's Eve tradition to watch the Ball drop at Times Square but we've made it our resolution to no longer watch it if they continue to invite that ignorant loud mouth no class act disgusting want to be funny woman!

  7. Gisele Billone

    It's our yearly New Year's Eve tradition to watch the Ball drop at Times Square but we've made it our resolution to no longer watch it if they continue to invite that ignorant loud mouth no class act disgusting wanna be funny woman!

  8. Marla Nestel

    Oh, but is ok to watch killing, rape, murder, hoarding and incest on tv….Get real. We know Kathy's schtick….Don't watch her…. Idiots…She is one of the funniest comedians around…

  9. Peg Boukalis

    I love kathy, but new years eve she should be ashamed of herself. I feel that since anderson came out what she did was mocking him shame on her.

  10. Allison DeBlonde

    Then they should do that in private NOT on national television. It was gross. I have never been a fan of hers and now that I'm reading that he is friends with her and allowed it, I'm no longer a fan of his.

  11. Allison DeBlonde

    I've never liked her loud mouth disgusting tactics. She's gross.

  12. Anonymous

    Kathy will do anything for attention. She is just too trashy for me. I used to think she was funny, but now she's just gross. Anderson has too much class to be paired with her.

  13. Christine Fansler Marshall

    Kathy was just being herself and I'm sure the producers knew what she would do and they want rantings. I was not offended by her actions , it was lighthearted joking with a friend, which she and Cooper clearly are. As for those offended , there were two other New Years shows on other networks and it is your CHOICE to decide which one to watch. If you didn't like what you were watching you should have simply changed the channel. I found Kathy and Anderson to be funny and entertaining and preferred them over watching a certain singer sing " never ever ever".. Blah blah.

  14. Robert Drzewiczewski

    She was just awful-turned off the show-reminded me of Rosanne Barr grabbing her crotch-disgusting-those index cards were also terrible-the show missed most of the real news and high points and focused on that moron-waste of time.

  15. Rogene Martin

    "Bless her heart", 'bout the best I can say. she's after anything to keep her name "out there". I do not choose to watch anything she is in, on, or concerned with. She is desperate. I'm not worried about CNN or Mr. Anderson – he is all grown up. Just making my own choices.

  16. Billy Bob Baggins

    When will we acknowledge that as Americans we have plummeted to new depths of LOW, PROFANE, DISGUSTING, & BANAL? Dick Clark is turning over in his grave. I'm fed up with TV–don't even watch anymore. It's FOUL.

  17. Gisele Billone

    Right on! I feel the exact way..after all there is a time and a place for everything!! She made a fool of herself and him and I believe it will affect CNN's ratings!

  18. Gisele Billone

    Right on! I feel the exact way..after all there is a time and a place for everything!! She made a fool of herself and him and I believe it will affect CNN's ratings!

  19. Anonymous

    So you are saying that you APPROVE of her vile, nasty antics on national TV?

  20. Robert Boyd

    She's looking more and more like Joan Rivers every day. She might want to back off on the plastic surgery for her resolution.

  21. Anonymous

    She's looking more like Joan Rivers every day. She might want to back off the plastic surgery for her new years resolution.

  22. Dorothy Joanne Dyer

    But if we choose to watch murder and mayhem it's just in a tv show – it's not real. Unfortunately, what we watched that pig griffin doing was REAL AND IN REAL TIME!

  23. Homer Redding

    She is a disgusting pig.. Frankly she should be brought up on sexual charges….

  24. Frank Horning

    Get rid of her…she has been a blight since she was on Seinfeld and continues to be so. Gotta be someone better than this knucklehead out there. She would make a good character on the next zombie movie!

  25. Melissa Mattila Sorenson

    I thought it was obnoxious & couldn't believe they were allowing it on the air. She actually used the word 'oral' at one point. I thought Anderson was genuinely embarrassed by the whole thing, too. And she just kept doing it, over and over. It wasn't a bit funny.

  26. James Frazier

    If watching someone portay going down on someone on national tv did not offend you..then you are pathetic.Being yourself is no excuse for lude behavior of any kind. People like you are the reason our country is goig down a shit hole.

  27. Anonymous

    Nothing sadder than to see a woman in her 50s trying to be "cute" and "relevant" with younger people. She's an embarrassment to those unfortunate enough to be watching her desperate antics. Sad, sad, sad.

  28. Jan Vales

    Her behavior is not funny, not entertaining….but it IS tiresome, tedious and just plain old. Somebody please get this skank off the air!

  29. Shirley Morrison

    If a man had done that to a woman, he would be sitting in jail. Felt so sorry for Anderson Cooper.

  30. J.c. Webb

    I think she does this for attention, because her comedy act sure isn't funny. She is a washed up comedian that is starving for tv coverage. And look who gives it to her. Just get rid of her. That's not what I wanted my kids to see on New Years Eve. Keep Anderson, dump her, please!

  31. Sharon Brooks

    She's disgusting, nothing funny about repeatedly making your fellow host uncomfortable, and if he had done that crap to her, there would be grounds for a lawsuit. Really diminished the whole show….and I would never watch her again.

  32. Tim Starnes

    Yes, this one comedienne causes the whole nation to be embarrassed. Especially those who didn't watch it, or here about it, or who cared about it. We should ALL be so upset….prude.

  33. Marc Ladewig

    Keep the handiwipes handy when she's slingin' the yuks. In a word, she ain't funny. Why did she cross the road? She got chased outta town.

  34. Tim Starnes

    I guess that's worse than a Christian Straight man who assualts little kids huh? Like all those good straight Christian priests?

  35. Anonymous

    I tried to watch a little but, I went right back to Dick Clarks Rockin New Years Eve show on Fox and it was much better!
    Jenny Macarthy was funny and nothing like Kathy Griffin! I also like Ryan Seacrest because he reminds me of Dick Clark!

  36. Cecelia Rescigno

    I use to like anderson cooper but new years eve AC acted as trashy as griffin acted. does cnn really think that KG and AC' behavior is the wave of the future for TV. seems we are already there. we need, to reverse that trend. asap, instead of encouraging it. .It was embarrassing to watch and yes, I also turned CNN off. certainly with a bad taste in my mouth that will linger.

  37. Allison DeBlonde

    And I'm sure CNN wants viewers to change the channel to the other stations showing New Year's Eve programs…..that what people will surely do next year if the Hack Griffin is on again. No way to get ratings up there. I did not watch CNN this year b/c Griffin was on and won't again next year if she's on. So, as you clearly said, if you don't want to watch her, watch another channel…I'm sure CNN will be most appreciative.

  38. Allison DeBlonde

    Ted Sarsfield What does his sexual preference have to do with anything? He was totally professional (in the clip since I didn't watch the program due to Griffin).

  39. Cindy Rutledge

    There is no need for such trashy behavior on national TV. Families with children were watching. What read the network thinking?!

  40. Bahb Cruz

    Laugh-a-minute! What a card that Kathy is! Thank those two for a wonderful, hilarious New Year's Eve – with the added bonus of an appearance from Honey Boo Boo!

  41. Larry Lynch

    i see you are very confused as to what the bible teachs about immorality. the catholic "church" is riddled with sodomites…..

  42. Sylvia Webb Daigle

    Some one told us about this! How sad they should have locked her up! Right there on TV. She is trash, children stayed up that night. God see all!

  43. Marian Schumacher

    Is this supposed to be journalism? It had nothing to do with the Times Square celebration. Would have been better just to show it without their comments. This tradition is ruined!

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