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Neil Armstrong Lied About ‘One Small Step’ Line

neil armstrong

Neil Armstrong lied about the famous line he said when stepping onto the surface of the moon.

On July 20, 1969, Armstrong placed his boot onto the rocky surface of the moon and said: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

The Business Insider reports that Armstrong always said that the line was actually garbled when it was transmitted back to earth and that he actually said “a” before the word “man.” The astronaut also says that he thought of the line a few hours before landing on the surface of the moon. According to Armstong, he said “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

According to Armstrong’s brother Neil, the astronaut told the truth about the missing “a,” but Armstrong lied about when he thought up the line. According to Dean, Neil thought up the line months before Apollo 11 headed off on its historic flight.

Dean said that his brother told him about the line while they were playing a game of Risk before the shuttle launch. Dean insists that the “a” was on the sheet of paper that his brother handed to him.

Dean said:

“Before he went to the Cape, he invited me down to spend a little time with him. He said ‘why don’t you and I, once the boys go to bed, why don’t we play a game of Risk. I said I’d enjoy that. We started playing Risk and then he slipped me a piece of paper and said ‘read that’. I did. On that piece of paper there was ‘That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’. He says ‘what do you think about that?’ I said ‘fabulous’. He said ‘I thought you might like that, but I wanted you to read it’. It was ‘that is one small step for A man.”

So Neil told the truth, according to Dean, about the missing “a,” but he lied about when he thought up the quote. Why would Neil do that?

According to Dr Christopher Riley, a lecturer in science and media at Lincoln University, Neil probably said that he thought of the line a few hours before landing so that he wouldn’t have to field question about the inspiration behind the quote before the flight.

Riley said:

“I think the reason he always claimed he’d thought it up after landing was that he was bombarded by suggestions in the run up to the mission, and found them a distraction to the business of landing on the Moon. It was probably easier to just say that he’d thought it up after landing, thus dodging the issue of where the words came from, and who maybe suggested them, or influenced him.”

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166 Responses to “Neil Armstrong Lied About ‘One Small Step’ Line”

  1. Jason Stern

    Just what the 'Hollywood-staged-Moon-landing' conspiracy theorists needed to start their new year off right!

  2. Jason Mettler

    You mean how the vacuum of space can't accept heat since it's an insulator so the A/C units on the astronauts suits wouldn't work? Or the fact that the suits were pressurized to 5 psi over the ambient pressure of 0 psi, making it impossible to move fingers to do dextrous work/experiments? Or maybe you mean the 'accident' NASA made of 'erasing' the original footage and having to go to Hollywood to 'put it back together?' Or you could be referring to all the shadow retouch done to pictures from the moon because the originals showed diffuse lighting (which can't happen without an atmosphere)? I don't think a comment by Neil Armstrong is necessary to punch serious holes in the 'standard' version

  3. Anonymous

    Can anyone explain why isn't the flag or the lunar module visible on any of the more than 5 scans of the moon, or from the earth surface, or from space…

  4. Anonymous

    There is plenty of technology available. Can you explain why isn't the flag or the lunar module visible on any of the more than 5 scans of the moon, or from the earth surface, or from space…

  5. Matthew Ogden

    the flag the neil and buzz put on the moon was to close to the lunar module so when the took off it got blown over and more then likely got covered in dust along the way.

  6. Ann Van Fossen Gauf

    really? who cares… let's just try to destroy the image of another American hero.. does it really matter when he thought of it or if he left an "a" out of it. who cares… doesn't take away from the fact that he stepped on the moon. oh my goodness, anything to destroy an American Icon… wow, how sad…

  7. Dan Roberts

    I know the flag was planted to close to the lunar lander so when they lifted off from the surface it was blown down from the ascent engine gases. So the flag is lying down probably covered with lunar soil and that is why you can't see the flag. As far as why you can't see the descent stage, I have no idea. Maybe it has to do with the position of the sun/shadows when you try to view it? Sorry.

  8. Patti Viveros

    who cares whether he said an "a" or not. He walked on the moon – that is what mattered.

  9. Doris Storlien

    It is a sad thing, when his own brother is the one that is supposedly the one saying it. Why would he say his brother lied, is beyond me.

  10. Anonymous

    Wow, Is this what news is going to be like in the new year?
    Amazing progress!

  11. Doris Storlien

    Who really cares if he did or he didn't say it one way or the other. He did something that no one else had done and no one else will ever do………… the first man to set foot on the moon. He is still a NASA hero, in my eyes.

  12. Kelly Sanders

    totally agree, Who cares and SO sad somebody actually got a byline for this nonsense. I thought he really "Lied" about something; like actually standing lol on the moon.

  13. Mark Edwards

    And then you decide to waste another 30 seconds typing about it? That's smart.

  14. Anonymous

    BFD! He was the first man to walk on the moon. Who cares what he said or intended to say. He is a real American hero and always will be. Who thinks up this crap to write about?

  15. Anonymous

    this is news you should be ashamed of yourself…no wonder why your a freelance on the internet…leave that great man alone…

  16. David N Courtney Clinton

    that's a lot of fuss about one letter but I don't understand how he had this speech ready when he was not suppose to be the first person to set foot on the moon. Buzz Aldrin was the man but because of the seating on the space ship and Buzz's suit not working properly Niel Armstrong had the honors so I do not think any thing is staged about it.

  17. Carole Hawkins Aguirre

    This man was stepping out of a space ship onto the moon! It's amazing he could even speak.

  18. Bill Robinson

    Being the first man to step foot on the moon I think he has erned the right to "Lie" as this article puts it. Just think about how mind blowing awsume this must have been for him. Most of us would not remember what we had planned to say or what we even said. I for one would have been scared half to death.

  19. Jeff Glenn

    and, the relevance of this story is? I don't care when he thought that line up… he walked on the moon, that's what counts!

  20. David Barnett

    What a bastard, calling your own brother a liar! An american icon, and his own brother calling him a liar, wow, how do we know this creatin is telling the truth? This chump is just trying to get his fifteen minutes by making a mockery of a great american feat.

  21. Bennett Elliott

    Gotta be bullshit or it would have come out years ago! If he would have said that when Neil was alive he would have kicked his ass!

  22. Nancy Bee

    Why worry about when he decided on the words – he landed on the moon – he's a great American hero – enough said.

  23. Philippe Robichaux

    Are you GD kidding me! they're going after one of our Nations' greatest heroes over the use of a single LETTER? WTF!

  24. Zach Thoroman


  25. Jackie Suzanne Matlock

    The difference is, he went to the moon and they didn't. We humans only put people on a pedestal to make it easier to throw rocks at them.

  26. George Polyak

    Do you so-called journalist have nothing better to do than find fault with EVERYTHING American and what Americans' have accoumplished. You obviously know nothing about that generation of Hero's and Exporlers. The inquisiter needs to shut the hell up. Who ever wrote this needs to be FIRED Immediately, Leave this GREAT AMERICAN PATRIOT ALONE to rest in peace…YOU JACKASS!

  27. Chuck Smith

    Yet another reason why most reporting/journalism in the USA completely sucks today. What a non story by even a more worthless writer/editor. You're idiots. Ridiculous!

  28. Clarkson Nevets

    there is never anything wrong with the truth. As much as it hurts. You've been enlightened, be happy.

  29. Zach Thoroman

    I am sorry, but slandering peoples heroes is narcissistic and heartless. The media use to have tact, now all they care about is causing frenzy. This is another reason why I'd rather be ignorant of the news anymore.

  30. Patty Veach-Lentz

    Holy Cow…My kids are right…yahoo really does suck.

  31. Audrey VanSurksum Eppinga

    I'm sure there was a lot of anticipation and a lot of thought about the upcoming flight. Of course his mind was thinking if and of that moment. When does it matter that he thought that line… he thought that line. Maybe some people need to get a life and quit splitting hairs.

  32. Bob Richards

    Well of course the biggest lie is that the moon landing never actually happened. The whole "event" was created in a massive film studio in LA.

  33. Tom Miner

    who really cares we need to worry about what are leaders (Yea Right they could not lead a horse to water) Are doing to this country.

  34. Morris Deborah

    Gee wiz, what in the world is the big deal. So….how does that slip actually change the meaning?

  35. Judy Sanders

    He could have said the F word for all I care. I would have said Holy S___ I just stepped on the moon.

  36. Andy Barrett

    So what? Why do you need to go out of your way to denigrate the memory of a great human being?

  37. Morris Deborah

    This story is about irrelavent as one about Kim Kardashian.

  38. Clarkson Nevets

    wow, so many angry people. No one is saying he isn't great, no one is saying he should be removed from history books… none of that. The author didn't write it, why are you tripping about something that was never said?

    The point is, the famous line was not thought of "on the spot" ; it was planned. End of story. Stop running away with over-the-top emotional posts and think a bit.

  39. Howard Walker

    Obama and Hillary tell lies to cover up the deaths of our Ambassador and Seals in Benghazi but the press ignores their outrage lies , but creates a story "Amstrong lied" over the letter A. Irrevelant and who the hell cares you jerks.

  40. Robert Taylor

    The man Neil Armstrong has served his purpose while he was here on earth, and, in outer space, so, my question is, where do you "late brain farts" get off bringing up idiotic questions as to whether the man lied or not on such a elementary topic. Whom ever wrote this article, your grey noodles needs to do a bit more forming and maturing, before you can even began to subscribe any sorts of editorical articles for the public to read. "Happy New Year"!

  41. Clarkson Nevets

    there is never anything wrong with the truth. As much as it hurts. You've been enlightened, be happy. As for the other nonsense like destroying an American icon, etc – those are your words, not the authors'. Take a chillpill.

  42. Anonymous

    to whoever wrote this: are you that desperate for a topic, can't you find ANYTHING better to write about? I'm from Wapakoneta, Oh where Neil grew up. My dad put together his homecoming parade there. Neil is a good decent man. I'm quite sure something this trivial had no malicious intent. Get over it.

  43. Darren Brooks

    I think he lied about landing on the moon it was all staged in the studio's. and think about this why have we never went back.

  44. Cheryl Kastuk

    And why would his brother give him up after he dies? You can't even trust your own family!

  45. Anonymous

    He should be buried in The Chechen Republic, lying to us like that…

  46. Anonymous

    . Hey Democrats! Coast to Coast listeners know what this is all about. shame on you.

  47. Peter Karl

    Terrorists such as your news agency are not well liked by those of us who have no insults for a task that your feeble minds can not even begin to comprehend. When your uneducated brains can learn how we are to appreciate a great accomplishment, you might stop throwing bombs at things that should be left alone. Until that time, you will only by hurting those who have set great examples. But then too, this might explain why you do not follow the word of our Lord. Because if you did, you just might accomplish one small step for mankind.

  48. Roger Sun

    This correction is immaterial and distracting; the journalists were just eating up type space on a slow news day, like a sophomore who scribbles an essay about yesterday's food and the "impoverishment of modern food aid" an hour before class.

  49. Dave Lenckus

    Not only is this not a very relevant story, it's full of errors. Neil's brother initially is identified as Neil rather than Dean. Plus, throughout the artice, the writer goes back an forth between whether Neil said he thought of the line a few hours before landing or after he landed but a few hours before stepping on the moon.

  50. Michael Tange

    Maybe another reporter can write a story about why anyone gives a rip. There is so much going on in this world that to dwell on this is just pathetic and un-needed.

  51. Brad Beaupain

    Whether he included "a" ahead of "man", which is plausible and really adds more intrigue to the quote or not…to say he lied is irresponsible. Garbled tapes or not, don't tarnish the event with a nonsense such as this. He can't even defend his quote anymore. RIP Mr. Armstrong, a true hero.

  52. Anonymous

    There always has to be something. Leave Neil Armstrong's legacy in peace. These people today.

  53. Anonymous

    There always has to be something. Leave Neil Armstrong's legacy in peace. These people today.

  54. Jennifer Joyce Maceyko

    People actually get paid to write stories like this? Why try to rain on this part of "History"? Agree Leave it ALONE — non story and NON Issue! This story is beyond pathetic and a wasted "read"!

  55. Mary Lou Smith- Walter

    we have bigger problems in this country. why don't they try to help that.

  56. Anthony Paul Lisanti

    Neil Armstrong is a HERO, and May He Rest in Peace–God Bless Neil Armstrong-
    Cannot this moronic Yahoo find something more "Interesting" to write about? Something like "JLo's New Year's Eve/Halloween Costume" or some "PROMINANT" Actress whom is NOT at all Racist of course, adopting some poor child from Senegal, or Moldova? OR some Actor/actress whom makes their Living in Stupid Movies that are about Mass Killings and Violence; and on their otherside, want to Impose Gun Control on me? Something really NORMAL that Yahoo usualy engages in. I am going to(Hopefully) find some NORMAL Webuser that is not so insane as Yahoo. Find one, please?

  57. Barbara Mallory Newton

    Non story is right! It was so poorly written and irrelevant that I couldn't understand it. Just terrible…and petty.

  58. Sharon Maxwell-Yamamoto

    Who the hell cares? It's a great quote. What is the fuss? I don't get it.

  59. Chad Gaglioti

    So funny! Everything we have been told about history and religion has been a lie, yet we keep on going with it. The EARTH is flat like most of the articles here.

  60. Marcus Davis

    Zzzzzzz This changes nothing. Neil Armstrong has still accomplished amazing things during his lifetime and is an American hero/icon. If a missing letter is the biggest dirt on him then I need an explanation as to why this is news.

  61. Jack Dietz

    this is not news. This oversight was admitted to a while back. But what was said was better- and it is a non story then and is a non story now.

  62. Jerry Pritikin

    Who the fuck cares! I was told that George Washington never told a lie in his life in grammar school! I knew that was a lie when I was 7 years old… but when it comes to modern history… it seems that his brother was jealous to even tell anyone the B.S. story. I will never read another story from this site again and that's no lie!

  63. Nocona Youngblood

    I find it amazing how quickly the vultures come out to tear you down AFTER you die, rather than challenge you while you're still alive and able to beat that ass.

  64. Ben Benitez

    The evil person who wrote the article and other people in the media of today are trying to destroy another American hero. Just read the headline. Neil Armstrong "lied". And how do we know, "Dean Armstrong got it right. He is very old now. He might even have his facts wrong. Anyways, Neil Armstrong is famous for being the first man to walk on the Moon not for uttering the first words after he landed on the Moon.

  65. BonnieSue Bradshaw

    Oh, for Christ's sake. Don't we have anything else to think about than whether a guy put in the "a," or when he though of it? How about preventing mass shooting tragedies? The "fiscal cliff"? JHC on a popsicle stick!

  66. Philip Curcio

    When are we going to read more stories about the low, hypocritical lives of news writers, journalists and other empty–headed media people?

  67. Philip Curcio

    When are we going to read more stories about the low, hypocritical lives of news writers, journalists and other empty–headed media people?

  68. Ben Benitez

    What an idiotic and mean spirited story! Neil is famous for landing on the Moon –not for saying a few words after he landed on the Moon. The writer is trying to discredit one of our greatest American heroes. Shame on him!

  69. Tony Rodriguez

    One small line one giant crappy story! when a story breaks the media is in such a hurry to get it out to the public they get it all goofed up,,,

  70. Ashlynn Jennings

    Really? Wow, you are going to wait until a legend dies to insult him in this way? This article was poorly written, and I find it just terrible. Neil Armstrong was a great man, who really gives a shit WHEN he thought up this line?

  71. Paul Highland

    This makes me feel I can easily do this writer's job. How about a story about how WTC 7 falls at near free fall. I got one.

  72. Jody Fitzpatrick

    Grr! We always try to make someone look like a liar instead of seeing the other great things he did – all because of the letter 'A' I feel sorry for mankind.

  73. James Kingsland

    Shame on you for this reporting. We're any of you even alive when this Man made this historic journey? The Man is an Icon in my eye's as well as millions more (excuse me, I meant to say "A" million more)!

  74. James Kingsland

    Shame on you for this reporting. We're any of you even alive when this Man made this historic journey? The Man is an Icon in my eye's as well as millions more (excuse me, I meant to say "A" million more)!

  75. James Kingsland

    Shame on you for this reporting. We're any of you even alive when this Man made this historic journey? The Man is an Icon in my eye's as well as millions more (excuse me, I meant to say "A" million more)!

  76. Buddy Last

    Your talking about one of our nations hero's let it alone let him RIP he made history kids look up to this great man don't destroy the legend.If you want to WRITE SOMETHING BAD ABOUTsomebody pick out someone WHO IS DESTROYING ALL OUR RIGHTS.

  77. Clayton M Frazier

    Why does it even matter? Man without an "a" still implies the same thing. He walked on the moon, so he can say whatever he wants.

  78. Kevin Green

    Way to go media! Bad mouthing a hero at a pivotal moment in world history and in the next article they'll be sucking up to the Kardashians.

  79. Al Hart

    "According to Armstrong’s brother Neil, the astronaut told the truth…" Where's the editor? "This is my brother, Darrel an' my other brother, Darrel." C'mon, get with it!

  80. Jeff Roddam

    Does anyone really care? if you had told us it was filmed in the Nevada desert, we might be interested. REAL reporting people please!

  81. Anonymous


  82. Doug Dunning

    For fuck's sake.. all of the problem's we have in the world and this is what people choose to report on a dead man who is and will always be a hero trying to slander him for something insignificant? This my friends is why our world is going to shit no priorities.Did it ever occur to any of these people that they are only feeding the problem? That this is what the gov and half the time the intent of news organizations? They want to create a culture People who would rather hear anything about a celebrity or some random shit than something that actually matters. That's how our so called representatives get away with robbing us everyday people just don't care anymore but they eat this stupid shit up. Now don't get me wrong there are intelligent people out there who know what's going on they are just out numbered in a horde of ignoramuses. I mean what's it say about and this just applies to the U.S. A country that will let the government destroy their bill of rights in legislation and only a few people give a shit. Then youtube or the internet is threatened and millions including big corporations get behind stopping it? Priorities people seriously we need better priorities as a people. That's one small step backwards for man and one GIANT leap for stupidity.

  83. Marcus Underdog Dede

    They must have monkeys coming up with news nowadays because this was irrelevant the guy just died how you gone say he lied

  84. Thomas Orbacz

    Do you flackin' idiots who produced this story have nothing better to do? The media is compsed of a bunch of clowns; what a bunch of clowns!

  85. Mason Foley

    Lie? Really? Your rag is anything but inquisitive. Pathetic and cynical on your part.

  86. Neal Dickens

    Kind of loose with the "L" word here Mr Dan Evon. Headline couldn't be: "More Details on Arstrong's Landing Statement to the World"? No, that would not draw very many to the story, would it? Was he totally honest on about when his statement was formed in his mind? Okay, no but you know this headline will get those NASA skeptics stirred up and everthing from the mission was totally fake(filmed in Arizona?) to he was on the moon dancing around for hours before he transmitted the landing statement or he made it before he stepped down, thoughts as these abound. Another leap by The Inquisitr for mankind.

  87. Jim Bowlin

    Sounds more like a misrepresentation than a lie. I can't blame him for not wanting to field a gazillion questions from the media.

  88. David Braun

    Neil Armstrong is perhaps the most permanently historic person of the 20th and 21st century and after his death he is called a liar! Absolutely classless!

  89. Rob Mollenauer

    I don't think that is considered a "lie" it's a mistake, a small "boo-boo." You want a LIE? Try your typical politicians — they LIE all the time!

  90. Hoot Hootie

    "Neil Armstrong Lied"? You dumb SOBs at the inquistor should lose your hack license. What the hell is the point of a story that calls a national hero a liar? Evidently you are jealous that you didn't have the balls to do anything like this man did. Gotta get this hot story online NOW.. You bunch of idiots.

  91. Philip H Sapero

    And this is news for what reason? Just another article that the news media has blown out of proportion and this isn't even news worthy.

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