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Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo: Singer Debuts Rose Leg Tat [Pics]

justin bieber new leg tattoo 2013 rose

Pop star Justin Bieber has again added to his ever growing collection of body art.

On Sunday, The Biebs took to Instagram to share with fans a new tattoo he picked up on his leg.

Posted alongside shirtless photos of himself hanging out in an undisclosed tropical location, Justin showed off two shots of the new tat, which features a pair of praying hands — a design he picked up back in March — surrounded by roses.

The 18-year-old captioned one image: “Newtat.”

While most fans of the singer praised him for the new tat, there were several “Beliebers” that insisted he stop with the body art work.

Instagram user Ashleyselin wrote:

“look im a really belieber all i want is he stops! Or he’ll be a new lil wayne of course lil is gorgeous but he should stop it’s too much.”

Another fan added:

“I love you justin, but soon, all we are going to see is you eyes.. Because of all your tattos [sic]”

Bieber’s long list of ink art is made up of several other religious tattoos including a crown, the Hebrew word for Jesus on his rib cage, a portrait of Jesus, and the word “Believe.”

The “Baby” singer also has a tattoo of the Japanese Kanji symbol for music on his right arm, a bird, and an owl, which he debuted on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show earlier this month.

He got his first tattoo inked soon after his 16th birthday.

Readers: Check out a couple pics of Justin Bieber’s new tattoo below and let us know what you think. Do you like new the new ink work? Are you a fan of tattoos in general?

justin bieber leg tattoo rose justin bieber leg tattoo rose closeup

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12 Responses to “Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo: Singer Debuts Rose Leg Tat [Pics]”

  1. Jewell Margolis

    So many think he is cute and sweet, just wait he is going to be come obnoxious.. Instant fame.

  2. Brandon Cruz

    I thought girls got tats on their lower backs? Well, The ankle is yet ANOTHER girls spot. His lower back was already done……….

  3. Jeanni Stewart

    Justin you need to find a new hobby. I hope you love your tattoo as much now as when you are 80 years old. Then you can play guess what the tattoo was at the nursing home, FUN!

  4. Liv Bradford

    I love you justin! :) but I love your face and body the way it is please don't try to change it its already perfect! je t'aime

  5. Taunora Abrahams

    I am not a fan of tats, but I believe it is your own body and no mater what is on it is NO one's business, but your own.
    Remember, we are not to judge, but to encourage. If people spent more time making deposits in others this would be a better place… a deposit is easy…next time you see someone who looks down..and you don't even have to know them.. just give them a compliment. You never know what that little deposit will do for that person. So, let's stop judging , bullying and picking on others and start being better people.

  6. HÉireann Reichardt

    At 80 he will more likely not give a shit about his skin. Most with tattoos will not care if their tattoos look like shit at 80.

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