5 Shot, 2 Dead During New Year’s Eve Celebration In Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento, CA – Two people are dead after 5 were shot at a New Year’s Eve celebration at the Sports Corner Cafe at the 1000 block of Second Street, CBS Sacramento is reporting. The scene was pure chaos as the streets, jammed with people celebrating the holiday who panicked and ran as shots rang out. As of this time, it is unclear whether the shootings were inside or outside the bar. Witnesses report that they heard gunshots and ran for cover.

Police are remaining tight lipped as to the status of the others who were shot. Authorities are also not disclosing if a motive for the shooting was known or if there is any information about a suspect or any arrests. Witnesses are telling the news stations on the scene that they saw a man being taken into custody.

One woman told CBS:

“They had one person in an ambulance and one person in a cop car.”

Another woman commented:

“I saw the gun in the hand. He was just screaming and shooting.”

Sources said that more than 40,000 people had gathered in downtown Old Sacramento to take part in a fireworks display scheduled for 9 pm. There were thousands of young children present for the festivities with their parents. A second fireworks display that was scheduled for midnight was cancelled. Police helicopters were seen overhead announcing the cancellation.

The police surrounded the entire area of the shooting, and mounted police, fire trucks, and hundreds of police officers were there to preserve order and keep the partiers away from the scene.