Robert Sand, deadbeat dad

Police Catch Up To ‘Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad’ After 20 Years

Police finally cornered one of the nation’s most notorious criminals. Well, sort of. Robert Sand, labelled the “Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad” was finally captured by police after 20 years on the run.

Yes, the Justice Department actually labelled Sand the “Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad,” and as you can probably infer from the dubious distinction, he is wanted for a whole lot of missed child support payments, reports Newser.

Sand, who has evaded authorities for 20 years, has racked up a jaw-dropping $1 million bill in child support payments, owed to his ex-wife, Lisa. She and prosecutors must now make a difficult choice: leave him free (but with supervision) to allow him to work off his bill, or throw the book at him?

“If it was five years ago, I’d want to see him rot away in jail,” Ms. Sand said. “Now I don’t care for that. I want to see him work, and pay his debt to me and my children.”

Sand is hardly the only million-dollar deadbeat dad. In fact, The New York Times reports that he’s actually the second currently facing federal prosecution in the Big Apple, which boasts a total of 20 deadbeat dads who owe at least seven figures.

Sand has been something of a world-traveling debonair since, leaving in his wake a trail of human suffering. Oh yes, he’s done this at least twice, ignoring child support payments to two women. He fled the country when a warrant was issued for his arrest, and was actually picked up once in 2005 in Thailand for carrying a fake passport.

“The best-case scenario would be no jail time but probation,” said one federal agent. “But a condition of the probation would be making payments.”

Whatever happens to the Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad, one thing is certain: His crime spree is at an end (for now).