Kim Jong Il alternate death theory

Kim Jong Il Might Still Be Alive If He Wasn’t So Cranky

The late North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il might still be alive today if he would have enrolled in some anger management classes, according to a new theory.

The official story regarding Kim Jong Il’s death is still completely vague, even one year after it happened. He reportedly died of a heart attack due to “overwork” while aboard his personal train headed out on another “field guidance” trip. A new, unnamed source claims that Kim Jong Il may have actually died from a massive temper tantrum, reports MSN Now.

The new theory suggests that Kim Jong Il suffered his fatal heart attack while he was upset about a “critical” problem at a hydropower plant. The Wall Street Journal notes that Kim Jong Il did indeed have a famously short fuse, and his train was photographed by satellite in Pyongyang at the time of his death.

Kim Jong Il’s death was in decline in the years leading up to his death, so there’s no way to know for sure what happened to him. WSJ notes that any “annonymous” tip should be taken with “a fistful of salt,” but there is some circumstantial evidence that suggests the temper-tantrum tale may have some merit.

South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo paper originally reported the alternate theory, suggesting that “stress about the trouble at Huichon was apparently the last straw after Kim learned that steel and textile manufacturing plants, also touted as key projects, had serious defects as well.”

From a layman’s perspective, stress over failed infrastructure and hamfisted projects in North Korea causing an epic meltdown that leads to cardiac arrest does seem to make more sense than the vague, yet romantic, official story. Still, we’ll never really know.