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Denzel Washington Spends 58th Birthday At St. Barts

Denzel Washington Spends 58th Birthday At St. Barts

Denzel Washington is celebrating his 58th birthday in style, jetting out to tropical St. Barts in the Caribbean with his wife Pauletta to join other celebrities already partying there.

Witnesses saw Denzel lounging on the beach in St. Barts, the Yahoo! News blog OMG reported. Denzel and his wife were later seen boarding a yacht for an afternoon on the water, then went to a restaurant.

From Us Weekly:

“The couple, who have been married for 29 years, held hands as they walked along the beach before boarding a yacht for a fun-filled day in the sun. Washington stayed covered up in a gray shirt, shorts, hat and sunglasses. His wife showed off her legs in a short beach cover-up.”

Denzel Washington isn’t the only celebrity spending New Year’s Eve in St. Barts. Many other guests are there for Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s New Year’s Eve party. Kings of Leon will reportedly headline the event, while stars like Naomi Campbell and movie mogul Harvey Weinstein are reportedly flying in to attend the party.

The 57th year was not too bad for Denzel Washington. Voters in Quigly Publishing Company’s Annual Poll of Motion Picture Exhibitors named him the “Top Money-Making Star” for 2012, meaning he is seen as the biggest box office generator of the year.

After Denzel Washington is done celebrating his 58th birthday on St. Barts, it’s right back to work. The busy actor has signed on to star in director Nicolas Winding Refn’s The Equalizer, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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10 Responses to “Denzel Washington Spends 58th Birthday At St. Barts”

  1. Norma C Mena

    President Obama invented the word class, he knows where and when and how as does Mr. Washington, I think perhaps you need to define class because you seem to lack it, but then that is expected.

  2. Cecilia Olive

    Happy Birthday Mr. Washington, enjoy your vacation and company, say hi to all my relatives, VIVA LA FRANCE'.

  3. Christopher Mathews

    I would have to disagree Miss Helms. I believe YOUR President knows exactly what class is which is the exact thing he is trying to save–the "middle class". The very backbone of America. Just in case you feel I don't know the tense of class you are referring, I do. Having class is how he dismantled Mitt Romney in the televised debates without so much as raising his voice.

  4. Amanda Sheeler

    Your president is an absolute scum bag. He knows what the middle class is huh, i know he knows how to give money to minorities through welfare and food stamps at the cost of our upper class who continues to get taxed at a unbelievable rate. It's funny that idiots like you are the same people who blame the individuals with money for outsourcing jobs overseas because of the incredible taxes. That money is used to fund Keshia who has no health insurance and six baby daddys at the age of twenty three and Leroy who just got out of another stint in prison. Not to mention instead of combatting the issue with illegal immigration he's busy thinking about the latino vote, telling Americans to learn Spanish and giving illegals in several border states the thumbs up to crossing our borders with guns and drugs.

  5. Sue Williams

    hey sis……..question for you, why are libs posting on your page?????

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