vultures attack cars

Florida Hands Out Anti-Vulture Kits To Protect Cars [Video]

Everglades Park, FL – Your tax dollars at work, people! Apparently, Florida’s vulture population isn’t terribly fond of cars, and the creepy-looking birds regularly chomp, chew, and shred their way through windshield wipers on parked vehicles. Everglades Park is now offering visitors “anti-vulture kits” to help protect their vehicles from these vicious sky predators.

It’s actually no joke: These real-life angry birds trade corpses for cars, and the target loose/rubberized parts of vehicles like windshield wipers, tires, antennas, etc., causing massive amounts of damage to these innocuous visiting cars in a matter of minutes. It’s pure spite, too. The Miami Herald reports that these vultures actually don’t eat any of the car parts they destroy.

Stranger than handing out “anti-vulture kits” might be the strategies officials have implemented to deal with the problem in the past. MSN Now reports that the pros have resorted to doling out these “anti-vulture kits” only after shooting vultures with waters guns and hanging dead birds in trees (psychological warfare?) have proven ineffective at deterring these scavengers.

So what’s in an “anti-vulture kit,” you ask? Pretty much just a big, blue tarp and a couple of bungee cords.

“It’s recognition on our part that they’re part of the park and we’re the intruders in their world,” said park wildlife biologist Skip Snow. “The vultures are doing what comes naturally.”

And what they have naturally done for thousands of years, right?

Here’s a pretty funny video of vultures picking apart a car, and expert human commentary to go with it. I guess I will take an “anti-vulture kit” after all!