Ne-Yo to go vegan

Ne-Yo Reveals He’s Going Vegan In 2013

Singer Ne-Yo revealed his New Year’s resolution: He plans to go vegan in 2013.

“The Cracks in Mr. Perfect” singer revealed that he’ll try to give up all meet, dairy, and animal products in 2013, but honestly admitted that he’s not really looking forward to the vegan challenge, reports The Irish Examiner.

The 30-year-old made the announcement on his Twitter page early this morning, writing: “What’s everybody’s New Year’s resolution? I’m gonna try to go vegan. Discipline test. NOT looking forward to it. Wish me luck!”

Ne-Yo has also been in the news recently over legal action threatened by ex-girlfriend Jessica White.

According to The Urban Daily, White had a child that Ne-Yo thought was his (but it wasn’t), and when he found out, the two came to an agreement in which Ne-Yo would pay White $575,000 to get his name removed from the child’s birth certificate. Both sides agreed to a confidentiality clause to never go public with the information, which Ne-Yo broke on a Behind the Music special in September.

With Gloria Allred at her back, White claims that sh has been “defamed, ridiculed and harassed,” (though when I was growing up, this was called “consequences”), that she has been “forced to file for state aid,” and that she has suffered mental grief, nausea, vomiting and hair loss.

The Toronto Sun reports that Ne-Yo isn’t the only celebrity who has pledged to keep a vegan diet recently. The Roots’ Ahmir ‘?uestlove’ Thompson, singer Leona Lewis, and Hollywood stars Dax Shepard and Fran Drescher all went vegan in 2012. Fellow singer Avril Lavigne also went vegan recently.