Gobble Down Some Raw Turkey

We’ve seen cakes assembled in all shapes and sizes. There are shows and competitions dedicated to it. We’re fascinated by the uncanny resemblance of cakes the look like ‘bleeding armadillos’ and ‘albino snakes.’ But did you ever think someone would make a cake that would cause you to do a double-take at the holiday table, when sitting down to what appears to be a raw trussed turkey?

You’d expect to see a glistening, golden-tanned bird. Not pale, uncooked skin. Thankfully this sweet slice will not give you Salmonella or E. coli related food poisoning like ingesting a real raw turkey would.

Sarah Hardy, owner of Sarah Hardy Cakes based in London, has mastered the art of producing exquisite wedding cakes. But she decided to think outside of the box when she presented turkey to her family over the holidays.

At first people must have assumed she’d snapped under the pressure of the holidays. It appeared she’d forgotten to cook the bird, setting down the raw beast, legs tethered, in a metal tray.

The joke was on them when they realized the raw poultry fa├žade was in fact an orange and rum spice cake, iced with marzipan, per The Daily Mail. It took her three days to make.

Sarah’s inspiration behind her delicious but unappetizing-looking creation was based on it being, “the most unappealing thing I could think of to give them was raw meat. They’re used to me doing beautiful things like wedding cakes, so this was something different. Nobody actually believed it was a cake until we sliced into it. When we did, everyone stood up and I realized they were all crowding around to take pictures.”

Given its creative popularity, she’s decided to start marketing them to customers, likely miniatures. But don’t be shocked if it doesn’t become a tradition every year to see two birds on the table, one cooked the other a raw-likeness.

[Photo credit: Sarah Hardy, of Sarah Hardy Cakes via The Daily Mail]