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Assault Rifles Selling Out Across The Country

assault weapons ban after newtown

With talks about an assault rifle ban coming in 2013 people around the country are flocking to gun stores. Assault rifles are selling out across the country and gun stores are struggling to keep up with the growing demand.

Dennis Pratte, owner of My Gun Factory in Falls Church, Virginia, told CNN:

“Our phones are ringing every 10 seconds and people are saying, ‘Do you have any assault rifles?’ They’ve sold out of just about every gun shop nationwide and just about every distributor is out of stock … The retail market is completely sold out of anything with high-capacity magazines. We get people 20-deep waiting to buy.”

The high-demand for assault rifles and other high-capacity weapons has created a bidding war on auction sites like The Global Grind reports that people are paying a premium in order to buy hard-to-get weapons. 30-round magazines, which typically sell for about $15, are now selling for more than $100.

Brownells, the largest supplier of firearms accessories, has also been having trouble keeping up with demand. Brownells, which sold 3-years worth of ammo magazines in just 72 hours, said that several manufacturers are concentrated on popular items in order to keep up with demand.

A message on Brownells reads:

“Due to unprecedented demand levels Magpul is focusing their efforts on producing BLACK PMAGs for the foreseeable future. To expedite delivery of your order, we currently are only accepting additional backorders for BLACK 30 and 20 round PMAGs.”

President Obama is currently pushing for a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines but it looks like anyone who wants a gun is already going to have one by the time any legislation gets passed.

What do you think about the increased demand for assault weapons? Are you surprised that assault rifles are selling out across the country?

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77 Responses to “Assault Rifles Selling Out Across The Country”

  1. Jim Blankenship

    I cannot believe that there is anyone in this country, that actually thinks that ANY amount of gun control will stop something like what happened in Connecticut. Why? Because we cannot continuously monitor 24/7, the actions of every single person who lives in this country, that's why! If someone in this country is determined to shoot-up a place, whether a school, a business, or the government itself-they ARE going to do it! No one can name me one country that has the most militaristic, martial law, that has successfully stopped all internal attacks by someone who is determined to cause trouble. NOT ONE! This is FACT, people! The best that we can do is "TRY" to stop things like this from happening, & be prepared to deal with the consequences of what happens when we can't. (And, NO, I am NOT a gun supporter! I think that what happened is despicable-but it happened-whether we like it or not!)

  2. Doris Cox

    I agree with some of your post, only I think assault weapons need to be banned. Why are they needed? I can see people wanting hand guns for protection, but assault weapons are to kill many and that is not needed in this country. I also think it is wrong to arm teachers and staff at schools, like you said you can't monitor every citizen to see who might be a potential killer, in fact doing that may lead to even more tragedies. I mean couldn't a teacher be a potential killer?

  3. Thomas Joyce

    Well this only makes sense. 20 six year old children are shot point blank in the face. What's the logical thing to do? Rush out and buy more guns! Americans are the stupidest people on the planet.

  4. Jeff Vernon

    It is true that gun control, or restrictions, will NOT stop a maniac from killing people. BUT, I feel that certain restrictions on certain types of weapons MAY cause a reduction in death. Other countries of the world have yearly gun deaths ranging from 35 to a few hundred…we have an average of 13,000. Something is wrong with regards to guns in this country. I am not sure what the answer is, but I do not believe that these statistics should ever be considered normal for our country. Someone told me that only 2% of gun deaths result from high powered weapons….well, that's about 260 people, statistically, and that is a good start. If one person is prevented from obtaining a high powered rifle, it may save a few lives, and that is a good thing.

  5. Linda Sparr-Glass

    These kinds of guns need to be banned! They have been used in the last 3 mass killings, they are made to kill as many people as quickly as possible, and are useless for anything else! There are tons of other guns that can be used for protection, or hunting, these guns need to go! I am a gun owner and this is just my opinion, but I think these mass killings are serious enough that something has to be done. No one needs a gun that has a magazine of 30 rounds! Young men, especially, idolize these guns, for the firepower they have, they are dangerous for this reason. That being said, we need to overhaul our mental health treatment in this country. There is not enough follow up on patients, they are literally turned loose, told to take their medicine, and that is it. If there was a better follow up on Lanza, maybe this would not have happened. Thirdly, it was up to Lanza's mother to keep her mentally ill son away from her guns! They should never have been at her home unless they were locked in a safe.

  6. Jonathan Whittemore

    All they are going to do is make it hard on the lawaibiding citizen that have the right to own them. Now I could be wrong. But I do not think that gun fired by its self. We all know it takes a sick minded person to comit such awful act's of violince lt does not have to be the guns fault everytime there are so many thing that can be classified as an assault weapon. So now we the innocent American have to punished for this sick persons wrong doing it not right and its not fair to us please.( Re-Think This Act) Thank You.

  7. William Larriuex

    I Hate When People Think Banning something will get rid of it or stop tragedies well it wont anyone with common sense will know that… they ban drugs but its still out there… guns don't have mind of there own the guns arnt the problem the people using them are the problem I think mental heath evaluations should be required when buying a assault weapon not banning them because that will make matters way worse than they need to be… I'm sure many gun owners will back this up because congress nor Obama know what the hell there doing its all a publicity stunt!

  8. Mike Daniel

    For all of you that don't know…it is the people not the guns! We have had a war on drugs for how long? Has it stopped anything, not much. We had a prohoibition on alcohol, did it stop people from driniking, nope. All a gun ban will do is make more people criminals and fill the prisons with people that should not be there.

  9. Jim Arnold

    I want to kill so I bought 25 penis shooters. I want to kill children. Thanks NRA I want to kill.

  10. Nathan Hollins

    Very well said. This possible ban will only be taking rights away from Americans. We can't afford to lose any rights. Arm and train teachers that are willing to take the responsibility, give them a bit of a pay raise and hope for the best. I would bet the school shootings would go down if not disappear..

  11. Gabe Spangler

    Linda, please cite the law that would have prevented Adam Lanza from stealing the guns, shooting his mother in the face, breaking into the school and shooting 20 kids and several adults.

  12. Robert Grabowsky

    Thats not why Americans are buying these guns,its because our freedom to own them is being compromised.Oh by the the way stupid is what stupid does.Only stupid gun owners or gun abusers cause our freedom to own them.Listen to news,you don't here of smart gun owners in the headlines except a smart gun owner stopping a stupid gun owner or a newspaper reveiling addresses of smart gun owners.

  13. Stephen Hart

    If not a gun, these whack jobs will use a machete, a hunting knife, or a baseball bat with the same results.

  14. Bens Benpimpin

    Hey retards. A rifle that you have to keep pulling the trigger over and over is not an assault rifle. Assault rifles have been banned since 1986. They were banned in Connecticut PRIOR to the shooting. Stop it theives, liars, murderers and communist turds! You are worse than a dumb blonde on television reporting L.A. news.

  15. Stephen Burt

    Most people stopped reading after the word "retards". Also, it is not fair to lump together the poor unfortunate souls who were born that way with the folks who willfully submit to ignorance, mental sloth and organized crime(aka .gov).

  16. Les Clepper

    CT already had a BAN on "assault rifles"…how did that work out?…i cant believe people are this ignorant…..

  17. Anonymous

    PLEASE, if you really care about your 2nd amend rights sign the petitions at whitehousedotgov, that is also your right as an american!

  18. Glen H. Inlow

    These guns are absolutely essential for keeping idiots from the ability to disarm us. If the oppressors has this kind of fire power and you give up your right to it then you will simply become a portion of the next historical mass murders by governments of unarmed people. I'll do my dying fighting back thank you!

  19. James Lewis

    My weapons are to keep me alive longer in case hitler comes crawling out of his grave and it looks like he is clawing at the edges of his hole. Get real if you want to ban someting and ban all these brain frying psyc drugs. In the last three mass shootings all were on psyc drugs.

  20. Glen H. Inlow

    More children die from riding bicycles, you might want to outlaw them too. How many children die in auto accidents? You might want to outlaw them riding in cars. How many drown each year in swimming pools? Well maybe we should outlaw swimming pools too.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with saving children and absolutely everything to do with making the people helpless against a tyrannical government that desires to strip us of all our freedoms and sovereignty!

    Every place they have disarmed the population the violent crime rate has soared and 0ver 120 million unarmed people have been slaughtered by their own governments in the last century.

    I much prefer to die fighting to defend my right of self defense as is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution!!!

  21. Gary Walton

    Washington state is putting a bill up to allow teachers to carry guns to school. I aplod them for the effort.

  22. Gary Walton

    we need to ban you cause your bran cells are beeing mass murdered by your stupid comments. get your facts straight befor you open your mouth please.

  23. James Lewis

    you can stop manufacturing psyc drugs and passing them out to everyone. Not every street person has the capibility of manufacturing these types of brain frying mind altering drugs.

  24. Gary Walton

    You are an idiotic retard. get a clue. we are buying these weapons for other reasons not for killing children. maybe you would do that but not us. not the sane ones.

  25. James Lewis

    no starter lines for weapons. ban psyc drugs. the only hope. You people are being laughed at by the people you are supporting.

  26. Gary Walton

    Robert Grabowsky I and alot of my fb friends are posting the adress of the reporter who posted the addresses of gun owners. lets see how he likes it. his phone number was on that posting to.

  27. Gary Walton

    to quote more of the illigal stuff that kills people and such. Drunk drivers kill more people than MOST THINGS AND WE ARNT BANNING THEM.

  28. Gary Walton

    yes a teacher sure can especially one whos having to take care of the generation out there now but if you evaluate them also befor allowing them to have a cwp and carry at school then you can have a better chance at not getting a crazy teacher at school with a side arm.

  29. James Lewis

    Les Clepper they are ignert. they have absolutley lost there minds. fried, sick in the head and should be banned for speaking. these people who want weapons banned have taken too many anti-depresants and brain altering feel good drugs, pain pills and what ever else they can manufacture in high tech labs. you ever notice how alot of these types of voters come from calif, washington, and colorado.

  30. Alvin York

    they are needed to keep people like you from taking our constitutional rights away. I mean "assualt rifles" are used in less than 2% of crimes commited with a firearm and for each time a "assualt rifle" has been used for criminal activity they are used 5 times in self-defense.

    now shut the fuck up

  31. John Demirjian

    Assault rifles are great for killing intruders in the night in your home. Fires several rounds in just a few seconds, even when only semi-automatic.

  32. Alvin York

    Brad Williams no a mad man did. guns cant kill people unless a person is involved. If a gun killed those kids then your keyboard wrote one of the dumbest comments in internet history.

  33. Alvin York

    you know what else has been used in the past 3 mass killings…. a vehicle. Cars killed 10x as many people each year than guns do. Let ban car. y7ou know what, I bet these guys ate at fast food resteraunts and the food at fast food resteraunts kill more people each year than guns do. lets ban Burger king

    now shut the fuck up. if you want these guns then come and get them yourself

  34. Melvin Priddy

    There are times when high capacity magazines are warranted to protect the citizens of the United States. Home invasions often come with multiple attackers. The Korean store owners used AK 47 Semiautomatic (not fully automatic) rifles to protect themselves during the Rodney King mob riots. US citizens also protected themselves with Semitautomatic AR 15's during Hurricane Katrina. We are also on the verge of economic collapse which could bring utter chaos. We could also be nuked or attacked by other countries. The militia are the citizens of the United States. Our Founding Fathers were talking about military weapons. "I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them." George Mason Co-author of the Second Amendment during Virginia's Convention to Ratify the Constitution, 1788 These rifles are constitutional, to go after the citizens weapons and those who own them is unconstitutional. The reason why you did not hear about these attrocities 50 years ago is because crazy people used to be kept in mental hospitals without their consent, and criminals who commited violent crimes received the death penalty.

  35. Anonymous

    Ok Linda, if as you say, this type of gun is "made to kill as many people as quickly as possible" and "they are useless for anything else" then let me ask you a question; Why is there one of these rifles in nearly every police car in the United States? Since when would any police officer ever need to "kill as many people as quickly as possible"? You say you are a gun owner, and you have made the decree that "no one needs a gun that has a magazine of 30 rounds (!)" Well how many 3-gun competitions have you been involved in? I've needed 30-round magazines on a number of occasions when competing in such events. What about in a scenario such as the Post-Katrina event, where civil unrest reached unprecedented levels. What sort of gun would you deem appropriate for me to protect myself and my family, Linda? You know, if its all the same to you, I think I'll choose that weapon, magazine, and ammunition myself, even though you seem to be an absolute expert on such matters.

  36. Bens Benpimpin

    Liar. The gun used during the killings was already banned.

  37. Bens Benpimpin

    Go ahead. Call 911 and use a baseball bat. The criminal has an advantage over you. Happy now?

  38. Bens Benpimpin

    Yeah Australia tried gun control and their crime rates shot through the roof. Same with Chicago. Thanks for giving criminals the upper hand.

  39. Bens Benpimpin

    You have no idea what you are talking about. Assault weapons have been banned since 1986. They are talking about banning sporting rifles that kill squirrels and other critters. But don't let that stop you from believing the lies of criminal coddling lying politicians on television. I don't suppose you've ever heard of Obama's kill list or the NDAA, have you?

  40. Bens Benpimpin

    I wrote Senator Hair Helmut to stop lying about assault weapons so that lameass people like you won't keep repeating her LIES.

  41. Ryan Barnes

    Owning one of these increases your odds of being SHOT by an assult rifle, by OVER FOUR TIMES!
    …besides, the "night-time intruder" scenario only happens ONCE for every ELEVEN suicides and FOUR "accidents".
    (be careful gunmen!)

  42. Anonymous

    You need to rethink your position. You say you are a gunowner? You think anti gun groups will disband if an assault ban is passed? You own a shotgun, pump or semi-auto? If so you should know how much carnage can be cause with one. In close quarters a mere load of bird shot can cut a small person in half. You may disagree with what type of firearm another law abiding citizen chooses to own, but you need to support them as yours may be next.

  43. Thomas Colley

    Sighted, loaded,and waiting to see what level of humanity is calling the shots. Hopefully still an exercise!! Happy New Years John!!

  44. Troy Douglas

    Its comical how the liberal democrats actually used the Newtown shooting for their political gain and its typical for these pricks. they immeadiately went after the AR15, Adam Lansa didnt even have one of these firearms in his posession, so it shows how stupid the liberal democrats using this tragedy to their advantage are. we dont buy guns for just personal protection or hunting, we actually own them to protect us from a tyranical government which is where this government is apparently heading if they actually are talking about taking them away from us. we actually do have the right to own them regardless of any new laws they try to pass and we have the right to protect ourself from this tyranical government with equal equipment they are using to enforce laws on us and this is actually a bill that has already passed and the tyranical government term is actually in the bill. so Thomas if you dont want to protect your family and rights we are cool with that and we will go out of our way not to protect your family from the bad guy and we will respect your right to get your ass blown away if thats what you want, as for me I will keep my firearms regardless of what the tyranical government decides to do!!

  45. Jackie Spencer

    You are correct Linda knowone needs a magazine with 30 rounds ,BUT do you really think they only carry one magazine!!!!!! I can change a magizine in less than 5 seconds . The whack job in Killeen Tx killed 22 people at a Lubys with two 9mm hand guns and wounded many more and no assault rifle .These whack jobs are crazy not stupid. They know how to change a clip are magazine

  46. Lyle Lafee

    Well everyone in an hurry to shot Bambi whith an assault weapon so that what excuse they use for the need for owning one but there will be some-one who will use them to shot-up an mall or school Bans will not work Just stop making them well that not happen So we live with it no matter how they are used GOD we need help!

  47. Marcus Davis

    I am not a fan of guns, but I don't agree with a gun ban. As a former social worker I can tell you that ban or no ban guns will always end up in the hands of criminals and people who should not have them. All a gun ban will do is take guns out of the hands of sane law abiding citizens who went through the proper channels to get them in the first place. I remember once as a kid protesting to my dad about the gun in our house. My dad's response to me was the first time I really understood his love for us. He looked at me and said, "I understand but if someone comes through that door and tries to harm you kids or your mom…I'm going to protect my family. That's my job". I knew were the gun was hidden. I knew how to use it and turn the safety off/on. I was picked on in school to the brink of what we now like to label "bullying". I didn't go to school and kill my classmates. Why? Because I'm not mentally ill. The current administration is on this gun ban because it's the best little band-aid. They'll do this and never address the underlying problem of people who are so mentally ill they have no value of themselves or others. In NY a woman just pushed a man in front of a subway train. Are we going to talk mental health finally or are we going to ban hands?

  48. Mike Federici

    I dont care what you wrote…I would just love to meet you and punch you in the face….

  49. Carlos Hernandez

    No they are not, it's the idiots that keep getting them thru illegal means that are creating the chaos.

  50. Carlos Hernandez

    I agree, how come they haven't done a damn thing about drunk drivers that keep getting behind the wheel, how come they don't ban cars?

  51. Robert De Castro

    Great idea lady..cause criminals wil go " Oh hell man looks likw we wont be able to rob that bank today. I only have 30 round magazines for that illigally converted AK-47 we stole last week and I forgot to buy those legal 10 rounders,,OH WELL…

  52. Carlos Hernandez

    Could have very well been a baseball bat or a knife, should be ban these too? Use your head, think about the real problem in this country.

  53. Tony Torreano

    Obama, Bloomberg and the rest of the anti-gun people are the best salesmen for the industry there ever was even surpassing the Clintons. If they are banned, who is going to collect them and who is going to admit having one. There will be a lot of lost guns out there and a lot of gun owners will have a Hillary moment and forget they have them and where they are. All these laws will do is turn law abiding people with registered weapons into criminals with unregistered weapons. The real criminals will not be affected at all.

  54. Marc Ruby

    Linda -the guns were stolen !! I think laws are already on the books for Murder and stealing Guns. So why do we need more Gun Control Laws ??? The answer is the Politicians feel compelled to do something , anything !! in there eyes is better than doing nothing . Reality is if someone is determined to create mayhem they will. Actually England has a far higher incidence of violent Crime per 100,000 than the U.S. -violent crime in U.S. has decreased 50% in the last 10 years.. And thats correct NO assault weapon was used … For a Nation of 320 million we actually have a very low crime rate, but to say that is not part of the Media's agenda..

  55. Rich Linder

    It all depends on the definition. There is really no difference in the lethality of an AR-15 when compared to an M-16. Select fire is of no value except it allows the shooter to empty the magazine a second quicker. Either way, it's not the weapon that is dangerous. It's the crazed nut who decides to use it for killing people. We shouldn't punish every one for the acts of a few. But we might look for ways to defend against them. It can be done. But, "gun free" zones obviously do not work. Calling people retards is ALWAYS counter productive.

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