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Teen Kidnapping Hoax: Police Release 911 Call

New Jersey State Police have released the 911 call made by a 16-year-old teenager who was the center of a kidnapping hoax.

At the beginning of October teenager Kara Alongi caused panic and concern across the nation when she claimed through her Twitter page that she had been the victim of a kidnapping. Police subsequently found the girl following a 911 call she made and allege that the entire kidnapping incident was a hoax.

The Clark-Garwood Patch reports that on September 30, Alongi sent out an alarming tweet to her followers saying “There is someone in my house, call 911.” The seemingly desperate message caused a stir throughout the Twitter community with the message being retweeted a staggering 30,000 times.

The hashtag #HelpFindKara raced through the Twitter site and local police received a barrage of telephone calls from concerned citizens.

According to ABC News, authorities later found that Alongi chose to leave her Clark, New Jersey home voluntarily by taxi and then by a train from Rahway Station. A mere 48 hours later the teen reached out to police by making a 911 call for help. She was quickly recovered at a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike unharmed. Police believe the kidnapping hoax was perpetrated by the teen.

State authorities have now released the October 2 call that Alongi made to 911 operators from the rest stop. Police allege that the teen continued to make false allegations during the call for help, claiming that a 28-year-old black male had abducted her from her home:

“A few days ago I was inside and some guy came and made me go…. I was in my house and some guy came in and told me that I had to do all this stuff. I don’t know his name, but he was black and he said he was, like, 28.”

The emergency operator asked the teenager to elaborate on details of the kidnapping to which Alongi replied:

“He told me I had to go into a cab and I had to meet someone, but I don’t remember where I was. There was a cab at my house and I went in and then I went into the train station and then I don’t remember where I was…. And I woke up today in, I don’t know, somewhere, it was like the country. … And now I’m here”

Officials have not confirmed the reasons that led them to believe the kidnapping was falsified, but have indicated that Alongi went to the train station alone.

Police have also not publicly stated if Alongi will face charges for the kidnapping hoax and the teen’s family has declined comment following the release of the 911 call.