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Morgan Gliedman Bombmaking Arrest Shocks Greenwich Village

morgan gliedman bombmaking

Greenwich Village, NY – Morgan Gliedman and her boyfriend Aaron Green were arrested for allegedly possessing bombmaking explosives and a large collection of weapons. Gliedman, who is nine months pregnant, is the daughter of a prominent New York doctor. Greene is a Harvard graduate and allegedly an Occupy Wall Street activist.

Police officers found the alleged weapons cache and bombmaking explosive when they went to the Greenwich Village apartment to find Gliedman, 27, who was wanted for credit card theft, the New York Post reports. Morgan Gliedman bombmaking allegations are in stark contrast to her privileged background. She grew up on Park Avenue and graduated from Dalton in 2002.

Law enforcement officers reportedly found a plastic container filled with seven grams of HMTD powder. The substance is so powerful that police officers ordered the evacuation of multiple adjacent buildings. The powder was ultimately removed by the bomb squad for testing, the New York Times notes.

Items also found in the New York apartment occupied by Aaron Greene and Morgan Gliedman include a 12 gauge shotgun, nine “high-capacity” rifle magazines and a flare launcher. The flare launcher is a commercialized replica of a grenade launcher.

A stack of documents with a cover sheet entitled, “The Terrorist Encyclopedia,” was also allegedly found among the weapons and bombmaking explosive at Morgan Gliedman’s apartment on West Ninth Street. Papers which described how to make homemade bobby traps and submachine guns were allegedly among the couples’ possession.

The ability to make weapons which could enable a mass shooting or terrorist attack will possibly become a prominent topic of discussion in the ongoing gun control debate. Gun rights advocates contend that a firearms ban, additional taxes, or stricter backgrounds will not prevent criminals from getting their hands of weapons capable of causing massive carnage.

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4 Responses to “Morgan Gliedman Bombmaking Arrest Shocks Greenwich Village”

  1. Casey Cummins

    Allegedly an occupy wall street activists my ass.. he's an organizer… sorry it wasn't a tea partier for you to slam..

  2. Joshua Whalen

    There's just one problem with this story — No one in occupy has ever heard of this couple.
    I've been with OWS since day 5 of Zuccotti Park, I was a founding member of OWS techops, which created OWS online presence, I co-founded occupy housing and occupy farms, two of the largest OWS working groups, and I acted as the tech community's blogger-in-residence. You can find the blog here: and some circumstantial proof of my connection to the tech community here: and here: click on the "computers" link to see a copy of my tech resume. I'm certainly not an anarchist, communist or terrorist. If you look at the oldest item in my resume, you'll see I invented one of the most widely used security techniques on the internet.

    This is flat out propaganda. I expect it has something to do with the very embarrasing information that's come out concerning nypd, the fbi, dhs, and the secret war they fought against OWS starting even before we moved in to Zuccotti Park. I expect this is going to now be used to justify that. You can find the article I'm referencing here:

    I'll have a blog post up about this tomorrow sometime. in the meantime, read the above article and make your own conclusions. Then ask yourself one thing: why wasn't the article above picked up by any us media?

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