Dad's Time-Lapse Video For Mom

Dad’s Time-Lapse Video For Mom Shows Adorable Father-Son Bonding [Watch]

A dad’s time-lapse video for his son’s mom has soared into the hearts of YouTube lovers and fans of men who love bonding with their kids.

The video shows the father and son throughout the day as they play with toys, each other, and generally make the house into a disaster.

They then clean the disaster up and the father whisks his son off to bed. The Daily Mail reports that Emio Tomeoni, 30, created the film for his wife, Stephanie Ramos, to show her what happens when she goes to work.

Tomeoni works in the film production industry. He made the time-lapse video for Ramos to prove to her how much of a disaster he and his son create while she is away. He explained:

“Me and him alone, progressively, I got obsessed with getting him toys. So I kept telling her how our days went, saying, ‘This place was a wreck, a disaster. We played all day.’ And then she’d walk in and it would be spotless.”

He often makes videos for his wife, but this particular one he thought she would enjoy. However, he didn’t predict the online success of the video. Yahoo! News notes that some viewers who saw the dad’s time-lapse video for his wife even took to call Tomeoni “father of the year,” just for the simple video created of him enjoying time with his son.

He believes now that the video has received so much attention because of the universal thoughts surrounding it and the feelings that it evokes. Tomeoni explained:

“All you ever want to do is show people who you really are. You can’t do that with words. You can’t tell people who you are. You have to show them. And it takes time. I wanted to show my wife what she already knows, but now she’s seen.”

Check out the dad’s time-lapse video for mom below and let us know what you think: should Emio Tomeoni be a candidate for father of the year?