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Psy Portrayed As Rapist In Recent Japanese Manga

South Korean rapper Psy has reportedly been portrayed as a rapist in a recent Japanese manga. Not surprisingly, the comic book has caused quite a bit of outrage in South Korea.

According to MSN, the pornographic self-published tome entitled Samuge-sō no Kimchi na Kanojo depicts the international pop sensation as a violence sex offender. Although the book has yet to make it onto newsstands, the concept alone has ruffled some feathers.

Although most of the world became enchanted by Psy and his “Gangnam Style” video, the craze never really found its footing in Japan. Rocket News 24 explains that recent political tensions between Japan and South Korea may have fueled the the manga’s creator to include the parody.

A single image of the upcoming comic book was uploaded online. In the scene, an individual who looks very much like the South Korean rapper is featured delivering a brutal attack on a male student.

According to the Japanese culture blog Arama They Didn’t, it didn’t take the Korean press long to pick up the story. The idea of Psy being portrayed as a person who kidnaps and tortures women didn’t settle too well with South Korean citizens.

Some have argued that this sort of material appears all the time in erotic dojinshi, which is a kind of self-published fan comic in Japan. News Search China explains that South Korean critics have called the erotic manga “the height of childishness.”

Fans of the genre said that dojinshi typically feature singers, movie stars, and celebrities in a number of lewd and compromising scenes. Readers feel the tensions between South Korea and Japan are playing a huge role in the controversy surrounding the upcoming manga.

Images from Samuge-sō no Kimchi na Kanojo can be found at Rocket News 24. However, keep in mind that the pictures contained on the website are definitely not safe for work.

What do you think about Psy being portrayed as a rapist in a Japanese comic book? Do you think this sort of parody goes too far?